J.T. O'Sullivan lands in San Diego

One of the quieter, surprising moves of the last few days was when the Bengals’ released backup quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan.

JTO was no great shakes in Cincinnati, but the Bengals are showing a lot of confidence in Jordan Palmer by giving him the backup job.  (Or they are simply admitting they are screwed if Jordan’s brother gets hurt, so it doesn’t really matter.)

We thought O’Sullivan had a chance to land in Chicago with Mike Martz, but there wasn’t any room for him there.  San Diego found a space for him, though, signing O’Sullivan on Monday.

Billy Volek missed practice Monday according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, which probably necessitated the move.  Linebacker Shawne Merriman also missed work Monday and seems uncertain to play after missing the last few weeks with an Achilles injury.

27 responses to “J.T. O'Sullivan lands in San Diego

  1. You know what’s crazy? This is O’Sullivan’s 10th team. He has been on more than 1/3 of the teams in the NFL.

  2. Slim Charles, i love your acting on ‘the wire’ but your math is slightly incorrect.
    you see, 1/3 equals 33.33333…..
    JTO has been on 31.25% of all NFL teams.
    you’re off by a mere 2.08%

  3. Apologies, I should have just used the general “like.”
    I’m hired muscle, I don’t deal with the money!

  4. Raiderfankirk says: Sucky player for a sucky team.Go Raiders!!!!
    Ummmm…did I miss something here? Are the Raiders not “sucky” for the past 10 years?

  5. radierfankirk, you’r just another dumb raider fan…. sucky player yes, team?.. i don’t know about that, if the chargers are sucky the raider are the @ss hole of the division… until you sweep them and win the division i think you shouldn’t open your mouth.

  6. The raiders at one point in the past 5 years couldve used O’Sullivan as their starter. Raiderfankirk is sippin on that proverbial “Old Uncle Al’s Sauce”
    Raiders have been no better than the Lions.
    Not much else to say.

  7. The most remarkable thing about J.T. O’Sullivan is that his given names are Herbert Earl.
    Just kidding, actually. There is nothing remarkable about J.T. O’Sullivan.

  8. JT O’Sullivan is horrible. I watched him this preseason and for the life of me can’t figure out why he keeps getting jobs.
    Forget his apparent lack of athletic skills. He looked completely lost on the field. He had happy feet under pressure, threw terrible passes into tight coverages, and had a look on his face like he had woken up on another planet and wasn’t even sure what the hell game he was playing.
    My guess is he’s been in the league longer than JP, and is probably making more money, so the Bengals just figured that they’re screwed either way if CP goes out, they may as well save a few bucks.
    So now a guy who was clueless in the offense he went through training camp with joins an an entirely different offense 6 days before game 1.
    And hilarity ensues.

  9. I remember watching O’Sullivan play in the Hall of Fame game thinking “This guys is horrible. How the hell does he have a job in the NFL?”
    If I were the Chargers I would make sure that Rivers and Volek travel on different trains and buses as the President and Vice President do. Because if they both go down, as the French say, “The Chargers are phaqued.”

  10. This move was not surprising. First, if you watched the Bengals preseason (and if you’re not a fan, why would you?), you’d know that JT O’Suckivan was terrible. Really, really bad. To the point that Palmer the Younger was no worse, and possibly better.
    Your second contention is also correct – if Carson goes down, they’re completely screwed with either guy. Might as well go with the project in LeFevour who might have potential over O’Suckivan who clearly doesn’t.

  11. # RumorHater says: September 6, 2010 8:32 PM
    All you Raider Haters should keep YOUR mouths shut!!!! Like your teams are really any better.
    Ummmmm my team is the Vikes, and even if TJack becomes the starter due to an injured Favre, they are 100X better than the current Raiders…….

  12. @RumorHater
    “Like your teams are really any better.”
    To address that statement, let me just say “AN NFL RECORD SEVEN STRAIGHT DOUBLE DIGIT LOSING SEASONS!” That would appear to make most teams better, Rumor. After all, no one’s been that bad before, ever!

  13. Did anyone hear the latest on the Raiders…….. anyone anyone They still suck…… J.t would be your starter….Haha

  14. Well, the Chargers were intending to go into the season with TWO quarterbacks…so discussing
    the merits of Mr. #3 is not exactly a hot topic.

  15. # RumorHater says: September 6, 2010 8:32 PM
    All you Raider Haters should keep YOUR mouths shut!!!! Like your teams are really any better.
    With the possible exception of the Rams or Lions, pretty much every other team in the NFL is better than the Raiders. Seven straight seasons with double-digit losses says it all.

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