Seahawks are looking for a quarterback

We don’t know yet whether the Seahawks will show interest in Matt Leinart should he become a free agent, but they apparently do want to upgrade their quarterback position.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter mentioned Friday that the team is expected to go after Patrick Ramsey, who the Saints just released.  (We have to assume Ramsey would replace J.P. Losman in an episode of Tulane-on-Tulane crime that would make my Green Wave heart sick.)

The possible pursuit of Ramsey tells us Seattle isn’t content yet with their quarterback depth chart.  Which tells us that Ramsey probably shouldn’t rent an apartment in Seattle until Labor Day weekend is over should he happen to get a job offer.

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  1. Could it be a contract thing? Is it possible they like Losman but the don’t want him on the roster for week one?
    I mean, Ramsey couldn’t beat out Chase Daniel. How could he possibly help the Seahawks?

  2. I don’t see how Ramsey’s any better than Losman . An no , we don’t want Matt Leinart on our team either ! Captain checkdown can go play somewhere else thank you .

  3. Paintman34 quit sniffing your product, Thigpen has upside and Hooshy is going down a slippery slope.Maybe some draft picks to go with TJ andit`s a done deal.

  4. Wow, good thing they gave Whitehurst a $4mil per year contract. I mean the demand for him around the league certainly warranted that kind of deal, right?

  5. This whole thing in Seattle seems like a mess. If I were a Seahawk fan, I would have serious concerns about Carroll and his ability to make sound decisions at this level.
    I know its early but Whitehurst is looking like a jobber, Lendale is gone, and Mike Williams (who couldn’t make it in Detroit) is his new starting #1 wideout. These decision don’t exactly instill a boatload of confidence. If he brings in Leinart, I would still question that as he doesn’t appear to be an upgrade over Losman or Whitehurst (and thats really sad).
    Good luck Seahawk fan. Enjoy the next 18 weeks of sucking and having a coach thats gonna try and paint a picture that everything is rainbows and unicorns and in the process of getting better.

  6. My god did the sports media laud seattle’s offseason and while Earl Thomas and Okung could very well to turn out to be good long term players, their other moves seem pretty non impactful at this point. I’m not dissing seattlen per se, I’m just saying sports media is such a joke.

  7. Meldog says:
    September 4, 2010 10:23 AM
    Why would they even sign JP Losman?
    Because he is a better option that what is available to them. Believe it or not J.P. Losman is not a bad QB. He just needs a solid O-line to work with. He has a huge arm and is a pretty acurate Quarterback.

  8. The Browns have too many QB’s now. How about Seneca Wallace? He knows the team, the stadium and fans.
    Cleveland could make Colt McCoy the #2, and put Ratliff back on the practice squad.
    It’s a win-win.

  9. @Ejtowne
    Believe it or not Losman is absolutely a bad quarterback. Says a bills fan… He wasnt even good in the AFL,XFL,CFL,UFL whatever soon to be defunct minor league he was in last year

  10. pretty accurate? what games have u watched.i suppose u think ryan fitzpatrick and jamarcus russel are accurate too

  11. Might be able to trade one of the young QB’s to Seattle. Wonder if they would like the Rookie PIKE and we will take TJH and 1/2 his salary.

  12. blmonroe12 says:
    This whole thing in Seattle seems like a mess. If I were a Seahawk fan, I would have serious concerns about Carroll and his ability to make sound decisions at this level.
    So does the rest of the league. God knows why the Seahawks even hired him.
    You don’t have to worry about their fans though. They don’t HAVE any fans anymore. They all jumped off the wagon when Holmgren left (and I live in Seattle, so I know these things). Gonna have to crank up the pumped-in crowd noise an extra couple notches this year..

  13. “This whole thing in Seattle seems like a mess.”
    Wrong. What Ruskell did to the Seahawks was a mess. They’ve won 9 games the past 2 years. The new brass is going through as quickly as possible and cleaning up after that mess. So what if they got rid of Lendale high as a kite White. They hardly gave anything up to get him. They moved down a few spots in the 4th and 6th. Plus they got Vickerson out of the deal too and he’s played solid ball this preseason.
    And obviously you haven’t seen Mike Williams play this offseason. He’s playing like the receiver the Lions thought they were getting.

  14. First off, this is the first time I have ever heard Tulane on Tulane crime. Not sure how that makes me feel…
    Anyway, Seattle didn’t get Pete Carroll the national championship coach who had learned all he could from college football and now has the perfect plan in place to jump back into the NFL and lead a team to greatness. They got Pete Carroll the guy who gladly would have stayed big man on campus forever if the violent mob of villagers weren’t about to burn him at the stake and he needed a free pass out of town. If Lenwhale White was his only bad move, I’d agree with you. But he’s not. They grossly overpayed both in draft choices and money for a journeyman quarterback who probably wouldn’t have a job in this league next year. There was the Rob Sims debacle. And there was how they treated Mora. Love him or hate him that was just bungled. I’m not seeing a plan here. I’m seeing a lot of reacting to situations with no clear thought as to what happens next.

  15. The best thing about Coach Carroll be sides the fact he knows exactly what it takes to win & he has multi- billion dollar owner Paul Allens wallet to do it with is he has no fear to make the moves. Housh ? old & in the way. Beat it. This team is young, big, and fast. Check out his right hand man. He built the team in Green Bay. It’ll take a couple years. But they’ll be a kick in the ass to watch. And that’s all it’s about.

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