Whisenhunt: Max Hall was our best QB in camp

Appearing on Saturday’s Notre Dame-Purdue halftime show (positioned just to the left of PFT’s Grand Poobah), Peter King of NBC Sports revealed the details of his recent conversation with Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

According to King, Whisenhunt called Hall “the best of our four quarterbacks” in training camp.  
Whisenhunt is clearly comfortable with the undrafted rookie from Brigham Young as his primary backup, having released Matt Leinart to promote Hall.  The Cardinals also are not known to have made a serious run at Sage Rosenfels, who was the best quarterback available on the trade market prior to his acquisition by the Giants.
But there could be more to this story.  Much more.  
Whisenhunt acknowledged that Hall outplayed current starter Derek Anderson, strongly indicating that Anderson could be on a short leash.  Anderson’s contract is also heavily incentive laden, based on starts and statistics.  If he doesn’t prove to be the answer, it will present a lose-lose situation for Arizona.  The Cardinals could end up losing money, in addition to games.
Despite his recent elevation to the starting job, Anderson’s job security is weak, and his post-2007 track record inspires no confidence.  At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if Hall is starting games by the Cardinals’ Week 6 bye.

21 responses to “Whisenhunt: Max Hall was our best QB in camp

  1. They should go after Chad Pennington or Tyler Thigpen. Either would probably be available for a mid-rounder (3rd or 4th).

  2. “Whisenhunt called Hall “the best of our four quarterbacks” in training camp.”
    “The Derek” Better keep a look out over his shoulder!

  3. Does this “Hall” have a first name? Yes, it’s Max. C’mon people. Luckily I was watching the segment.

  4. I find it hard to believe the Cowboys & Cardinals both made serious runs at Sage when the Vikings just got a 5th round pick and losing Reynaud also

  5. Whisenhunt’s words say a lot more about Leinart than they do about either Anderson or Hall

  6. Anybody who watched Hall at BYU knows the Cards are in trouble. Hall is fine until he gets the slightest bit of pressure or plays in a game that means anything. If that happens, he completely falls apart and is a well oiled turnover machine. Good luck Az.

  7. Whis really dropped the ball on this one. Leinart was the same guy he was 1-2 yrs ago. Obviously everyone knew that Kurt was at the end of his road.. Whiz needed to prepare for that by gettin a qb that he was comfortable with. He knew THEN he didn’t care for Matt L’s approach to the game and his personality. That’s my true point.. not about getting rid of Leinart.. about when he did it. and the fact that he is relying on Derek Anderson now..
    third place in the West with that talent is enough to put Whiz on the hot seat..

  8. How is it a lose-lose for ARI, if Anderson’s contract is incentive-based? Doesn’t that mean that if he sucks it up, they don’t have to pay him because he won’t reach any of his incentives?

  9. Ken Whisenhunt would have cut Leinart 2 years ago if he would have been allowed to. This one is on the Bidwell’s and Rod Graves. Leinhart was there guy not Whisenhunt’s. The front office belived in Matt that is why they didn’t draft any other young QB’s until this year. Even this year they basically went after “projects” and “back ups”… Now they are stuck with a couple of young guys and a lousy starter. Whisenhunt was finally able to make this move because he now has his new contract and security.

  10. Whisenhunt has no security. He isnt a good coach. The Cards had a fluke superbowl run and they have only won their division becasue the NFC West is the worst division in football and has been for a few years. After two 6-10 seasons he will be coordinating again. He wanted to put his stamp on the team,hopefully it wont cost him his job.

  11. All this speculation is pure fabrication bt Mike Florio. This should serve as a warning to Peter King to restrict what he says to Florio even if Florio won’t stop bugging him. Florio will exaggerate any comment a real journalist mentions in passing into the implication that King thinks Anderson is on a very short leash.

  12. I can’t imagine what Leinart is thinking right now. He just lost his job to a guy who wasn’t good enough for the Browns. It doesn’t get much worse.

  13. I agree with Whisenhunt. Max Hall was indeed the best Cardinals QB during the pre-season. He looked sharp, was accurate with his passing, and moved the team down the field with purpose and leadership. Way to go kid! I’m pulling for you.

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