Julius Jones out in Seattle after all

It looks like we spoke too soon when we noted that Julius Jones survived roster cuts in Seattle on Saturday night.

Jones was disposed of on Sunday afternoon, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  Safety Jordan Babineaux also got released as Seahawks G.M. John Schneider continued to take a machete to the team’s roster, bringing in as many new guys as possible.

(Jones and Babineux were due to make almost $5 million combined and both were reserves.)

With Jones out, Leon Washington and Justin Forsett will form an undersized running back committee in Seattle.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Seahawks add another back.

21 responses to “Julius Jones out in Seattle after all

  1. What took so long? Last year, fans were screaming for Justin Forsett to get more reps. All he did was average 5.4 ypc on 114 carries, a healthy 1.7 ypc more than Jones’ average of 3.7.
    The ego of the last regime, though, dictated that Jones, who was more expensive and had been signed via free agency, get more reps than a lowly seventh-round draft pick. At one point, Forsett had two 100-yard games in three starts, but the moment Jones returned from injury he became the starter again.
    A larger back for short-yardage situations would be a nice addition.

  2. “Jones was deposed of…”
    I hadn’t heard that he had taken over the organization! Was it a bloody coup that finally ousted him? I hope the Seahawks filmed the entire vulgar affair!

  3. Hey dumbass, yeah, you Greg…..listen up~! Your own silly site said for players on the bubble not to break out the champagne just yet……your own stupidity for following the shoes of Florio and posting shit ahead of time………
    Instead of saying “we spoke too soon”, why not grow a set and admit that you spoke too soon! You Rosenthal wrote the post (or at least your name is at the top), man up, grab what little sac you have and say “I spoke to soon…..”

  4. The Seahawks finished 4-12 and 5-11 the year before, swo I am not surprise to see them let Jones go after all, if they finish 5-11 with him, then 3-13 will be their pathetic record this year, I guess the Seahawks G.M. John Schneider is saving to save Paul Allen the richest owner in the NFL some money we all know about the lawsuit that he has launched against tech comapanies.
    He must really need the money, that sorry for bastard ran Charter Communications into the ground and he seems to be doing the same thing with the Seattle Seahawks. Message to Paul Allen, focus on the NBA and sell the Seahawks to someone that wants a winner you goof looking bastard with a bad haircut.

  5. Don’t mind the Jones release, but I don’t like releasing Babs. One of the worst tackling safeties out there but he could cover a bit. Because he could play corner as well he was decent value for a roster spot. i would still start Babs at corner over Kelly Jennings.
    The secondary is razor thin and I am certain will be the biggest problem on this team (among many) in 2010.

  6. NOW it reads “disposed”.
    Spellcheck doesn’t detect hilarious misuse/misunderstanding of words!
    Rosenthal. Valedictorian of his class at the School of Sports Plagiarism at THE University of the Thirteenthgrade!
    I’m sure you’ll de-list my first post soon, so this one’s just for you, Gregg!

  7. Well, Gregg, to your credit, you didn’t de-list my first post. And you did run my second.
    But, on my second post, I didn’t type “misunderstand ing”. I copied that entry before I entered it and pasted it (sound familiar?) to check.
    lieutenant Dan’s Ice Cream says:
    September 5, 2010 4:48 PM
    What’s Shaun Alexander doing these days?
    Shaun doesn’t know. He hasn’t known what he’s been doing since, oh, 2007!

  8. # Outlaw Jersey Whales says: September 5, 2010 5:27 PM
    “I’m sure you’ll de-list my first post soon, so this one’s just for you, Gregg!”
    Rosenthal doesn’t check his own posts. Why would he check ours?

  9. Getting crazy for sure here in Seattle. I’m still waiting to past judgement until after the season starts. These guys know what there doing, it’s called rebuilding!

  10. This MAJOR Overhaul of the Seahawks is just a friggin’ mind blower.
    We NEED a BIG BULLDOZER back like Lynch.

  11. I am just waiting to see when they are going to throw the towel in on Hassellbeck and go with Whiteherst. It seems that with this regime, if you have ever seen Holgren, then you get shipped out.

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