After Saturday, trading Vincent Jackson becomes much more difficult

NFL_jackson3.jpgSo now that Saturday has come and gone, Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson’s suspension has started.  And it now becomes much more difficult for the Chargers to trade him.

If they want to trade him.  (More on that below.)

The Chargers placed Jackson on the roster exempt list last month, which means that he can’t play for three weeks after he reports.  And now that he is suspended for three weeks, the league will take the position that he can’t commence the three-week roster exemption by reporting during his suspension, even if Jackson is traded.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently told us via e-mail that, even though a player who has been suspended under the substance-abuse policy may attend meetings and otherwise be at the facility (but not participate in practice), a player cannot “report” as that term is contemplated by the rules of the roster exempt list.

As we explained on August 25, the union disagrees with the league’s belief that the roster exemption would transfer to Jackson’s new team, if he’s traded.  The problem is that no team interested in trading for Jackson would want to acquire his rights without knowing whether he’ll miss three games or six games to start the season.  It makes sense, then, for the union to promptly pursue an advance ruling on an expedited basis, so that a team interested in Jackson (if there still are any) would know before acquiring his rights whether he’ll be available as of Week Four or Week Seven.

The broader question, of course, is whether the Chargers really want to trade Jackson.  By applying the roster exemption, the Chargers necessarily made it harder to move him.  Also, there continues to be no indication that the Chargers have given any indication as to what they may want for Jackson’s rights.

Thus, even if the union secures a ruling that a trade would wipe out the roster exemption and make Jackson eligible to play for a new team as soon as Week Four, a deal would still need to be struck with Jackson and with the Chargers.

So, in the end, there’s a good chance that it won’t matter whether he could play for a new team by Week Four.

18 responses to “After Saturday, trading Vincent Jackson becomes much more difficult

  1. The Chargers don’t want to trade him…yet.
    So Florio, if AJ is a douche bag hardhead for his tactics, and Tannenbaum is so progressive and cool…shouldn’t Revis have reported by now?
    I mean, I want to know what you (we) think?
    PS I don’t really want to know what you think.

  2. This was the guy that gets up after a 4th down catch, and spins the ball forward — celebrating a first down. However, he wasn’t touched and the play wasn’t over — once thought to be a fumble, it turns out to be an illegal forward pass that nullifies the first down.
    He kicks an opponent’s challenge flag and is penalized.
    He has not one, but two DUIs.
    And he wants franchise money/respect ??
    NEWSFLASH: in this bizarro NFL world, Mr. Bogart will likely get it !!!

  3. It is only 6 games. He’s been working out at home with his recliner and remote. He’s in great shape. A few brewski’s after going to his AA meetings. All is well in Vincent Jackson land.

  4. You are so dense Florio. Why would they trade him to a contender that could help that team get in the way of the Chargers winning a Super Bowl? Seattle would have been a fit, but he priced himself out. St Louis would have too, but he did the same thing there. He can sit out the year and sign somewhere else in 2011 as a UFA, and the Chargers will get a high compensation pick based on the contract he signs. Or his rights go back to the Chargers based on what they believe is a loophole in the current CBA that Kevin Acee reported a few weeks ago that went over your head.

  5. Unbelievable that VJax and his agent(s) haven’t figured out that they have absolutely no leverage in this situation. Fast forward to week 10…VJax has to report by then or lose a year of free agent eligibility thus putting him right back in the same spot next year that he is this year……absent about $1.7M plus the threat of a lockout which I think is more likely than not, so now VJax will be looking at 30yrs old and not having played football for 2 years and with the same reputation. There’s no doubt in my mind that his agents/lawyers are fronting him the money to sit out at this time as there is no other explanation. What a moron.

  6. Hey Vincent….congratulations, the first stage of your career suicide is now complete! Maybe you and your agent can celebrate tonight and get your 3rd DUI! You delusional primadonna!

  7. Actually, only he and his agents believe he is going to get that. And they can keep on believing that until the repossessors show up at V.J.’s doorstep. He is an idiot, and what’s worse, he is taking advice from BIGGER idiots. He adamantly believes he deserves the huge contract he is demanding. In actuality, he deserves what he is getting right now.

  8. VJ is getting hosed by his agents for sticking to a price they can’t get for him. Sucker alert! Where is master p when u need him?

  9. Chargers need to get what they could get for this guy now. He’s a time bomb and has cost the chargers games in the past and is a distraction in the locker room.
    Sign Mac and trade VJ

  10. Hey you know how to lose over 3 million dollars? It is simple, ask Vincent Jackson for career advice. I can not imagine that he listened to his agent. If Jackson based his decisions on advice from his agent, he better sue him.
    The amazing part is that Jackson has never had 10 Tds, or 80 catches in a season. He is in the third tier of NFL WR and now probably will fade away like most players who try to go this route.

  11. pacstud says:
    September 5, 2010 10:54 AM
    The Chargers don’t want to trade him…yet.
    So Florio, if AJ is a douche bag hardhead for his tactics, and Tannenbaum is so progressive and cool…shouldn’t Revis have reported by now?
    I mean, I want to know what you (we) think?
    PS I don’t really want to know what you think.
    But you do want to know what he thinks or else you wouldve never brought up two different teams that have nothing in common besides two holdouts and since you did bring it up then you actually do crave for any insight that florio might have especially since you took time to register to his website and make comments on it.
    PS dont try to lie cuz we both know you’re beating off to every word florio said

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