Sam Hurd bets on himself and wins

According to Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys told wide receiver Sam Hurd that they could only guarantee his roster spot if he took a pay cut from his $1.759 million salary.

Full of confidence that he has value elsewhere, Hurd told them no thanks.

And the Cowboys kept him anyway.

The story reminds us of the scene in last week’s Hard Knocks where Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens accepts a pay cut to keep his roster spot.  It’s a high stakes game of poker and this time Hurd won, successfully calling the Cowboys’ bluff.

Hurd enjoyed a fine Saturday, but many other Cowboys weren’t so lucky.  Fourth and Long winner Jesse Holley was among those released by the team.  Cornerback Cletis Gordon also surprisingly got the boot.  Here’s the rest of the Cowboys releases:

Cornerback Bryan McCann, guard Travis Bright, tight end Martin Rucker, nose tackle Junior Siavii, linebacker Steve Octavien, tight end Jason Pociask, running back Herb Donaldson, running back Lonyae Miller, tackle Will Barker, tight end DajLeon Farr, outside linebacker Curtis Johnson, defensive lineman Jimmy Saddler-McQueen, wide receiver Manny Johnson, cornerback Teddy Williams, cornerback Jamar Wall, linebacker Brandon Sharpe, and offensive lineman Mike Tepper

The team kept only two tight ends and three cornerbacks, indicating they aren’t done making moves.  So maybe Hurd shouldn’t spend that money just yet.

15 responses to “Sam Hurd bets on himself and wins

  1. Hurd ain’t safe yet. Jerry is still wheeling and dealing, and Jesse Holley will probably come back on the PS – and be eligible to be activated if needed.
    @Slim Charles – do you know anything about the Cowboys? Have you noticed the CB’s already on the Cowboys? They have TWO All-Pros back there and a 3rd guy that’s almost as good. Yeah, Jerry is gonna shell out Revis bucks for another corner and put one of those guys on the bench. Yeah, count on it.

  2. I think only a handful of players could get away with that. It is still too early to say he is safe anyways.

  3. “take a pay cut or we cut you.” that’s what jets told qb kellen clemens on hbo hard knocks and he fell for it and woody johnson a billionaire because of his daddy, got clemens for the difference! in a NO salary cap year.

  4. LMAO at asking hurd to take a pay cut.
    on a serious note i hear that Jerry contacted the dallas police deparment and filed a theft report againts Roy Williams.

  5. Sociofan says:
    September 4, 2010 11:19 PM
    Hey, I’d love to see him in Washington.
    C’mon Jerry, cut him loose.
    You know you want to. Big chicken.
    With the bums you have up in D.C. I am sure you would. He might step in as the #1 or #2 day one on your roster.

  6. From – Sam Turd’s boyfriend & Dallas QB Tony Homo apparently found out about the negotiation last minute but was able to make a last minute plea to Jerry Jones to keep the hard bodied pool boy on the roster. Homo who recently announced his coming out in front of the Dallas team at training camp was quoted as saying Turd release would cause much trouble on the homefront as no one would be available last minute to clean the semen out of Homo’s pre game undergarments.

  7. @redskinone – what are you like 12??? You actually have nothing else to do with your time but think up disgusting garbage like that? Do you really need a woman and a life/
    @Slim Charles – Revis really? How do you guys come up with stuff? You have two pro bowl corners and now you think we will go and sign Revis for maybe one of the highest contracts the NFL has ever seen. Really dude? What exactly is your football iq?

  8. @RedskinOne
    I’m guessing the “One” is for the number of branches on your family tree, right? Next year, when your in the sixth grade, try not to let the eight graders pick on you too much, although I still would forecast a career where you have your name on your shirt.

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