Stacy Andrews not happy with talk that he's on shaky ground

Eagles guard Stacy Andrews, who arrived via a big-money contract in 2009, has heard the talk that he could be traded or cut.  The arrival via trade of guard Reggie Wells from the Cardinals has served only to fuel the chatter.  And Andrews doesn’t like it.

“I felt like I was pretty solid in there [against the Chiefs in Week Three of the preseason], but I guess they felt otherwise,” Andrews said Friday, per Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.

Andrews also doesn’t sound happy that he was moved from tackle to guard.  “I would not have signed here from the jump [to play guard],” he said.  “I signed to play right tackle.”

The former Bengal further hinted that he would have told the Eagles to shove it if he had known when reducing his pay for 2010 that he wouldn’t be in the starting lineup. 

“Howie [Roseman] reassured me
I would be the guy at right guard,” Andrews said. “I wouldn’t have signed
[the reworked deal] to be the third guy.”

Though Andrews’ statements don’t exactly build leverage for the Eagles, they build momentum for a possible trade.  To find out whether it happens, we recommend repeated mashing of the “F5” button.

14 responses to “Stacy Andrews not happy with talk that he's on shaky ground

  1. Are you kidding? He’s unhappy? How about when we overpaid him to begin with and he underperformed…These guys are so coddled and entitled…WTH, cut his ass and send him packing with his underperforming brother…

  2. Stacy “Swinging Gate” Andrews moved from tackle, to guard, to cut?! NO WAY. hahahah you suck Stacy.
    Bengals fans.

  3. Another freaking headcase. Please get him off this team.
    I’m seriously tired of these millionaires whining like 5 year old’s that didn’t get what they wanted on Christmas morning. Grow a pair of testicles and do your job.
    You’re a terrible football player that is being over payed and you still feel the need to bitch.

  4. Please Eagles, get rid of him!! I know our line is banged up, but this guy has done little to help the team.

  5. I’m stunned we never resigned this guy when he was hurt. Our medical staff is top notch when compaired to pee-wee league. Really what a waste of space, he never lived up to the hype for us or for eagles fans. Prob is he has a slight amount of talent and will be the 4th stringer on any other team that signs him. I’m sure my father Mikey Brown will give him another look…….Discount Bitches.

  6. Seems like he has no mind of his own. His little brother plays football so Stacy plays football. His little brother is an Eagle so Stacy becomes an Eagle. Shawn is unhappy with his contract so Stacy is unhappy with his contract. Shawn robs the Eagles for 2 years salary so Stacy takes the Eagles for millions. His little brother leaves the Eagles so Stacy wants to leave the Eagles. His little brother runs his mouth so Stacy has to run his mouth . He says he wanted to be a right tackle but because his little brother wanted that position Stacy moves to guard.
    Besides all that is it possible that the Eagles are giving him what he wants? Maybe this is an indictment of Winston Justice and not Stacy Andrews. Its possible they are moving Stacy back to his natural position of right tackle and puttings Wells in at right guard. Or they could just be getting rid of King Dunlap as the backup right tackle and moving Stacy there.
    These are all possibilties its just funny how Stacy automatically starts complaining before he knows what the Eagles are planning to do. That just brings me back to thinking he has no mind of his own. Shawn is unhappy with the Eagles so Stacy is unhappy with the Eagles.

  7. This little b% tch should shut up and the good lord that he got a ton a cash from the Eagles up front. Dude just cant play, tackle – guard whatever, he is done.
    I hope the Eagles dump his ass and he is out begging for work, or better yet they dump him and he slips on his brothers home Rorschach test kit.

  8. He was brought in to babysit that crybaby brother of his. He was injured and collected that big paycheck last year to sit on his ass while his brother dogged it for another season. Get the hell out, and remove all traces of the all things Andrews. Next out, Jason Peters. Another sign that Andy Reid has lost his grip.

  9. Well see, the mastermind Andy Reid decided to flip the Andrews brothers’ positions thinking that it would make them better for some reason. The Eagles love bargain bin injured players and for the 4th time or so overthe last couple of years it hurts them. Stacy Andrews, Jack Ikegwuonu, Cornelius Ingram (still could be good…), Marlin Jackson, etc. This is the Eagles’ own fault and Reid’s too, for making dumb position changes.
    That said, I never got why the front office didn’t ask Shawn to take a pay cut and dump Stacy. Sure, almost all Eagles fans hate Shawn, but he was an all-pro and he could easily do it again assuming he’s recovered mentally. Stacy never showed any sign of potential.

  10. Interesting that he claims Howie ‘The Gambler’ Roseman assured him he’d play tackle. Hmmm, perhaps King Andy’s reign is at an end? And what does this say about Howie’s personnel decisions?

  11. Not only can’t play football, couldn’t even babysit his brother, which is the real reason he was here. 40 million on these two, but couldn’t go an extra million for Dawkins. Penny smart, dollar dumb!!

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