Rex Ryan finally tracks down Darrelle Revis

Last week, Jets coach Rex Ryan popped in on cornerback Darrelle Revis at his New Jersey-area residence.  Revis wasn’t there.

The head coach successfully tracked his star defender down in Florida over the weekend, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  Mehta says that Ryan and Revis discussed the contractual stalemate between player and team. 

It’s unknown whether either of Revis’ agents were present for the meeting, or whether they knew about or authorized a meeting to occur outside their presence. 

We’ve previously wondered whether Ryan has tried or would try to use some of his considerable political capital to persuade the Jets to give Revis what he wants.  If Ryan isn’t merely trying to get Revis to cave, it could be that Ryan is trying to find out exactly what Revis would be willing to take in the hopes of then trying to get the team to give it to him.

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  1. according to Revis’ manager/best friend and Leon Washington’s wife… Jets fans are going to be very happy

  2. I say let him sit and rot. He owes the Jets 3 years on his contract. And that means if there’s no season in 2011, that the jets own his rights until March 2014. Screw him.

  3. Hey Florio…..why not treat this the same as you did when the 3 Vikings players went to “visit BF”…at least they didn’t have to chase Favre around the country like the Fatman has to with Bevis….that could be hard on Rex’s heart. Seriously though, you made much ado about the Vikings and BF and here’s TRex chasing from new york to new jersey to s. florida.

  4. It’s funny to see all of these comments telling the Jets not to cave. If it was YOUR team and YOUR teams best player…I bet the majority would want the team to cave. The Jets need Revis.

  5. Why don’t lapband Rex take his ass to Aliquippa and talk to Revis’s grandma! Oh wait he would be in Steeler country and know what REAL FANS are!

  6. The ass wipe needs to honor his contract, the jets would be crazy fools to give in, there future doesn’t depend on this fool cry baby. Bill

  7. WHen a Monkey is out of his cage and is acting out of line, it is up to the circus conductor to pull out his bag of tricks(bananas) and reel in the fuzzy bastard.
    It compares not to Brett Favre situation. He is the leader and at the helm of the most important position on the team. Monkey has an impact, but also has 3 years remaining on contract. What pisses me off, if a player Sucks ass, see-Monkey Haynesworth, Monkey Russel, Monkey Roy Williams. It is not like the owner can holdout and not pay the player when he sucks ass after signing a 4 yr contract. SHould go both ways.
    I say Fuk him, and by the time his 3 years are up, he will be broke, and over the hill

  8. If Revis’ agent was not aware of the conversation was this “tampering”, “ex-parte”, or just Ryan tryinf to save his “fuggin’ a$$”?
    Where the Jets front office and ownership aware of this?
    Oh, come on, Florio! You have to investigate and report on this.

  9. @cmd88
    SShhhhhhhhhhh….we don’t need to let Vegas know that.

  10. Once again, Revis or not, this team isn’t coming close to going to the superbowl (let alone coming out of week 1 ahead).
    One man does not make up a team however this organization wants the fans to think otherwise…

  11. “No cornerback is an island, entire of itself . . . any player’s holdout diminishes me . . . therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”
    The words of Rex Ryan, coach and poet, as he stroked Revis’ inner thigh during a meeting with the prodigal NFL star in Florida over the Labor day weekend.

  12. vikes_favre says:
    September 5, 2010 11:28 PM
    It’s funny to see all of these comments telling the Jets not to cave. If it was YOUR team and YOUR teams best player…I bet the majority would want the team to cave. The Jets need Revis.
    Actually, if this were the Dolphins I would feel the same way. This egomaniac is trying to extort more money from the team, has turned down reasonable offers, does not care about the team at all…he is just in it for the prestige that he can only get by being the highest paid player. His attitude is horrible and once he gets paid, odds are, they will get a lesser player because the motivation to go the extra mile will be completely gone. He has stated it is only about money…those are the guys that that don’t care to actually do well. You don’t pay those guys, you pay guys like Brady, Manning, etc.

  13. The problem is the Jets front office is shady. Woody and Mike find ways to screw players out of money. Revis knows it and will not be hoodwinked by those crooks. Bottomline, they offer no real long term security for these guys but expect the world from them. If you really look at the contracts for both D’Brick and Nick they make headlines for top end value BUT these guys have little or no guarantees in case of injury or in case of not making the roster. Every player knows that the signing bonus is the only true guarantee they have. All else is window dressing and the Jets specialize in window dressing.

  14. Rex going to Florida is a PR move to make the Jets look good. Sorry for the negativity, but I’ve been a Jets fan way too long to expect everything to go smoothly.

  15. I am not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but by logic. Do NY Jets fans really believe that NFL owners and management, that have sent a message to players in a number of ways, including threatening a lockout in 2011, will let the Jets put on the knee pads and pull out the cash register for guys like Revis, without spanking the Jets?
    The owners handed the Jets a cold weather Super Bowl for their new stadium and the Jets are trying to get there as a team a couple of years early by sucking up to players while the other owners play hardball.
    The last owner to go rogue, Al Davis, is still paying the price for not being a “team player” with the other owners. You don’t have to be Jeremy Brecher to know that solidarity amongst owners on labor issues in virtually every industry is as American as apple pie.

  16. revis is overated ..jets will disappoint their fans and woody johnson is fugazzi when it comes to football knowledge

  17. It just dawned on Fatso that he’s playing the Ravens next week and he’s in deep sh#t with Taco Breath as his quarterback.

  18. I think it’s funny how the Jets best player is home in South Florida for the season. It’s just nicer down here, even in the summer.

  19. let the ahole just sit and rot all season, don’t care at all. don’t give him the money and don’t cave jets! he’s got his money from his revis island commercials, he won’t be hurting anytime soon … let him sit … let him sit and watch games starting this thursday and realize the nfl is bigger than him, it can do without him … did for years before him, and will for years after the greedy bastard is done playing.
    go ahead and sit on your revis island … all by yourself. enjoy it my man, enjoy it. meanwhile, i’ll be watching actual games and not caring in the least whether you are there or not. the nfl WILL go on without you mr. island boy.

  20. The Giants would have NEVER allowed this to happen with a player of Revis’ ability….The NY Giants are a class act organization who takes care of their players. The Jests look Mickey Mouse right now begging this guy to come back and take less money…..Woody Johnson better dig deep into those Billionaire pockets and sign this guy before they the Jests have to take on 3 of the best WRs in the NFL the first 3 games of the year. Those WRs are going to show Jests fans why San Diego got rid of Cromartie in the first place. Have fun going 0-3 Jests fans and THEN giving Revis the 160 million he wants. Cannot wait!!!

  21. So what happens if he gets a new deal and he out plays it does he hold out 2 years in too it.
    trade him to the Bills for a 1st 2nd 4th rounders.

  22. Sooner or later they will need to give Revis his money. That offense is anemic at best and I’m not buying that D-Line being as good as last year. Even the players know it see how many times his name was mentioned on Hard Knocks. It shows a lack of confidence by the team w/o Revis, they aren’t showing that swagger like they had last year.

  23. Looks like Revis is ready to cave. This is an excuse for him to return and say Ryan convinced him that not playing would hurt his teammates or some other nonsense that masks his being bitch slapped down on his foolhardy money grab attempt.
    Revis is holding few cards in this hand. With the whole CBA up in the air and the owners loaded for bear it’s no surprise the Jets have stuck to their guns. What Revis is attempting is exactly the kind of thing the owners want to put a stop to in future dealings with the players. Sitting out the year or a significant part of it would be career suicide or at least a self maiming. The holdout didn’t work. No surprise there considering the circumstances. It’s back to the old ball yard for Mr. Revis.

  24. Revis is one of the best corners in the league but really, now days that’s not really saying that much. Theres no such thing as shutdown anymore.
    I guess he better try and get his money now cause he’ll be giving it up with big mouth Rex speaking on him like he’s the reincarnation of PRIME.

  25. he was supposed to get paid $1 million this season, less than all other #1 CBs in the league, and less than most #2 corners. for him to accept that is idiotic, and the jets know it, too. that’s why they caved, and gave him a fatter contract this morning.

  26. He is the best corner in football. The numbers speak for themselves. Pay the man. I would rather he have the money than the owner, Mr. Deeds.

  27. revis deserves a lot more than 1 million a year, and the jets know that. that’s why they gave him a fatter contract.

  28. Ravenator says:
    “One man does not make up a team however this organization wants the fans to think otherwise…”
    Tell that to Peyton Manning and the Colts. Oh, and by the way, you guys are going to get your heads handed to you next week.
    J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I really can’t believe it. They don’t fail to post swearing or insults to the guy that runs the site, but I submit a comment giving the details of the agreed upon contract in the middle of the night when everyone is at home, and that they don’t post. Ok.

  30. Don’t these people understand what it means to sign a contract? This is becoming a nation of crybabies.

  31. I hear Ryan wouldn’t leave until Revis agreed to a new ontract, or ran out of food , whatever came first.

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