Stevie Brown ends up back on the Raiders

The saga of Raiders safety Stevie Brown will end happily.

Brown cleared waivers on Sunday and was placed on the team’s practice squad.  The seventh-round pick was reportedly the subject of some Al Davis-coaching staff disagreement over who should make the final roster. The coaches reportedly wanted Mike Mitchell out.

Joining Brown on the practice squad: defensive tackle Kellen Heard, linebacker Slade Norris, cornerback Joe Porter, wide receiver Shaun Bodiford, offensive lineman Alex Parsons, and fullback Manase Tonga.

22 responses to “Stevie Brown ends up back on the Raiders

  1. How’s this a happy ending? Makes $80,000 this year on the practice squad.
    Probably makes $450 – $500,000 if he’s on the active roster.

  2. Honestly, I don’t know who the guys’ sources were, but it really doesn’t even matter. Brown wasn’t going to get much playing time anyway.
    Putting Brown on the practice squad is the best way to let him develop, and AD needs to save face.

  3. Even PffffT would have to question the validity of “the whole team wants Mitchell gone” tweet. I’ve seen Raiders DBs get spanked last year & this pre season, but I have not seen Mitchell do anything so drastic that would justify cutting him. Have you?
    Not one negative word about Mitchell last year. Not one negative word about him this preseason. This news comes totally out of the blue, & you TMZ-like ‘reporters’ don’t care to report the even potentially bigger story behind this story?
    Go get the REAL story.

  4. It turned out fine after all.
    The RAIDERS drafted a good player in the 7th round. How good remains to be seen.
    80K to be on the practice squad? Could be worse. Tons of undrafted FAs and cut 7th rounders who would take the opportunity in a second.

  5. I’m glad they have both of these guys on the team. Mitchell has been part of a lot of positive plays this preseason, and Brown looks like a sure-fire guy for the 53 man roster next year. Where’s the drama?

  6. Not a Raiders fan, but live in the Bay Area, and I have to say after watching the Raiders this summer, they had the best draft in the NFL. Real deals in the first 4 rounds.
    Ouch, that hurt saying that!

  7. That’s a whole lot of drama for some kid that cleared waivers and landed on a squad. By now Davis and Cable have settled their differences and are currently working diligently to ignore tweets and the sissies that post them as they prepare for their seasonal meltdown. Stay tuned, asshats. More is sure to come.

  8. If the coaches really wanted Mitchell gone(which I don’t buy) it had to be a reason other than his play on the field because the kid makes plays.

  9. any team can still sign him…he’s on the practice squad…not the actual team.

  10. Based on what the players said this guy is good and really bonded with the team. Maybe he can transition into the line during the season. We’ll see.

  11. I liked what I saw from Stevie Brown. I just can’t buy that the entire coaching staff disliked Mike Mitchell and has disliked him for some time. There was never a bad thing written about him other than his hamstring issues last year. He’s still learning himself. If he’s being groomed as a strong safety then you can live with his inconsistencies in coverage in hopes that he eventually learns. Stevie Brown also drew praise throughout camp and preseason. He was always near the ball. I still don’t understand why they kept Hiram Eugene. He’s awful and I don’t care if he can play both safety spots. He’s crap. Keep the young guys and see if they develop.

  12. Regarding Stevie Brown/Mike Mitchell.
    I’ll say it again. Does “Pro Football Talk” realize that Stevie Brown is a FREE SAFTEY and that Mike Mitchell is a STRONG SAFTEY?
    Additionally, does “Pro Football Talk” follow the Raiders?
    Because it they did, they would have realized the reason Mitchell was kept and Brown was cut has NOTHING to do with one another.
    It’s because the back up FREE SAFTEY for the Raiders is Hiram Eugene who has been with the Raiders going on 5 seasons now. He has played a considerable amount of time at FS in the Raiders system. Stevie Brown has not.
    Mike Mitchell is the only back up STRONG SAFTEY for the Raiders, he will contribute on special teams and most likely be used in short yardage and goal line situations.
    If the Raiders wanted to keep Brown on the 53 man roster they could have just opted for one less WR.
    I guess I’m surprised that somebody affiliated with a big time company in NBC would be so careless as to miss some of the most basic observations in what they supposedly specialize in.
    I have a basic understanding of how an automobile works and how to fix some of it’s components. But I wouldn’t even begin to profess that I knew it well enough and embarrass myself by starting a website called “Car Talk”.
    This is how one loses credibility.
    Not that you ever had it in the first place… just saying.

  13. Dead Al keeps Eugene and Huff , Mitchell, and DHB but keeps Brown on the practice squad. Am I missing something other than dead Al making on-going blunders with high draft choices

  14. so I wonder if the ex coaches are going to call the reporter in florida, and tell him what this weeks game plan is? LMAO.

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