Pat White clears waivers

In April 2009, the league buzzed about the pro prospects of former West Virginia quarterback Pat White.  Pegged as a potential second-round pick after a strong showing at the Senior Bowl, the Scouting Combine, and his Pro Day workout, White matched former WVU quarterback (and new A.D.) Oliver Luck as the highest-drafted quarterback in school history, at No. 44 overall.

White’s career with the Dolphins ended with a thud on Saturday, waived by Miami before the start of his second NFL season.

Perhaps even more surprising is what didn’t happen by noon on Sunday.  Per a league source, no one claimed White on waivers.

Given that he received a $1.538 million option bonus in 2010, White’s base salary for 2009 had dropped to $395,000, the minimum salary for a second-year player.  Still, no one wanted him — and he’ll now become a free agent who can be signed only with a minimum salary of $395,000.

Though the rookie deal apparently included some back-end stuff based on team and individual incentives, a guy regarded as a second-round talent surely would have prompted someone to pick up his contract, even if they possibly would have been augmenting a minimum salary with some incentive payments.  Now, White will have to decide whether to scratch and claw for a minimum-salary NFL deal or to join the UFL (or the CFL) or to rediscover baseball, the sport about which he mused in the offseason, when it appeared that the Dolphins would ask him to move to a new position.

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  1. I think the Dolphins should have kept him. That sweat soaked vomit stained urine smelling 3rd or 4th place AFC East semi-pro team needs all the help it can get.

  2. Why is this a surprise? He lacked either size or accuracy to play in the NFL. A horrible draft pick in the sixth round let alone the second round. Nothing to see here, move along. At least the Dolphins owned up to their horrible mistake, though someone should be held accountable for it.

  3. In April 2009, the league buzzed about the pro prospects of former West Virginia quarterback Pat White.
    “You mean YOU mused about”

  4. he never did anything for us anyways but its always interesting to see the tuna cut bait. why does denver get ripped for cutting high draft picks but nobody dares to whisper when tuna and the boys do the same?

  5. Little harsh don’t you think. White is having a bad day/week and Florio is putting a spot light and having a marching band play around it.. Let this play out instead of throwing dirt on his football grave. Just a hint of respect would be in order.

  6. Wow, I thought Belichick LOVED White so he could run the Wildcat. Huh. I guess draft pundits and “insiders” are a bunch of morons.

  7. He is what we thought he was – a good college quarterback. The End. Time to move back to West Virginia and get a job schmoozing with clients/alumni for some business. Good money, no heavy lifting.

  8. one year is all this kid gets to develop. good job miami. saw that you cut your third round pick from last year too. although, since he didn’t play at wvu, i don’t know his name or care what happens to him.
    but pat white?! i hope this comes back to bite the fins on the butt. the kid is a winner and miami isn’t even giving him a fair shake because of his body type.

  9. No one with a CLUE “buzzed” about White’s shot at the NFL… people knew he never had a chance in this league….

  10. Should read
    In April 2009, MIKE FLORIO buzzed about the pro prospects of former West Virginia quarterback Pat White.

  11. Baseball comment would make teams want to have a sit down with him and see how serious he is before proceeding.

  12. It ended with whimper more than a thud. He’s likely been considering baseball ever since regaining consciousness on a stretcher last season.

  13. “… no one claimed White on waivers.”
    He’s 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and about as accurate a passer as Derek Anderson. If he doesn’t learn to play WR and return kicks, he’s going to be needing that WVU education.

  14. Mike, Pat White is clearly not an NFL quarterback. It really is to bad that he chose not to try the receiver position. The Dolphin regime made a major mistake with White as they did with Patrick Turner. However accepting the mistakes and moving on is the best direction.

  15. Florio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t understand why White wasn’t brought in the same way Edelman was in New England.

  16. First off, Amen on the Major Harris comments… If Major Harris played in this era, he would not only make an NFL team, but would probably start with some grooming.
    Back to Pat White… The guy is too small for an NFL QB and needs to understand and embrace the fact that he is a situational athlete, not a QB in the NFL and sharpen those skills. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Steeler uniform… Imagine him and Dixon in the same package… Talk about confusing a Defense.

  17. Well,…………i’m jussayin…. how funny it is that Jets fans are dissin the Miami Dolphins when the Dolphins beat the Jets twice in one year (2009)not to mention the two gimmies the jets got at the end of the 2009 season……………..and didn’t win the super bowl :/ REALITY EXISTS

  18. So if he cleared waivers and can be signed as a free agent, does this mean that Florio can sign him now? We all know this Florio-White lovefest was going to end up in a shack in the mountains of West Virginia anyway, it was only a matter of time.

  19. As a receiver, he could be a Randle El like slot talent, and this move might make him realize he won’t cut it at QB.

  20. Pat White was brought in for Wild Cat…let’s not forget Pennington & Brown went out for the season with injury. PW (Rookie) was expected to preform like a veteran without them. No big surprise to the opposition what play was called when PW took the field. This franchise never gave him a chance to materialize. Dolphins have many regrets…Welker ring a bell? I have a feeling that releasing Pat White will be another regret. Blessing in disguise for PW though. I hope he signs with a team in #2 or #3 spot and gets a ring this year. In my opinion, Dolphins have bigger FISH to fry. Henne is just mediocre. Pennington is the real deal if he can stay healthy. What will Fins do next year when Pennington calls it quits and they realize Henne is not their #1?

  21. # NYMets says: September 5, 2010 7:29 PM
    I think the Dolphins should have kept him. That sweat soaked vomit stained urine smelling 3rd or 4th place AFC East semi-pro team needs all the help it can get.
    Your Mets are in 4th place with a 67-70 record
    Hows that for a sweat soaked vomit stained urine smelling team?????????????????????????????

  22. According to NFL Draft “expert” Mike Mayock – “Pat White is not a gimmick. He’s the type of kid who you want the ball in his hands. I don’t care if he’s running it, throwing it, or catching it. I want the ball in his hands. Some teams like him as a quarterback. I’d take him in the second round with no hesitation, use him as a Wildcat this season, and try to develop him as a full-time quarterback, because I think he’s got that kind of ability.”

  23. He also turned into a little head case … no one will even sniff him.
    Won’t last in baseball with that attitude.
    Tick! Tick! Tick!

  24. Lord knows that the Dolphins cannot develop ANY draft picks.
    And to compound the problem, Dolphins are terrible drafting players.
    Parcells was lucky to have Belichek when he made savvy draft picks on Giants. he SUCKED on Jets and now on Fish. Poor talent evaluator barr none. I COULD HAVE DRAFTED BETTER THAN PARCELLS, AND SO WOULD YOU HAVE.
    At the end of the day, Pat White can be an NFL player as a RB/WR with the right coaching. Not in south Fla. Coaches are as dumb as the citizens down thar.

  25. I wish Pat White all the best.
    What are the Phins thinking?
    Maybe he can’t read a pass D… some guys just can’t.

  26. NYMETS says:
    I think the Dolphins should have kept him. That sweat soaked vomit stained urine smelling 3rd or 4th place AFC East semi-pro team needs all the help it can get.
    Dude did your mom work for Dez Bryant father too??
    You see? jackass like you give all of us Jets fan a bad name! those your mom knows that you’re in the computer this late???? oh !!! that’s right she is out working!!!!!! WE (Jets) are not really that good of a teem! we have old has been players in our team !!! don’t forget that and Sanches ???? well who knows???

  27. If the guy had NF skills he would have been pick up by any one of 31 teams, some people think that a good college player is going to be a good pro player, some do, and most don’t, Pat is in the most don’t class. Bill

  28. Obviously, those who call PW garbage, a thug and a head case do not know him…he is and will always be the epitome of a great athlete and role model for many generations to come. Speaking of him in a negative light will come back to haunt whomever spoke ill of him…he gave WVU class and respect, two things that none of you who posted nasty comments will ever have. We would be proud to have him be a part of our Mountaineer family again. I am so glad that the majority of you are NOT fans of WVU; you are a disgrace.

  29. With Chad Pennington & Tyler Thigpen as backups there’s no need for Pat White. The Phins have some nice depth at QB, probably better than anyone else in the league.

  30. @GreenAsGrass
    It still remains to be seen if the majority of our draft picks since Parceles took over will develop (it’s only been 2 years not including the present), but a few names come to mind: Henne, Langford, Hartline.
    I’ll admit, just as the team has, that White was a terrible draft choice…but every team has good and bad picks bud, your jets included (Gholston).
    Pat White a RB? That’s rich…and you call the people of South Florida dumb??? Why don’t you convince your over rated team to bring him up “thar” since you guys have fallen into habit of picking up our scraps…
    The fact remains that this guy just cannot, and will not, be a starting QB in this league. No amount of time or development can make up for his inadequacies as a passer.

  31. i have two teams in mind to where he should land, one is the Redskins as Shanahan’s project and learn from McNabb, the other is The Eagles.

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