Sergio Kindle says he'll be back on the field

The only remaining unsigned pick from the 2010 draft class says he’ll put on a NFL uniform soon enough.  Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle wrote he’s headed back to action.

official, i’ll be wear’n number 94!!!” Kindle wrote.  “ima sit out some games but look
for ya boy on that field sometime next month!! King Serg.”

Kindle is a second-round pick recovering from a fractured skull.   He was expected to arrive in Baltimore this week and does not currently count against the Ravens roster. 

If he’s truly healthy enough to return to the field, he will have to sign a contract and the Ravens could possibly get a roster exemption for him for a short time. 

There was a lot of fear Kindle could miss the entire season, so we’ll wait to hear from the Ravens doctors before assuming Kindle can reach his optimistic timeline.

19 responses to “Sergio Kindle says he'll be back on the field

  1. As a Ravens fan, I’m happy to see that he is on track to play at least a little bit of the year… Not sure what to make of the whole King Serg thing, hopefully its all in fun and not due to massive ego syndrome.

  2. Great news for the Ravens!!!!!
    The Ravens will have one of the most feared pass rushing groups in all of the NFL, guaranteed!

  3. watch that first step, serg.. hope he is ok. he’s the player who fell down two flights of stairs just before training camp started. fractured his skull. be careful, son. the ravens could use him.

  4. Pure speculation here, but the Ravens might have traded Antwan Barnes because they already know he will be coming back. In any case, it would be nice if Kindle could get some playing time this season.

  5. After how much of a deal has been made about concussions the past 2 seasons… I just can’t see the NFL clearing a guy to play only a month or so after fracturing his skull. And if I fractured my skull, not sure I’d want to be playing NFL football at all. But, I guess that money is too good to pass up.

  6. We shall see,,,pulling for him, this is just difficult to believe. Still waiting to hear of the details as to how this happened….was he drinking, was it sizzurp ???

  7. kronusthebonus says:
    September 5, 2010 9:36 AM
    As a Ravens fan, I’m happy to see that he is on track to play at least a little bit of the year… Not sure what to make of the whole King Serg thing, hopefully its all in fun and not due to massive ego syndrome.
    I hope the kid is alright too, but as for the King Serg signoff…you can bet the farm that it is a massive ego.

  8. Massive ego or not with the King Serg comment, I just want him healthy and to be a dominating force pairing with Suggs on the ends

  9. King Serg? Apparently taking a trip down a flight of stairs comes with a side of an extra chromosome.

  10. This kid hasn’t played a single down in the NFL…pre- or reg-season.
    I can’t see the Ravens making room on the roster for someone sight-unseen (other than college & OTA’s). They’ll probably sign him, but I think he’s bound for the PUP.

  11. Sounds like Sergio’s head was all swollen up even before he decided to take the quick way down the stairs. Dude’s gonna need a helmet the size of a beach ball.
    Seriously, Sergio…take your time. The RatBirds are gonna be taking a nose-dive worse than yours before your clumsy ass ever sees the field.
    Great draft pick, Oz…

  12. @ArtModellsPimp and Habibfromnewdehli – not that I would expect anything else from you miscreants, but I’ll put Ozzie’s track record up against Mike Brown/Marvin Lewis or Holmgren in Cleveland if that is the team that the Pimp calls home.
    Habib – if you fractured your skull there would be no problem as it is empty of a brain. Look at your comments sometime. You have no clue what position the guys play like Antwan Barnes vs Tavares Gooden. Basically you make up shit trying to sound like you are informed, but it doesn’t take much football acumen to know that you know nothing. But then again, you are a Bungles fan so you fit right in with your brilliant owner. Enjoy the team harmony with T.O. and Chad Johnson. That will be worse than a daytime soapopera by mid season.

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