Holdout clause in Revis deal likely wouldn’t prevent a holdout

One of the questions we asked after word broke that the impasse had been broken between the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis was this:  What have the Jets done to guard against Revis deciding at some point during the next four years that he wants more money than he’s due to receive, and that he’ll holdout for a third time in his NFL career?

Per a league source, the widely-reported trio of voidable years, covering 2014, 2015, and 2016, hinges on one thing.  A holdout.

If Revis doesn’t hold out, the three extra years (with total compensation, we’re told, in the neighborhood of $9 million) go away.  If he holds out, the three years remain.

As a practical matter, we’re not sure it will matter.  After Revis pockets $32.5 million for the first two years and when he’s staring at $13.5 million in total pay for two years, we think he won’t be deterred by the voidable years or anything else if the Jets haven’t given him a retirement contract.

But if he does finish out the four years at $46 million, he’ll be a truly unrestricted free agent.  The source says that the deal prevents the use of the franchise tag or the transition tag upon completion of the deal.

17 responses to “Holdout clause in Revis deal likely wouldn’t prevent a holdout

  1. Yay!!!
    More Jest news.
    This site devotes huge amounts of blog space to a team that will more than likely place 2 games ahead of Buffalo in the AFC East standings.
    Keep waiting for the FedEx man, Florio because thats the best that team will have to offer you this season (And the next)

  2. Tim Cowlishaw says:
    “Told you he’d re-sign! But now my source within the building says that Revis will hold out again in two years, unless he doesn’t.”

  3. So if he holds out, then he has to honor his full contract?
    Am I reading this correctly, or have I officially been drinking too much.

  4. glad to see revis back on the field. Cant wait till week three to see brandon marshall burn him all night. Go Dolphins!

  5. and of course, being a failed attorney, you Florio would absolutely know all the ins and outs of a contract, what a player can and cannot do……..

  6. Geez, guys, what’s next…”Revis takes a dump, turd is brown”? Ok, he signed. Can we move on now?

  7. Like this guy won’t jump at the chance to hold out again. He has already shown he has no qualms about sticking it to his teammates and employer. No class. I am glad the Jests are tying so much money on him, so when he gets eaten alive by Marshall and others, i can laugh at the Jests.

  8. Did I not hear that payment of the option bonus is partially deferred? So as a practical matter Revis will still be collecting cash in years 3 & 4 that became guaranteed in year 2?
    In any event, if Revis breaches the contract and a new deal cannot be made, will he not be liable to repay part of the option bonus?

  9. What is this, the fourth big payday the Jets have made in recent months?
    It would be interesting and good (responsible) reporting to write an article about how much money the Jets have paid out and what their team salary would look like this year and next, as if there was a salary cap.
    It is clear the Jets will not be voting for a new salary cap in the new CBA, as they must have blown the old cap by 50 percent. I am sure they are thanking the NFL that there is no cap in 2010.
    The small market teams certainly won’t vote to raise a future cap to cover the Jets, so if the union and league do vote for a cap, Revis may not have many teammates and the club will be in cap hell for many years, a la the 49ers many years ago.

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