Report: Al Davis overrules decision to cut Mike Mitchell

Remember Mike Mitchell?  He was the No. 47 overall pick in the 2009 draft, the safety from Ohio University that Mike Mayock and the rest of the nation of draftniks thought Oakland took about five rounds too early.

On Saturday, Mitchell was reportedly the subject of a behind-the-scenes battle between Raiders owner Al Davis and the team’s coaching staff.  We’ll let you guess who won.

Let’s back the story up for a minute.  2010 Seventh-round Raiders safety Stevie Brown practiced on Saturday. He spoke with the media about making the team.  But when the Raiders officially released their cuts Saturday afternoon, they still had one move left to make.

Here’s where it gets fun.

A Florida radio host Andy Slater that claims to be a former Raiders employee said that Brown was going to get the axe on his Twitter page.  This was hours before he news came out.  He also reported that “everyone in the organization” except Al Davis wanted to cut Mitchell instead of Brown.   Davis essentially wanted to avoid the P.R. hit and admit he made such a big mistake last year.  (Maybe Davis told them Mitchell “is a great player. Get over it.”)

Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune breaks down the timeline of Slater’s tweets, which are fascinating. It’s hard to doubt him when he nailed the news before it happened.

Apparently the coaching staff pushed hard for Brown, who also has impressed teammates. But after the Raiders couldn’t find a taker for Mitchell in a trade, they cut Brown.  (Even if they didn’t officially mention it on their website until very late last night.)

“Let me be clear, for those tweeting me on Mitchell/Raiders, coaches do NOT want him. Addition by subtraction,” Slater wrote.

But as we know, coaches don’t always get what they want. Especially in Oakland. 

Just another day in Raider Nation.

71 responses to “Report: Al Davis overrules decision to cut Mike Mitchell

  1. Dumbass raider nation will be crushed by this news. They all knew “MM” would be great, now they find out he shouldn’t have been drafted and probably didn’t earn a roster spot last year either.

  2. Big deal. You’re talking about backups, not starters, Rosenthal. Stevie brown isn’t that much better than Mitchell, if at all, so no big deal. As far as Al putting his foot down because “Davis essentially wanted to avoid the P.R. hit ” is a bunch of crap! Davis has NEVER cared what the media thinks of him. He just sits with his millions of dollars and lets you $50,000 a year writers talk crap, as he laughs his way to the bank.

  3. Dude! All preseason you stay off the Raiders balls because you have no stories….At the first tweet you jump all over it….PFT are true Raider Haters! Always looking for a story that links us back to mediocrity. Who gives a rat’s ass about Mitchell or Brown…Neither are starters, but yet your hate for the Raiders and love for the sorry ass Giants, Patriots, and Colts keeps you gunning for the Nation.

  4. I was also following this last night, and if you follow up you’ll see that other than Andy Slater saying he worked for the Raiders, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else who can recall it.
    Other than that it seems obvious to me that Brown has a good chance of clearing waivers and being put on the practice squad. He did very little in the pre-season other play deep free safety, at least Mitchell has a year under his belt. If Brown ends up on P-Squad it’s easy to make the switch.

  5. It’s the stuff like this that makes it hard to be a Raider fan. I have no idea how guys like Yamon Figures and Sam Williams makes this team, while a young baller like Stevie Brown doesn’t. Just another day in the nation.

  6. Keep it up Al!
    The Pats have a #1 I would like to see be the #1 choice in a year with a rookie wage scale

  7. This rings typical for Al Davis. It’s all about him and his image. He really doesn’t care about winning, at least he’s willing to go 2-14 rather than admit he was wrong about something. As a Raider fan, I am soooo sick of Al Davis screwing the Raiders up.
    I watched our preseason games. Stevie Brown was a rainmaker. He was always in the right place to make a huge play – a fumble, muffed punt, a big INT. You need guys like that on your team – reminds me of Rod Woodson.
    Mike Mitchell would make his obligatory big hit and nothing else the whole game.

  8. No reason for Raider fans to worry, they have Jason Campbell! LOL, this team will never win!

  9. Say what you want about Dan Snyder, he doesnt have the ballz or the stature to pull something like that.

  10. This franchise is an embarrasment to the NFL. I could make better personnel decisions than Al Davis. He’s hurt that team more than any player or coach ever has over the last few decades. Players don’t want to play there and coaches don’t want to coach there. That is a shame. I realize it’s a free market league and teams/owners have the freedom to do what they want, but if I’m Rodger Goodell, I’m having a long talk with the Raiders brass about trying to turn that organization around. The Raiders are good for the NFL and have one of the most devoted fan bases in the league. It’s a shame they can’t get it together. I would hate to be a Raiders fan right now.

  11. That is one of THEE damdest things I have ever read on this site.
    Isn’t there some senility cause in which someone else can take control of this team in the event the current owner goes crazy as a shithouse rat?
    Look it’s been fun laughing at Oakland for years now, but this is getting sad.
    Revolt, Raider fans, or at least change his medication.

  12. Ugh. Yet another report with no proof.
    Not PFTs fault for the information. But it is for the embellishment.

  13. ….another example of why the Raiders will continue to suck until Davis finally keels over in his leisure suit.

  14. When will PFT learn not to pay attention to what is said in tweets…… Florio is still butthurt cause he believed Wise……..

  15. Such BS. Brown and Mitchell dont even play the same position. The decision was between Hiram Eugene and Stevie Brown. Keep trying to stir up the pot PFT. Just like Tom Cable was going to get fired. LMFAO!

  16. What’s missing from this story is that both Mitchell and Brown should have stayed and Hiram Eugene should have been the one who got cut. If Al did anybody a favor yesterday is was Eugene.!

  17. To keep a little perspective, Mitchell has big upside.
    He blows people up, and is a sure tackler.
    He needs to work on his cover skills.

  18. Big deal…Neither Mitchell or Stevie Brown are going to take the Raiders to the next level.
    A BIGGER concern is that the Raiders need to find WR/OL help off the waiver wires ASAP!
    Hopefully they are considering TJ Houshmandzadeh to give Campbell SOMEBODY other than Zach Miller to throw to and/or centers Kevin Mawae and Justin Hartwig to backup Veldheer.
    VERY thin in both areas and if Jared Veldheer can’t play center and Jason Campbell doesn’t have a legit #1 WR to throw to (when he isn’t lying flat on his back due to poor OL play) the Raiders will have A LOT more to worry about than backup DBs who do or don’t make the final 53 man roster.

  19. A gm and coaches disagreeing in the NFL. Wow. Shocking. Just another day of sad reporting in the PFT planet.

  20. dumbolt says: September 5, 2010 10:57 AM
    The annual Raiders meltdown is underway.
    Mark down this date, dumbolt, Dec 5, 2010.
    That’s the day the Nation invades SD and rips apart your town while the Raiders rip apart your team.
    They’ll be nothing left of the Chargers after that game.

  21. All of this is a moot point if/when Stevie Brown appears on the Raiders PS. C’mon everybody, he’s not the 2nd coming of Ronnie Lott.

  22. I usually dont waste my time posting or responding to the idiotic posts by these bloggers or the comments by the dummies who think they know football. But PFT strikes again no real evidence by this unknown former employee and as for Stevie Brown its a good story kid will make the practice squad and have a chance to develop but he had to Larry Brown type INTs against guys who arent even on those teams now and was in the right place to get a muffed punt from a guy who has a history of muffing them lets not get carried away like he was making these plays against first teamers

  23. Raider fans always trying to make fun of other teams in the division when their team is the biggest trash heap of them all.
    Their team is going to suck for a while and there’s no end in site.
    Raider fans: don’t throw stones in a glass house.

  24. “dunkingonuts says: September 5, 2010 11:04 AM What’s missing from this story is that both Mitchell and Brown should have stayed and Hiram Eugene should have been the one who got cut. If Al did anybody a favor yesterday is was Eugene.!”
    Agreed. But better yet, cut the worthless Sam Williams and Hiram Eugene, and keep Jay Richardson and Brown.
    However that being said. Most of the roster makes sense, except for Eric Pears.
    The rest of these buffoons on this blog don’t have a clue as to what the Raiders roster should be. Just the usual hack Rosenthal story followed by the usual hyenas.
    Do you think they agree with every roster move on their teams….sure.

  25. And everyone is believing what a small time radio host tweeted ? An ex-raider employee ? What was he, a towel boy ?

  26. The bigger story here isn’t who’s being cut but how deep the raiders secondary is now with Walter McFadden, Jeremy ware, and the emergence of Stanford routt as possible opposites from asomugha, along with branch and huff as safeties it should be a solid secondary..brown played solid but Mitchell has played well also and hopefully he’ll land on the practice squad

  27. The only thing funnier than the Raiders are Raiders fans. They can barely communicate, love a team that hasn’t won 6 games in nearly a decade, but they think “dat they kno more then u and will kick yur ass for dissing da nation!”

  28. If this is true would it surprise anybody the old geezer stuck his nose in and made a choice. Come on Flo you gotta do better at showing the hate .

  29. “former Raiders employee ” ? Where’d PFT come up with that ?? All I’ve found out about this Andy Slater is that he’s been into radio since he was in High School, not one mention about EVER working for/with the Raiders. Oh, and he has a HUGE head !

  30. Who is leading the Raiders drafts, Jerry Mahoney? We know that Knucklehead Smith is the managing general partner.

  31. Andy Slater may well have never been an actual Raider employee…. but he definitely has someone of the calibre of legendary Davis ass wipe John Herrera on speed dial and reporting up to the minute and strangely accurate information on personnel discussions and coach’s meetings directly to him from within the dark inner sanctum of the blackest operation in pro sports.

  32. FORMER RAIDER EMPLOYEE……enough said!
    Might as well have called TMZ sports to see what they thought!

  33. This report seemed to be very flawed. Mitchell has done well with what little playing time he’s had, so I highly doubt he was ever under any consideration of being cut. Some signals must have been crossed as to just who was involved, if anyone. Seems to me this is just another phantom report that has blown up into a full blown rumor being reported as fact. Obviously the haters buy into like gospel and could care less if there’s any truth to the matter.

  34. Typical PFT
    You have yet to be right about a Raider transaction. Mike Mitchell and Stevie Brown dont even play the same position (Mitchell is a strong safety, Stevie Brown is a free safety). Moreover, Mike Mitchell has his own packages on the defense to utilize his unique size and speed. Try at least watching a Raider game before you run your rinky dink “story” based off of a “twitter” account.

  35. Let me get this straight. You senile readers are upset because supposedly Al Davis made a personnal decision overruling the coaches! if that was the case that would give Tom Cable and staff the most say in the roster of any coaching staff in Raider history! 1 spot??????????
    I believe most of the readers are right that Hiram Eugene was the guy that would\should have been in the conversation for the last safety spot.

  36. NCRaiderDon says: September 5, 2010 10:23 AM
    Big deal. You’re talking about backups, not starters, Rosenthal. Stevie brown isn’t that much better than Mitchell, if at all, so no big deal.
    One is a ball magnet. The other is basically useless. Brown is not much better, if at all? You haven’t been following the preseason, or the camp reports obviously.
    The real crime is that the kept Yamon Figurs as a 7th WR rather than hanging onto Brown as a 5th safety. Yamon Figurs? Really?

  37. Humbolt loves the Raiders. you will never see him on a chargers post.Love all the trash talking.I can’t wait till Oakland is kicking everyone’s ass this season. Definantly gonna rip the dolts.

  38. Such a savvy move.
    I really feel sorry for Raider fans. Al is the worst team owner in the NFL with the meddling he does.
    And to top it off, he’s even hallucinating that Jason Campbell is the incarnate of Jim Plunkett.

  39. The other 31 teams love Al Davis for just this very reason. Its tough enough to win in the NFL, it becomes almost impossible when you have a crazy old man making all the wrong decisions.

  40. @raiderrob21
    FORMER RAIDER EMPLOYEE……enough said!
    Might as well have called TMZ sports to see what they thought!
    right, cause we all know how much people Davis still signs the check for like to speak out, dumb ass.

  41. Chi-Town Raider says:
    “PFT are true Raider Haters! Always looking for a story that links us back to mediocrity.”
    Dude, in case you’ve been asleep for the past 7 yrs of 11 loss seasons, the Raiders have done NOTHING to rise to MEDIOCRITY, much less seperate themselves from it.
    Go paint your face, douche’.

  42. Does PFT need another monkey putz at the 30 Rock typewriter bank? I’ll take $50 grand for that! NBC rocks!

  43. If the Raiders had cut Mitchell, PffffT would have been all over Davis for getting rid of a 2nd rd pick much too early in his career. A legitimate argument would be that Mitchell was not given enough time to develop.
    Stevie Brown made an impact. In pre season. Against other back ups. Mitchell has only 1 season as a pro. He has a fearless streak. How is it that you haters believe that Mitchell has peaked after 1 measley season? I agree that Brown has potential, but MM does too.
    When a glaring blunder is committed on defense, it is usually apparent as to who is at fault. ie Michael Huff losing his jockstrap against Matt Forte, & getting run over by Frank Gore.
    Or Chris Johnson getting abused constantly against 4 different seachix WRs.
    I don’t remember Mike Mitchell ever getting abused so obviously. Not even during his rookie season. Can anyone here say why MM was such a liability? No.
    Some Florida dj says that ‘everyone’ wants Mike Mitchell to get cut. PfffT can’t wait to post it (because anybody WILL, in fact, print anything). Not even the PffffT ‘experts’ have seen any reason to cut Mitchell this early in his career. They just want to mock the Raiders if they do cut him, or if they don’t cut him.
    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Al Davis set this whole thing up with Andy Slater (the dj), so that they can abuse PffffT like Wise did? LOL. Florio would be crying until the 2020 season, or until Al Davis retires. There would be nothing but Raider-hate on his blog from now on…oh yeah, wait…? lol

  44. Wow, all the fuss over a backup? It’s not like we drafted a guy waaaaaay to early and then the owner made his coaches start the guy for a couple of years. cough…Quincy Carter…cough.

  45. LOL@ al davis’ dentist…..HIS TEETH ARE MADE WOOL!!!!! Wood? Sorry I mix up D and L……lmao

  46. So Rosenthal, when are you going to report that Brown is now on the practice squad of the Raiders? Pretty damn good move by Davis I would say, he kept both. Just another awesome day in Raider Nation.

  47. Al Davis, Managing Genral Partner of the Raiders, maintains final say in personel decisions? Wow, this is facinating news. Keep up the good work, PFT.

  48. The only ones doing Raiders-hate should be their fans. There’s nowhere else where team fans endure what’s happened to the franchise over the past seven years without expecting wholesale changes in team management. That’s obviously not going to happen in Oakland.
    That said, this isn’t really a big deal. Owners inject themselves into player decisions all the time–after all, they do write the paychecks. The writer tries to make it sound like no owners get involved like this.
    Both Mitchell and Brown are backups. If it was someone like Darren McFadden and they were cutting Mike Bush, it becomes relevant.

  49. UPDATE: Brown is now on the Raiders practice squad.
    ANOTHER UPDATE: Al Davis is also the GM of the Raiders, and most GMs trump their head coaches in regards to personnel decisions.
    ONE MORE UPDATE: Gweg Wosental is still a douche.

  50. I read somewhere that no Raiders employees remember this guy working for the Raiders. The guy is in Florida, not exactly close to the situation.
    By all accounts, Mike Mitchell did not do anything particularly special this offseason, but he wasn’t exactly brutal either. I honestly think this situation is a bunch of nothing.

  51. Every Oakland post ends up the same way. One-trick ponies like Humpdolt always chime in, and teenagers with login names like “Florio’sAssBuddy” embarrass themselves with illiterate comments, all because PFT embarrasses themselves by “reporting” a “tweet.”

  52. “Pro Football Talk”… Hmmm…
    You guys do follow pro football don’t you? I mean, that is, it is your job to follow and have knowledge of all 32 teams isn’t it?
    Because if you did you would know that Browns position is FREE SAFTEY and Mitchells is STRONG SAFTEY.
    The reason Mitchell was kept and Brown was cut has NOTHING to do with one another.
    It’s because the back up FREE SAFTEY for the Raiders (you know who they are don’t you?) is Hiram Eugene who has been with the Raiders going on 5 seasons now. He has played a considerable amount of time at FS in the Raiders system. Stevie Brown has not.
    Mike Mitchell is the only back up STRONG SAFTEY for the Raiders, he will contribute on special teams and most likely be used in short yardage and goal line situations.
    If the Raiders wanted to keep Brown on the 53 man roster they could have just opted for one less WR. I doubt “Pro Football Talk” has noticed it yet but Brown, cleared waivers and is now on the Raiders practice squad.
    One would hope with a site that talks about pro football, that at a bare minimum, “Pro Football Talk” would at least have some idea, some kind of clue, as to what they SHOULD be knowledgeable in?

  53. To hear that the final cut came down to Mike Mitchell and Stevie Brown makes me sick. Stevie Brown should be starting across from Nnamdi. Our other corners got their asses handed to them this preseason. Either way we need help the opposite side of Nnamdi. What the hell did Michael Huff do to keep his job? He made Matt Forte look like Usain Bolt. Mike Mitchell’s name should’ve never came up plain and simple. We have 8 WR’s? The number 5 guy will never see the field, but we’re keeping 8? The final cut was a nightmare. Never should’ve turned out like this.

  54. That’s not even a source. He “claims” to be a former Raider employee? You can’t verify that? What a waste of time.

  55. Boy, I leave town for a few days, and come back to read this crock of crap……… mitchell made the team because of his play……I can guarantee you this, Andy Slater does not know anything about the raiders…that would be like Florio saying he knows something about the raiders.
    Here is a hit by Mitchell in the final preseason game, and for the record on the following screen play pass , Forsett dropped the pass when he heard mitchells footsteps.

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