Vikings eat $200,000 guaranteed to cut kickoff specialist

Rhys Lloyd became the highest paid kickoff specialist in NFL history when the Vikings guaranteed him a $200,000 offseason roster bonus to take over the duties from starting placekicker Ryan Longwell.  Not only did Lloyd’s acquisition piss off Longwell, it ended in failure.

The Vikings waived Lloyd on Saturday as part of their final cuts.
To complement our last post on Vikings cuts, we bring to you even more: 
Wide receiver Logan Payne
Defensive end Michael Montgomery
Offensive guard Thomas Austin
Offensive tackle Chris Clark
Offensive guard Adrian Battles

16 responses to “Vikings eat $200,000 guaranteed to cut kickoff specialist

  1. Foolish viklings. They are always screwing up and writing their own jokes.
    They can’t find a good kicker!!
    Plenty are available. LOL!!

  2. Two-hundred large buys a lot of StarCaps!
    Chilli likes his plain, but in packages with multiple colors. The big boys up front like theirs chocolate coated, with peanuts. Yum!
    StatCaps … they’re legal in Minnesota, you know.

  3. What a bunch of haters you guys are. Your cheap ass owner would spend a dime trying to improve your team. Lloyd did himself him.

  4. $200,000 here, 20 million there, but those cheap asses Wilfs plead poverty when the subject of stadium financing comes up. Minnesota legislators pay attention.

  5. 200,000 $$
    wow – that’s like 10,000 pairs of wranglers !
    …or 15,000 pairs of Crocs
    …or 45,000 video text messages
    …or 5,000 pairs of jean shorts (the NICE ones!)
    …or enough hush money to settle 1 sexual harassment claim
    …or 250 memberships to Curves
    …or about 11 minutes of salary for a QB who will crush your soul (again)

  6. What a bunch of haters you guys are. Your cheap ass owner would spend a dime trying to improve your team.
    read this over a couple times
    stupid people are funny
    thanks for the laugh !

  7. The Vikings were in a position where they felt they could keep one of the most accurate kickers in the league as well as one who specializes in getting touchbacks on KOs. Injuries changed that plan. What’s the mystery to you nitwits?

  8. 200K to test someone is peanuts. Be thankful the Vikes are not on the hook for 7mil for a player no longer with the team like Seattle is……

  9. Bob Nelson:
    Do you even know what ‘LOL’ means?
    Or, did you just include it in your post because others do it…
    StarCaps are legal everywhere dumbass — but don’t let the facts confuse you tough guy.

  10. Two kickers is too many and Longwell wanted to kick indoors where he could pick up an extra five yards. Favre never would have had to go for broke if the coaches had faith in Longwells’ deep ball ….on a regular basis. I don’t think it is too much to expect your kicker to be able to kick off a tee, indoors, deeper than the eight yard line. He is accurate alright…as long as the offense makes it to the thirty. More pressure for Favre.

  11. Vikings fans take for granted that their owner, Zygi, is willing to plunk down $200k just to work out a kicker. Other teams won’t pay that to plug a whole in their D.

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