Report: Houshmandzadeh wants Vikes, but they don't want him

In-limbo wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh told the Dayton Daily News in December of 2009 that he wanted to return to the Bengals.  Housh appears to have changed his mind in the last nine months.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Houshmandzadeh has his sights set on the Vikings, but G.M. Rick Spielman’s club “is not interested right now.”
Houshmandzadeh has been a Z receiver, or flanker, throughout his career, moving into the slot in three-receiver sets.  With Sidney Rice (hip surgery) out until midseason at the earliest, the Vikings are using Percy Harvin in a similar role. Harvin, though, has injury concerns and has yet to prove capable of being an every-down NFL receiver.
It sounds like the Vikings won’t trade for or sign the soon-to-be-released wideout now, but Houshmandzadeh could be an option if he’s still available after Week 1.  If he really wants to play with Brett Favre, he’ll wait.
UPDATE: Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that the Cardinals are the latest team to bow out of the Houshmandzadeh sweepstakes.  Somers, citing a person familiar with the Cardinals’ thinking, reports that the team never had interest in trading for Houshmandzadeh, and characterizes it as “a non-situation.”

31 responses to “Report: Houshmandzadeh wants Vikes, but they don't want him

  1. So pretty much all four teams that were said to be in contention for Housh this morning are no longer in contention for Housh.
    Now, what’s going on with Vincent Jackson?

  2. Housh runs his mouth constantly and was only good here in Cincy because he had Chad on the other side taking the teams #1 Corner, and a Pro Bowl QB in Palmer. That being said, Housh is not as good as HE thinks he is, and HE can’t understand why nobody wants to have him…..Hey TJ learn to shut your mouth fool.

  3. TJ, take the hint….nobody wants you because you suck. And the problem with the fact that you suck is that you think you’re a Pro Bowler.

  4. The cards have plenty of receivers that are better than whosyourmomma. Camarillo is a better fit than this dude in minnesota…and he is not a diva or locker room distraction. Vikes are smart to pass on him. RAMS need someone that can catch and he fits that bill.

  5. Housh’s 7M contract really isn’t an issue in a trade because the Hawks would likely eat most of that anyway as a condition of the trade. The real issue is that teams are not interested in adding Housh’s diva attitude to their new team mix at this time. They want to give their own receivers time to prove themselves unless there is an injury. Housh will be an injury replacement player.

  6. Not going to happen. But the Packers don’t have a decent slot guy….. Oh wait, that doesn’t fit the “build from within” formula. Sorry cheeseheads, another season come up short.

  7. St. Louis should scoop him up and have the Hawks pay for it. Attitude is the least of their offensive worries.

  8. Harvin, though, has injury concerns and has yet to prove capable of being an every-down NFL receiver.
    Creful what you say about the Vikings. You might get called into Florio’s office for a sit down.

  9. Should’ve thought of that last year Housh, when we offered you a deal but you decided to play in Seattle instead because you liked their “quarterback play” better.
    Even Tarvaris is better than Matt freaking Hasselbeck.

  10. I guess Florio is trying to get into the Adam Schefter All Access Club with NFL teams by parroting whatever they say about players without giving it any analytical thought.
    Did it ever occur to anyone that there is absolutely no benefit to a team to express any level of interest in TJ until he is released? What is a team supposed to say? Of course we want him, and we’ll definitely call as soon as he is released!
    You may not realize this- but teams actually prefer that other teams NOT know what their intentions are.
    The funniest (or saddest) part of all this is that if TJ is ultimately signed by one of the teams that is currently concealing their interest in him, Mike “Indigant Self-Righteous Blow Hard” Florio will post something about how awful it is that NFL teams lie to the press.

  11. What a change from 14 months ago when Housh opted for the Seahawks after talking to Queen QB Tjack (which is dumb to keep and get rid of Sage), and so turned off by the fact he has an iq of 54, to now wanting to get on the team he passed up.
    I guess the Madden stat folks were right TJ!

  12. @Brewdogg
    It’s obvious you don’t watch a lot of football. Please name me a better receivers group on any team in the NFL than the Packers.

  13. # irishgary says: September 4, 2010 2:58 PM
    It’s obvious you don’t watch a lot of football. Please name me a better receivers group on any team in the NFL than the Packers.
    Driver and Jennings are solid, no doubt about that. Both are borderline PB players. But Nelson and Jones have never lived up to their billing. Nelson has 55 catches in 2 years, and Jones has 52, quite the drop from the 47 he got when a certain old man was playing catch with him. And all this with a QB who has thrown 1,077 passes in those two years. Clearly unacceptable production from a #3 and #4. Berrian got 55 last year, Harvin got 60, Camarillo got 50, and when Rice comes back healthy…. Well, numbers don’t lie, pal. And that’s just my hometown boys. I’ll say NO, NYG, Dallas, Indy, NE, maybe even Baltimore and Atlanta. Try not to be a homer….
    Cue knee-jerk Packers responses…..
    1) Finley had 55 catches!!!
    – Schiancoe had 56…
    2) the Packers RBs are recieving threats too!!
    – Grant and Jackson combined for 46 catches. Taylor had 44…
    And just because Rodgers completed fewer passes despite throwing more is no reason to cry.

  14. Dude, “Brew”…the fact you bring up and then complaing about the Packer’s WR core(probably their only strength) and then suggest that freaking Houshmandzadeh is the answer to that Slot Reciever “problem” that they have….just makes you look dumb….the fact you even brought up the packers(who aren’t even related to the subject) just make it look like you’re butt-hurt about something.

  15. @Brewdogg
    Wow. You are really, really smart with your stats. The thing is, you can bend stats any way you want to make your point. And you left out the yards after catch, which is what Packer receivers do best. Maybe the drop in catches has more to do with the Packers averaging more yards a catch and less to do with an old man throwing the ball.
    And hey, Finley had 1 less catch than Shiancoe, but he also didn’t start the first few games. Maybe that had an effect on the stats?
    You should go find Gravy and Contra and have a little Packer hating circle jerk. You seem the type.

  16. @Brewdogg
    Thanks for making my point. You don’t watch a lot of football . Still on the floor with the NYG having any kind of receivers.

  17. All I’m saying is the Packer’s WR “depth” is overrated. Can you really deny it? And to say that there were fewer receptions because of more YPR?? Come on…. They combined for 54 rec and 780 yds. So they are on level with Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas over in Washington. Except Jones’ YAC ave was under 6 and Nelson’s was 4, as opposed to 6.8 and 7.4 for Kelly and Thomas.
    Or maybe you would prefer to compare them to Maurice Stovall and Sammie Stroughter in Tampa.
    Or Baltimore’s duo of Kelley Washington and Mark Clayton.
    How about Mark Bradley, Jacoby Jones, Justin Gage, Sam Aiken, Johnnie Lee Higgins…. This is the class that Jones and Nelson are in. Period. It’s all hype. And I am a little tired of hearing Packer homers crow about these shrubs.
    This could have all been avoided if Irishgary didn’t claim the Pack had the best WRs in the league. Just take the fact that a guy the Seahawks couldn’t give away would be a better #3 option than anyone the Packers have and quit trying to claim I’m twisting anything. The only thing twisted in this discussion is the Packers fans’ love of their own below-average players.

  18. @Brewdogg
    Again thanks for proving my point.
    Driver and Jennings are consistent at 1000 yds per year.
    Jennings is just starting, use his last 6 games and even you could figure it out
    Nelson is in his 3rd year Jones has had injuries, but they are both good 3rd or 4th option.s
    Rodgers throws for 4000 yards
    So please name a QB in the group of your teams who has better receivers who has distributed to so many receivers.

  19. Did I say anything about Jennings and Driver? Wait, yes I did….
    “Driver and Jennings are solid, no doubt about that. Both are borderline PB players.”
    Thanks for clinging to that one. But Jones and Nelson are not as good as you would like to think they are.
    Exactly what point did I prove? That I don’t watch a lot of football? And why is that, because I don’t share your view of these two players? So instead I should get into a pissing match over what I think versus what you think. Fine, there is nobody better for the Packers. Your #3 averages 2 rec, 27.5 yds and your #4 gets 1.4 rec for 20 yds. If you’re happy with that, then by all means, continue merrily along with the sure knowledge that there is no way to improve this group. I am so sorry for injecting a little statistical reality into the argument. Putz….

  20. irishgary says:
    September 4, 2010 2:58 PM
    It’s obvious you don’t watch a lot of football. Please name me a better receivers group on any team in the NFL than the Packers.
    Irish gay: you mick licker!
    Dallas is superior for one. Vikings, when all healthy for 2
    Saints for 3.
    Your starters are good, after that it falls off big-time.
    Only a Packer homer woule think otherwise.
    This is why everyone hates packer fans.
    All your players are supposedly the best ever, yet all the Vikings players are supposedly horrible.
    You are a moron to the nth degree.

  21. @RC IV
    R u serious about the Cowboys receivers? Austin has had one good year, Dez Bryant has never played an NFL game and roy Williams is terrible.

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