Mark Clayton finds a home in St. Louis

Sam Bradford will get a chance to throw to another Oklahoma product, even if it’s a receiver he never played with in college.

The Ravens sent wideout Mark Clayton to the Rams for “late-round considerations” according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.  We like the move for St. Louis, if only because the Bradford has the least impressive wide receiver group in the league.  Clayton became available after T.J. Houshmandzadeh signed with Baltimore.

A first-round pick in 2005, Clayton caught 234 passes for 3,116 yards
and 12 touchdowns.  His best year came in 2006, when he racked up 67
catches for 939 yards and five scores.

Clayton isn’t a great starter, but he’s more reliable than Laurent Robinson, who was slated to be the team’s “No. 1” receiver.  Clayton also helps solve the Rams’ significant depth problem. 

Robinson, Clayton, and Danny “White Chocolate” Amendola figure to be the team’s top three wide receivers Sunday against the Cardinals. 

22 responses to “Mark Clayton finds a home in St. Louis

  1. Damn, traded from the Ravens to the Rams three days prior to the season starting. That’s a bad beat.

  2. The only reason the Ravens traded him was because of the depth and he is in a contract year set to make around 3 mil and he would be our 4th WR.

  3. GOOD trade for the Rams. If Bradford is going to play good football he will NEED a reciever to help him. Clayton may not be a star, BUT he can play, Clayton and Gilyard is better than Gilyard and whoever.

  4. Ravens fans actually know how good Mark Clayton is.
    Nice speed and he’ll be a good deep threat for Bradford.

  5. Yea, Mark Clayton is so good…
    Like where he let the ball hit him right in the chest last year ending the shot of a comeback over the Patriots…
    Oh wait…

  6. I think this was a good move for the Rams. Avery better get tougher or he’ll probably be gone next year. I don’t think Avery ever put in a full year of work. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. Another thought. I think Clayton put in some fairly decent numbers considering the Ravens are an extremely run heavy offense. I’ve watched a lot of his highlights on youtube. He is fast, has good hands, alot of YAC and he can block. Good trade. GO RAMS!!!!

  8. Rams Fans:
    I think you and Bradford are gonna like this guy. Fast, YAC and he was starting to look good in pre-season. Lot of us Ravens Fans are surprised.

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