Seahawks may have a split of opinion on Leinart

As we try to compile a list of the potential suitors for quarterback Matt Leinart, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that there are indications that the Seahawks have an internal split of opinion regarding the potential pursuit of coach Pete Carroll’s former protege.

If that’s the case, the anti-Leinart crowd apparently is getting the word out, given that Clark Judge of has reported that the Seahawks aren’t interested.

We’re assuming that if anyone in the organization is interested, it’s Carroll.  If accurate, this would mean that G.M. John Schneider is opposed. 

Meanwhile, and as Peter King reported on Saturday during our Notre Dame halftime segment, the Texans are interested.  (We’ve confirmed that this is indeed the case.)

We’re hearing that the Raiders remain a possibility, based on the unpredictability that owner Al Davis brings to every personnel decision.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports also throws the Vikings and Jaguars into the mix.  King heard yesterday that the Titans could be a candidate, too, which would put Leinart and arch-nemesis Vince Young on the same team.

UPDATE:  If the Vikings, Titans, Jaguars, or Bengals have interest in Leinart, we’re told that none of those teams as of last night made their interest known.

34 responses to “Seahawks may have a split of opinion on Leinart

  1. The writers at yahoo are ALMOST worse than the writers at PFT……
    No way are the Vikings interested in a turd like Linefart!

  2. “Seahawks have an internal split of opinion”…according to Rosenthal, difference of opinions only happens with the Raiders.

  3. Matt Leinart is nothing but a Hollywood douche bag with a wet noodle for an arm!
    Pete Carroll should’ve learned his lesson from the LenDale White situation: just because a guy played well for you in college 5 years ago, doesn’t mean he can replicate that.
    If Leinart had anything to offer as an NFL caliber QB: ie leadership, ability, and intelligence; does anyone honestly believe the Cards would’ve just cut him?
    When a team decides to cut a Top Ten 1st round pick in favor of Cleveland Browns’ rejects that should speak louder than any words.

  4. Al Davis must be so torn. He lusts after former Heisman winners, but Leinart has such a weak arm he’d never be able to air it deep in the manner Al likes to see.
    For a minimum NFL wage, Leinart would be a nice third-string QB. In Seattle, he could have some long discussions with his former coach regarding division-rival Arizona’s offensive philosophies.

  5. A backup QB is like an insurance policy. Nice to have it but hope you never have to use it. He would make a decent IP for a season. What is the risk?

  6. Yes, the Raiders are interested if all three of their QB’s have season ending injuries and Colt Brennan and JP Losman aren’t available…LOL

  7. man it would be awesome if the titans signed him. There is no way that could not be a reality tv show. The ego’s and absurd stupidity that would come from an intrateam competition between leinart and young would be hilarious.

  8. One group says Leinhart isn’t fit for pigs… the other group argues that he’s a perfect fit for pigs.

  9. Leinart is NOT going to the Raiders! The Raiders had 2 lefties that were notable, for different reasons. Stabler and Marinovich…Leinart is another Marinovich, and everyone knows it.
    With Campbell, Gradkowski, Boller, and Frye (on IR)…Leinart isn’t even a thought.

  10. One of the recurring themes I keep hearing is that since Carroll was his college coach, that he loves Leinart and is eager to have him aboard. Maybe it’s just the opposite. Maybe Carroll found out that he just doesn’t like Leinart for some reason, ranging from skills to personality. Or maybe Carroll’s seen enough of Leinart’s body of work in the NFL the past few years to want to avoid him. The whole “they worked together in the past so they are automatically a great fit now” concept is wrong.

  11. It seems obivious that Lienart has felt like he just deserved to be an NFL starter. Especially now that former teammates are weighing in with their opinion. The guy has not looked good in the few preseason games he’s played and he must have not looked good in practice either. But if you can get him for league minumum which I’m pretty sure is what evey team will be offering, bring him in and see what he got.

  12. Who in the hell would have ANY interest in this boob. He is an egomaniac who can’t play in the NFL to save his life. But you hear interviews and he talks like he just won the superbowl the year before?? Complete disconnect from reality…. Matt is a legend in HIS OWN mind. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

  13. “Leinart may have a split of opinion on Leinart.”
    He still hasn’t decided if he wants to play in the NFL in any capacity either. Going into his 4th season he still appears to be bored with the NFL and not taking it serious on any level.

  14. So the Raiders get added by default because Al Davis is unpredictable?
    Do people understand how little sense that makes?
    If you don’t know what a team might do, then:
    a) find out
    b) don’t put them in the report

  15. Quit putting the Raiders in everything. They have 3 QB’s and one they cut that are better then Arizona’s garbage. Maybe the Jets, that would give them almost identical trash quaterbacks.

  16. Leinart to the Vikings..Favre is gonna retire after the season. it will not hurt the vikings to bring him in.

  17. When Pete Carroll was hired it was very clear that if there were any disagreements on personnel decisions, Carroll had the final say. So if Carroll wants to pursue Leinart, then the Seahawks will pursue Leinart. No disagreement there.

  18. Why dont they just go ahead and sign Dewayne Jarrett, Trade for Reggie Bush, get keary Colbert, Joe Mcknight, and change the Seahawks to “The Worthless Trojans”

  19. They “may” have a spilt. “A source with knowledge of the situation”. Look, when you actually know something get back to us.

  20. is the split between “he’s terrible” and “he’s garbage”? thats the only ‘split’ that would make sense to me regarding mattie

  21. I’ll just about guaran-damn-tee you that the Titans won’t look twice at Leinart.
    Getting scorched once by first-round 2006 draft picks was bad enough.

  22. What a rag. All credibility is shot once you drop your anti RAIDERS rhetoric.
    ‘Buffoonery’ at its finest.

  23. “You just don’t know what Crazy Al is gonna do” doesn’t seem to be enough reason to link Leinart to Oakland. Their QBs don’t scare anyone, but they’re at least competent at the position, and Leinart doesn’t add anything. Boller has been there all year and has some history with the OC, and Leinart sure as hell can’t beat out Gradkowski, who should probably be starting anyway.

  24. (“Pete Carroll should’ve learned his lesson from the LenDale White situation: just because a guy played well for you in college 5 years ago, doesn’t mean he can replicate that.”)
    difference between White and Leinart. Remember Mike Williams is so far doing well. i think Leinart matured, BUT his issue is the arm.

  25. Please, God! Don’t let my Texans make this mistake!! We need a back-up QB who knows his place…not a pretty-boy who can’t hack it in the NFL, yet thinks he’s entitled to be a starter based on his college career. He lost his job to Derek Friggin Anderson… No thanks!

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