Roster roulette continues today

Saturday was a crazy one here at PFT, with all hands on deck to keep up with the various cuts and trades and waivers and other moves.

Thanks to Rosenthal, MDS, and Silva for taking an oar and rowing this boat in something other than an endless circle.

Their effort paid off, with 1.92 million page views, far and away a PFT record for the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

The frenetic pace continues today.  As Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News pointed out a little while ago on Twitter, the period for claiming players who were waived ends at noon ET today.  Thereafter, the rush for practice-squad players will begin.

Players with fewer than four years of service (like Pat White) must pass through waivers; players with four or more years of service (like Matt Leinart) instantly become free agents when cut.

So the game of musical chairs will continue.  As we explained last night, some of the guys who made it through the reduction to 53 will inevitably be bumped from the roster by a player who arrives via waivers or who is signed as a free agent.

I’ve got a family reunion to attend this afternoon, but the rest of the crew will be keeping you up to date, both here and at our Twitter account, until 6:00 p.m. ET or so, when I drag my stomach full of pasta and soda pop back to PFT headquarters.