A "tantrum" by Rex Ryan helped get Revis deal done

We suggested a few times last month that all the Darrelle Revis drama was part of a process that would wind up with a deal just before the season started. 

The only information we had in this prediction was logic. Part of that logic was that the Jets — especially Rex Ryan — would get increasingly anxious about Revis’ status once Week One neared.

Rex Ryan proved how important Revis was to the team by visiting him in Florida Saturday night.  Ryan also admitted to throwing a “tantrum” at the Jets facility on Sunday when a deal didn’t look like it was going to happen.

“It was like a boyfriend and girlfriend but the parents won’t let you
get together,” Ryan said. “That was kind of how I felt. He wanted to
play, I wanted him to play, but for some reason it wasn’t happening.”

With that kind of pressure from the head coach, the men handling the money (G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and owner Woody Johnson) were bound to compromise.  Ryan engenders loyalty in his players by seeing the very best in them. Revis is his best player. 

“Everybody’s got a piece of that puzzle,” Ryan said. “Darrelle’s just happens to be much larger.”

And that’s why it’s no surprise the Jets found a way to get Revis on the field for the start of the most anticipated, pressure-packed Jets season since Johnson bought the team.

39 responses to “A "tantrum" by Rex Ryan helped get Revis deal done

  1. dont start to make like u guys were right florio said this deal would never get done now ur saying ur right just stopppppp

  2. I had no idea Darrelle was into fat men! That’s news to me. I’m glad their happy! They deserve each other!

  3. OMG – If they don’t at least win the division, Rex will be in trouble. Such high expectations.

  4. Whatever you idiots might say about sexy Rexy, that man went to bat for Revis though. In case you need a translation, he is a players coach and that means his players will play hard for him.
    An NFL coach must “have” his team at all times to be successful. Maybe the Jets wont win the Super Bowl this year, but they are def a playoff team under Ryan.

  5. Tiger Woods Owns You:
    if you dangle a twinkie infront of Rex Ryans face hes going to throw an “tantrum”
    Now, now Tiger! Don’t say something like that or the pc hypocrite who owns this blog may ban you or make you go to a sensitivity seminar!
    Besides, you now that Rex much prefers deep fried Ding Dongs accompanied by ranch dressing for dipping!

  6. Please explain to me how this is anything other than a total “uncle” on the part of Revis – his he the top paid corner in the league – he caved and caved big time. The Jets will never gloat over this because they are not going to risk annoying this turd…
    But he gets about $11.5 for four years – good – but not top dollar…
    Could have had that 3 months ago I would guess…
    One thing that is way to complex for this site to understand is that there is a split developing between the owners….
    The Jets – and Cowboys – and a half a dozen other teams hope the cap never comes back – they are fine spending to try and win – a hard cap would kill the Jets they are over even before they do this deal with the most over rated player in football…
    A second group which includes the Chargers is going to upset if the RFA/UFA rules revert and they see some players benefit from sitting out the year…
    A final group – the Bucs are the leader of this band of cheapos have reaped the benefit of no salary floot – and are going to put big buck to their bottom line – and they will not want the floor to be brought back.
    It is a true odd couple – but the interests of groups 1 and 3 are best served by no salary cap – or floor. It will be interesting to see if the players union is stupid enough to fall for this and agree to a no cap/no floor deal….

  7. LOL!! He threw a “tantrum”???? LOLLLLL! The Jets and their organization are PATHETIC!! LOL! and with ZERO game action he’s probably just gonna turn around and tweak a hammie or something, LOLLLL!! Then that overrated QB is gonna hafta carry you

  8. I called it! Look at my posts from weeks ago, I predicted Revis would be back for the last “Hard Knocks” episode.
    C-O-N spiracy!

  9. Is there a way I can click a button that will automatically ignore any Jets-related story? This is getting to be gross and bordering on obscene.

  10. Nothing like the tantrum he’ll throw when the team implodes by mid-season. Rex’s chasing Bevis’s ass around the country is much more laughable than what the vikings did with BF.

  11. “It was like a boyfriend and girlfriend but the parents won’t let you get together,”
    Wow, Sports Illustrated needs to do another wedding day cover 😉
    I hate the Jets team but sometimes I like the players on it.
    This is the first time I’ve ever liked a Jets coach.
    I can’t wish him success but I will at least hope that if the Jets do well then this more entertaining form of coach will become more prevalent.
    That’s from a Pats fan who thinks Belichick is the GOAT.
    The HC of the NEP is not much entertainment though.

  12. Does anyone wonder how many F-Bombs Rex might have dropped during his tantrum?
    I’ll set the over/under at 12.

  13. this site also predicted the jets would never sign Ferguson/Mangold/Revis/Harris anndd that’s 75% finished before the season…better dust off that crystal ball, folks.

  14. Hey Tyranosaurus Rex, stop trying to mock the Ravens!!!! Your fat A** is going to eat your words like you eat everything else!!! The Ravens with or without Reevis are going to embarass you guys on Monday Night Football ….Its funny how you have your head up Reevis’s butt, even though he is a distarction to the team; but I guess thats what you two have in common!!!! Good Luck too you and Dirty Sanchez on 9/13/2010!!

  15. Rex Ryan is the Ozzie Guillen of Football, except Ozzie is actually tolerable and at times funny. Emotion-wise, though, they are both incredibly unstable and ready to pop.

  16. “It was like a boyfriend and girlfriend but the parents won’t let you get together,” Ryan said. “That was kind of how I felt. He wanted to play, I wanted him to play, but for some reason it wasn’t happening.”
    Ahahahahaha, Revis has a fat girlfriend!

  17. of course Rex threw a tantrum.
    He promised to bring a Lombardi trophy to New Jersey and his stupid owners were more concerned about the long term health of the organization than backing up Ryan’s stupid promise.

  18. “The only information we had in this prediction was logic.”
    So your anonymous sources are the voices talking in your own head?

  19. Revis accepting what had been offered him earlier, roughly 11.5 million per year over 4 years. And the Jets just having to guarantee another 11 million or so over the 21 million he already had guaranteed over his remaining 3 year contract and getting another year was genius.
    From what he said he wanted he sure took a whole bunch less. And who knows with Bailey and others deals coming up Revis may not even be the SECOND highest paid corner for long.
    But to take what is really about 5 million less per year over the life of the 4 year deal then Nnamdi, the Cat bluffed but the Jets won.

  20. Has anybody else heard more from sexy Rexy than they could stand in 10 lifetimes yet?
    The entire jets universe have always been idiots, they are now idiots and they always will be idiots.

  21. Ryan better deliver on his best in the universe comments, though he went the same record as the previous guy that got fired. If not his feminine outbursts will grow very thin on the Jets FO

  22. Thank god they didn’t bring Namath. Probably would have blown the deal over sexual harassment.
    Revis, I want to kiss you….

  23. # TheBottomLine says: September 7, 2010 12:15 AM
    4-12 season…mark it down!
    6-10, easy. They’ll beat the bills twice, the pats once and then they just have to win three others. Broncos, Bears and Lions would be my guess.

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