49ers release Nate Davis to pick up Troy Smith

Jason Whitlock’s favorite player since Jeff George has been released by the 49ers to make room for Troy Smith.

Multiple reports in the Bay Area indicated that the 49ers let go of former Ball State quarterback Nate Davis on Monday evening.  The 49ers have since confirmed the move and then announced the signing of former Ravens backup Troy Smith.

Smith could challenge David Carr for the team’s backup job once he learns the 49ers system.

Davis still has practice squad eligibility, and that’s where we’d expect him to end up.  Still, Davis has a lot of talent and another team could possibly claim him off waivers.

Mike Singletary expressed disappointment with Davis’ work ethic in the offseason, and it wound up costing him a roster spot.  At least for now.

59 responses to “49ers release Nate Davis to pick up Troy Smith

  1. Kid has an arm and is the type of QB you develop. I will be surprised if he is not poached. Ahem, Browns, Jets, Saints, Vikings…etc.

  2. Nate Davis will be picked up by Chicago and tutored by Mike Martz to become a star in this league.
    Bad move by the 49ers.

  3. You can teach a lot of things, but you can’t teach effort. Give me average plus 110% effort anyday over great talent and 50% effort.
    Nate sounds to be a dumb guy(sorry, but it’s widely reported) with talent that’s lazy and has a sense of entitlement. Umm…the NFL is littered with those guys. It seems there is a huge market for anyone that could “make it real” for some of these young NFL players to give them perspective and try and shock them into trying harder.

  4. Houston should have picked up Troy Smith over Leinart. At least he can throw the deep ball to Andre Johnson.

  5. Smith could challenge David Carr for the team’s backup job once he learns the 49ers system.
    That’s the problem … how long it takes him to learn the system?
    After 4 years JaMarcus was still trying to learn.

  6. Wow the kid looked good in preseason. It’s sad to see the niners do a move like this. Hopefully somebody claims him off waivers so they can learn their lesson.

  7. He was drafted by former GM Scot McCloughan so don’t be surprised if the Seahawks pick him up especially since they only have two QBs on the roster-he loved while in SF.

  8. THANK YOU! I was hoping either Arizona or San Fran picked up Troy Smith. They both have receivers for him to throw to. And neither of those teams has a QB that really has a lock on their starting job.
    San Fran even has a nice defense and run game. And it’s a weak division.
    GO TROY!
    And LMFAO at these Boise State fans. It’s the 2nd quarter… and VT spotted you two touchdowns. Good luck with that… the Hokies are awake now.

  9. standard operating procedure for steelers rule: make a moronic comment.
    troy smith was a 5th round pick. how is he overrated and how is he a bust?
    most 5th round picks aren’t expected to be your rookie of the year and perennial probowler.

  10. A kid who’s dsylexic and the coach just called lazy? Excuse me while I break my shoulders embracing this guy!
    Also, another 5th rounder from 2009 being released.

  11. Uhhhh, last I heard this guy was making it difficult for the SF coaching staff to make Smith the clear cut starter let alone have Carr the No. 2. There’s more to this than is being let on.

  12. You have to be high to think Nate Davis is a future star. You have to actually want to play QB in the NFL for that to happen.
    He can continue to be somebodys preseason garbage time star though.

  13. bad move davis has a future n looked good with the team troy smith has had glimpses of a qb but not enough consistency to lead anybody

  14. i think they both will be good but troy smith will be good he just needs a chance thats y i think the browns should have traded for him before drafting colt cuz colt might not be able to handle the conditions up there where we all know troy can and if alex smith blows troy will come in win games and re up with TED GINN and you’ll have one of the best recieving cores with crabtree vernon ted and josh morgan in the slot

  15. Horrible decision!!!! Unbelievable. Who gives a rat’s ass about offseason work ethic, the only thing that matters in football is what happens on the field!

  16. Bad move by sf. Nate Davis wasn’t the answer but Troy smith isn’t either. Lienart would have been a better pickup

  17. Good comment paintman34. I’d love to see what Troy could do with this receiver corps. The guy has skills. He has the NFL QB work ethic, or the 49ers wouldn’t have jumped on him. Once he gets a crack, look out.

  18. Davis is a first class dumbass watch the plays after he threw the 64 yard miracle. That series alone, yes the one with the 64 yard pass,was enough for me to jump off the Nate bandwagon. He was positively clueless in the red zone. Jamarcus never looked as bad as Davis did sorry for being realistic.

  19. DeeDubb says:
    September 6, 2010 9:25 PM
    Uhhhh, last I heard this guy was making it difficult for the SF coaching staff to make Smith the clear cut starter let alone have Carr the No. 2. There’s more to this than is being let on.
    I don’t know when the last you heard was but this kid looked bad in preseason this year which was a step back from last year’s preseason. He was unprepared and admitted himself he could have worked harder in the offseason to be prepared.

  20. # NinerDynasty says: September 6, 2010 9:06 PM
    here come the seahags to get more niner rejects.. lol
    i hope so…
    all the gay-area fans were saying hes the “future” of the franchise

  21. # NinerDynasty says: September 6, 2010 9:06 PM
    here come the seahags to get more niner rejects.. lol
    niners are going to get a surprise this Sunday.
    It’s called an ASS KICKIN’!!!!

  22. I’ll play PFT “reporter” and post a scoop straight from twitter without checking any other source- according to Whitlock, Davis has been claimed off waivers by multiple teams.

  23. too bad, I really liked nate. I had a great arm and accuracy, always looked good when i saw him play, would look better if any of our third stringers could actually catch and not bobble another ball into the defenders hands. I think given the right coach and mentor, he could be really good. However, seemed like it wouldn’t happen in sf. For some reason he was always in singletary’s doghouse. Who knows, maybe they didnt want a backup who looked better than the starter. Smith is a true mental midget with serious confidence issues. Probably wishing he could still be playing utah st again.

  24. Smith could challenge David Carr for the team’s backup job once he learns the 49ers system. Davis still has practice squad eligibility, and that’s where we’d expect him to end up.
    Sando (ESPN blog) said the same thing in so many words.
    At 9:41 (ET).
    He should pay you for plagiarizing.
    But you’re both wrong (I hope).
    TSmith is the project du jour. Davis had his shot. Time to move on. With any luck, Davis will end up in Seattle where he can join other McCloughan “gems” like Kentwan Balmer and Michael Robinson.
    Too bad Davis can’t join Brandon Jones, who was already cut.

  25. steelers rule says:
    September 6, 2010 9:09 PM
    Troy Smith is another overrated, underachiving OSU QB! Pryor is the next bust!
    “steelersrule” = a jealous either/or Penn State or Pitt football fan/hater of tOSU because tOSU mops the floor with either/or.
    quit hatin’.
    Troy Smith really hasn’t had his chance in the NFL yet (Mostly due to bad luck and bad timing), but he’s look good in his limited action so far.
    And, you say he was overrated. He was the best QB in the history of the Big 10 in college—how is that overrated??? He is the ONLY QB in the history of the Big 10 Conference to win the Heisman Trophy. He was Mr. Clutch, (sans one bad game — BCS 07 vs UF).
    And, Terrelle Pryor keeps getting better and better and better. He’s going to be UNSTOPPABLE this year. Sounds like you’re just jealous he didn’t sign with Mr. Magoo and the Lions or that fool Wanny in Pitt….and this is coming from a Pgh. resident and Steelers fan.
    Take of the blinders, and quit hatin’. I was a Steelers fan until the Rooneys starting mentally detiorating.

  26. PhD – *very* bad move by the coaching staff. If Smith and Carr fail and the team finishes under .500 with the talent it has now – the entire regime should be sent packing because they will have proven to be clueless.

  27. Troy Smith is, has , and will never be a starter in the NFL.If he is then that team is the worst in pro football.I am a “huge” Buckeye fan and rooted for Troy when he was at OSU.The fact remains his better days are behind him and if he`s a NFL starter then I am a Jet Pilot….last I checked that was not so.He should be glad he still gets a paycheck from the NFL because getting paid to walk around with a headset and a clipboard and they do not call you coach is a pretty good gig.

  28. Nate just couldn’t learn the playbook or wouldn’t put in the extra work to learn it. He thought he was still in college where he could just wing it. He has a great arm and is a very likable kid but he just didn’t grasp his opportunity. I feel sorry for him and wish him the best and hopefully he will get another chance somewhere maybe arena football would be good for him.

  29. I think Nate Davis will develop into a good NFL Quarterback. He showed good promise last year & I expected good things for him this year.
    As the preseason progressed however, Nate Davis didn’t show much & seemed flat. The article that I’ve read; this being the only one pretty much explained that Davis had a poor work ethic. Singletary being the disciplinarian, even as a player, looks down on players who are not putting out 100%.
    Another player earlier in the year, Glen Coffey, a promising running back, “retired” from football. He was having to compete against another rookie with a promising career, Dixon for playing time. There must be immense pressure in the 49er training camp?
    I think Nate Davis might find his way back to the 49er roster. Singeltary probably senses that another NFL team is going to look at experienced QBs or rookies that were from high profile colleges, like Notre Dam, before looking at Davis? I hope he’s right because I think Davis is a good QB.
    Right now, I can’t fathom how it must be for Alex Smith to have two experienced QBs brought on & have the understudy sacked. It is sending a pressured message that he better be on his game or Singletary will not waste anytime sacking Smith & placing another experienced veteran in his place; Look what happened to Lienhart in Arizona.

  30. I was in complete shock when I heard this news. I had just bought an authentic, autographed Nate Davis jersey. I figured that they could do to him like the Packers did with Aaron Rogers. Let him master the offense, and develop under Alex Smith for another 2 years and he would be our franchise QB. His arm strength is well above Alex Smith’s, and he is able to hit his receivers in stride, something Smith really needs to work on. There is no way that any QB that we currently have is going to be our franchise QB. Troy Smith is definitely not a QB, I think they picked him up to run the wild cat, because he still is a threat to throw the ball. I’m just devastated with this move.

  31. As a Ravens fan, I for one am glad to see him go. We now have an opportunity to develop Bulger as a quarterback & a chance at another championship. Thanks 49ers!!! hahaha

  32. @ I bleed purple – How do you “develop” a QB that’s been in the league for 10 years? Especially when you have a franchise QB at the helm.

  33. LOL… someone bought an “authentic” Nate Davis jersey???
    Um… get over it. He was a lazy guy with a learning disability. Not the kind of person you want running the offense if Smith and Carr go down with injuries.
    All the physical ability in the world won’t help if you don’t have anything upstairs.

  34. @I Bleed Purple
    I can’t tell if you are joking or retarded.
    @Jack Burton
    It’s the 3rd string QB genius. If every team was judged by their 3rd stringer, times would be tough everywhere.

  35. Firstly geniuses, whether you are a starting quarterback or a third string you are a quarterback. What do you call a someone that graduated last in medical school? DOCTOR. Flacco is, without a doubt, at the helm. I would just like to see Bulger develop as someone that could perform in the case of an injury or such: familiarize himself with our offense, learn our program, & be an integral part of the team… unlike Smith who never lived up to his Heisman past. As for @ In & Out Burger, my nephew has cerebral palsy, you ASSCLOWN.

  36. @I Bleed Purple
    “What do you call a someone that graduated last in medical school? DOCTOR.”
    I would call him the guy who isn’t working on me. When you say develop in the context of football, it implies preparing a young player to take improve their skills to the point of taking over a position or more duties. You don’t develop a veteran backup QB. The Ravens aren’t developing Bulger. He may be learning a new offense, but that is different than developing him.
    “my nephew has cerebral palsy”
    Did he write your post for you?

  37. @mixpix
    Totally missing the point on this one. The message being sent to Smith is “there is no competition, you are the guy.” That is why Shaun Hill was traded. That is why they brought in career backup David Carr. That is why they dumped Nate Davis in the hopes of putting him on the practice squad. That is why they brought in career backup Troy Smith. And lastly, that is why the coaching staff has gone out of its way to say how little faith they have in the backups and how much faith they have in Smith.

  38. @In & Out Burger,
    You are obviously a loser (probably a democrat), & a battle of the wits with you would be pointless since you are definitely unarmed, you are an assclown, from a family of assclowns. my strong advice to you sir, PLEASE do not reproduce as the gane pool that you are from is a shallow puddle at best. good day & goodbye. (please do not hesitate to consider suicide as an option for birth control)

  39. @I Bleed Purple
    Yeah, going out of your way to insinuate stupidity is best left to people who don’t use phrases like “gane pool.”
    Clearly you came to the conclusion that I was right, and took the well known Fox news pundit style strategy of “ignore what he said, but call him stupid.”

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