Steelers get down to 53 man roster

The Steelers didn’t find a trade partner for center Justin Hartwig, so he was among the 11 players released on Saturday as the team got down to the 53-man limit.

Here’s the full list: linebacker Patrick Bailey, cornerback Joe Burnett, safety Da’Mon
Cromartie-Smith, wide receiver Tyler Grisham, defensive end Sunny Harris, wideout Stefan Logan, defensive tackle Steve McLendon, fullback Frank Summers, guard Kraig Urbik and defensive tackle Doug Worthington.

Burnett was a fifth-round draft pick last year.  Summers lost his roster spot to rookie tailback Jonathan Dwyer. 

The Steelers’ 53-man roster includes three quarterbacks, four running backs,
three tight ends, six wide receivers, nine offensive linemen, six defensive
linemen, nine linebackers, 10 defensive backs, one kicker, one punter and one
long snapper.

30 responses to “Steelers get down to 53 man roster

  1. I don’t see us trying to keep most of these guys on the practice squad… in exception for Doug Worthington and Stefan Logan, possibly Patrick Baily.. Steelers probably will be looking at other team’s cuts on the offensive line side of the ball. Maybe Troy Smith lol.

  2. Patrick Bailey is kind of a shock. Wasnt he special teams captain a season or two ago?
    Dwyer’s been impressive. I bet Summers lands on the practice squad and makes a run next year.
    Very concerned about Sunny Harris. Last season they tried to cut him and sneak him on the practice squad but Carolina came in and signed him. He was impressive last year in preseason, so hopefully we don’t lose him again this year.
    I’m excited to see what Redman can do if he plays much this year (behind Moore and Mendenhall)

  3. Somebody please tell me they didn’t keep Mundy and cut Joe Burnett. Is there a rule against playing anyone in the Steelers secondary that can cover man-to-man?

  4. Thought Burnett showed a lot of aggressiveness during his rookie preseason and was really hoping he’d develop at that corner spot. Too bad. Sorry Logan couldn’t do more w/his opportunities. It’s a hard business.
    THRILLED Redman made the roster. Hot Dog!!
    @HammarHead … Hartwig has always been a major weak spot at center. When Pouncey beat him out, they tried him at guard and he was worse. It’s less important to have a backup center than someone who can effectively sub at guard. He just wasn’t that guy.
    Love Charlie, but since he tends to be breakable, wish we could put Leftwich on IR and bring in another QB in case Batch goes down. Hoping someone will cut a vet who can make reads and would understand his role as seat-warmer.

  5. Steelers will sign a few of those guys to the practice squad.
    Drum if Mendy isnt gettin it done i say let Redman start.. Im surprised cus Bailey has had a good preseason but they cant keep them all.Everyone knew Logan was gone with the emerging Antonio Brown.

  6. robert ethen says:
    September 4, 2010 6:29 PM
    LOL, there goes the Steeler’s overhyped 2009 draft class

  7. Patrick Bailey – Practice squad
    Joe Burnett – Beaten out by 5th rounders Butler
    Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith – Practice squad
    Tyler Grisham – Practice squad – thought he may have pushed either El or Battle out of a job.
    Sunny Harris – Beaten out by old man Eason
    Stefan Logan – Expendable – shaky hands/confidence
    Steve McLendon – Not a shocker
    Frank Summers – Started all preseason games, wtf?
    Kraig Urbik – Bust and a bum
    Doug Worthington – Practice squad

  8. steelcarrot says:
    September 4, 2010 7:24 PM
    robert ethen says:
    September 4, 2010 6:29 PM
    LOL, there goes the Steeler’s overhyped 2009 draft class
    I second that…

  9. @ Deb who said: “Love Charlie, but since he tends to be breakable, wish we could put Leftwich on IR and bring in another QB in case Batch goes down. Hoping someone will cut a vet who can make reads and would understand his role as seat-warmer.”
    Sage Rosenfels would’ve fit the bill. Rosenfels has been underrated and undervalued. Now he’s with Big Blue — but been saying for years he would be a solid insurance policy to Ben.
    Chad Pennington, though fragile, is another underrated QB that might be had very affordably. Penny is a baller.

  10. Burnett surprises me. I would have kept him over Gay. Bailey is a great special teamer, but likely will not be anything more. Gibson, Sylvester, and Worilds have more potential as eventual starters if needed. I liked Worthington too. Hopefully he will stick on the practice squad.

  11. logan. see you chump. Antonio Brown is going to be a huge playmaker (of course I said that about logan last season.

  12. Not worried about another QB. We have DD as our perm #2 and Batch. Only need to get through 4 games. Also, no one is going to pick up Lefty if we let him go.

  13. Cutting Bailey isn’t a surprise. Yes, a bright spot on special teams but outplayed by the younger Sylvester, who has much greater upside.
    Burnett over Gay? I don’t think so. Coaches remain high on Gay and think he can get back to prior level. They think he got caught up in being a NFLer and believe he has recommitted to the game. Burnett over Lewis was the real choice here and Lewis showed enough early in camp.
    I was pulling for Grisham though. Tough spot against Randle El and Battle. Battle is a special teams demon but I thought Randle El might be vulnerable. Grisham is a special little player. Tough as nails, quick as a whip and great hands. A poor man’s Wes Welker.
    Urbik is a real disappointment. Yet another bad offensive linemen drafted by the Steelers.

  14. I’m surprised at Hartwig’s release only because of depth at the center position. Who replaces Pouncey if he becomes injured? The release does tell you what a player Pouncey is. I was watching the Pitts/Carolina game. The Pittsburgh offensive line was pushing the Panthers defensive line all over the field.
    The rest of the players are a result of the evaluation process. For every Tom Brady(round 6) there is a Ryan Leaf(round 1). Over hyped 2009 draft? Like Ziggy Hood?

  15. @Wick …
    Was surprised the Vikes dealt Rosenfels, but haven’t seen enough to know his style or skill set. Love Pennington. Fragile but passionate.
    @jharmon64 …
    Happy w/Charlie, but “only” 4 weeks will be an eternity if he goes down–and he has a history of fragility.
    Dixon lacks the mental game. That’s why the team signed Leftwich, why Dixon was never a serious contender to start, and why Charlie entered the conversation when Leftwich went down. Dixon struggles to learn plays and can’t make reads. Relying on him for one game is okay; more than one, not so much.

  16. @ Deb:
    Penny is a gamer. To be candid, I reeeeally hoped we’d’ve drafted Pennington over Burress in 2000 — under the premise we truly need a *thinking* quarterback, someone who can intelligently go through his progressions. This was pre-Ben – Kordell Stewart was at the helm, so perhaps you appreciate the concern for such assets.
    Instead, we took Plax. And all his baggage.
    Diva WRs tend to be overrated. I wish we could’ve reeled ‘Tone back in – he wasn’t a bad guy.
    But overrall, my preference is for the Hines Wards, Troy Browns and Wes Welkers of the world.
    Hines Ward is my favorite offensive player of all time – truly exceptional in what he brings to the table in sooo many ways. It will flat break my effing heart when he shuts it down. But it will bring many sighs of relief from the half of the NFL that plays defense.

  17. Won’t matter when the Ravens sweep you and all hopes of a playoff season are flushed down the toilet…
    As if that’s not already occured

  18. @Wick …
    With you on Kordell. I never liked O’Donnell either. Those were long, dry years.
    Definitely with you on wideouts. Have always loved Hines–will miss him terribly. Must admit he lost a couple of points w/me last year going to the press when Ben missed the Ravens game w/the concussion. I’m a big believer in keeping stuff in the locker room. But his reaction was my first clue that Dixon doesn’t have as much on the ball as people think. The fact that the players freaked out over Ben missing that game was a big no-confidence vote for Dixon. And you don’t hear any of them championing him now. Despite Florio’s hopes for a locker-room QB controversy, I think they’ll rally around Charlie.
    Yes, Ward, Welker, and another fave of mine was Wayne Chrebet. Great hands. Not a prima donna but a real go-to guy.

  19. Cowher’s team,that Bill built won the last Super Bowl…..this Idiot Tomlin,I agree,inherited that team..which he is now destroying.
    I pray that Patrick Bailey,Kent Urbik and Tyler Grisham wind up AllPro.
    Dan Rooney is in another World.Russ Grimm was given the Job…..THEN the Rooney Rule.
    When accepting the last Super Bowl Trophy…Rooney said”I want to thank Obama! Get it.
    Racism is an ugly word and Tomlin is practicing it.

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