Jets announce release of Tony Richardson, door to return not yet open

The New York Jets have announced a series of day-after transactions, which claimed the roster spots of three guys who thought they had made the team.

As previously reported, gone are receiver David Clowney, running back Chauncey Washington, and fullback Tony Richardson.  In are three players claimed on waivers:  tackle Patrick Brown (from the Vikings), defensive tackle Marcus Dixon (from the Cowboys), and receiver Patrick Turner (from the Dolphins).

Regarding the departure of Richardson, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum had this to say:  “Each season, there are difficult choices when constructing the 53-man roster
and this year is no exception.  We appreciate Tony’s contributions and leadership
over the past two seasons and have nothing but the highest respect for him as a
person and as a player.”

For now, then, the door isn’t open to a post-Week One return.  After receiver Laveranues Coles was cut last week, coach Rex Ryan suggested that Coles could come back after the first game, at which time his base salary wouldn’t be guaranteed.  The Jets could use the same device to bring back Richardson, but nothing Tannenbaum said suggests that they will.

19 responses to “Jets announce release of Tony Richardson, door to return not yet open

  1. Hopefully the Vikings can get him back. He could help that fat loser McKinney keep Favre from getting killed.

  2. hahaha…thats it fat boy….keep cutting all of your offensive guys….you dont need them…your offence is fantastic…in fact its offensive

  3. Tony Richardson has made every back he has blocked for good. He made Preist Holmes, Larry Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Thomas Jones all have outstanding seasons. I think he’s good enough to be a blocker for another young back. If the Eagles didn’t have Leonard Weaver, he would fit in ther perfectly on a team that desperately needs boost in the running game.

  4. The Jets must have a great deal of confidence in the leadership of the remaining veterans. Richardson, following Jones and Faneca, is an important loss of a leader. Rex Ryan is counting a great deal on his own strength. I hope he is correct.

  5. vikings, pick this guy back up!!!!!! remember what adrian did with him blocking? i know the jets thing they have jesus in john conner but they are gonna miss tony.

  6. Florio…how was the Family Reunion?? A “Source” tells me that you and your hot cousin were seen coming out of a men’s room together.

  7. Bad move. All Richardson does is produce an awesome running game where he has been at the time. KC, MN, and the Jets

  8. Come back to my chiefs Tony! We screwed up letting you go baby! Say the word and mike cox is cut after your physical!! Thomas jones will be happy to see you I’m sure. This guy stays in Terrell owns shape and is all class

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