Ochocinco not talking about T.J. joining the Ravens

On Friday, when news broke that the Seahawks would be cutting receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh, former Bengals teammate Chad Ochocinco took to Twitter to make his case for T.J.’s return to Cincinnati.  Chad said he’d be “lobbying heavy” foe the Bengals to bring T.J. back, and that Chad’s past successes came in large part from playing with Houshmandzadeh.

Houshmandzadeh instead signed a one-year deal for the 10-year veteran minimum with the Bengals’ arch rivals in Baltimore.

In the wake of the news, the usually loquacious Ochocinco has said nothing about it on his Twitter page.  Not a word. 

But he has been completely silent.  He has addressed the large portions at Buca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant chain in which no self-respecting Italian would ever be caught alive, dead, or not-quite-dead in the trunk of Ray Liotta’s Pontiac.  And Chad has invited his 1.2 million followers to check out the new Snoop Dogg coffee cups at 7-11.

But he has said nothing about Houshmandzadeh joining the Ravens.  We think it’s safe to assume that Chad isn’t happy about it, and that he has decided that it’s not in his best interests to bare his soul on the issue via Twitter or otherwise.

It’s a smart approach, albeit boring.

18 responses to “Ochocinco not talking about T.J. joining the Ravens

  1. What’s there to say? The Bengals weren’t interested. I doubt #85 would go on Twitter to bash the Bengals for not taking his player-personnel advice. He’d do anything if there were something in it for him, but what could he gain by slamming Housh for taking the only job available?
    It’s nice, though, that he’s promoting Snoop Dogg, given that he is such a HUGE Steelers fan.

  2. The diva Ochostinko did not get his way and now he is pouting! I wish he would be a GM, he would have worse team ever on the field.

  3. First, Florio….you have reached a new low. This is pitiful at best. Never do you mention Esteban85’s POSITIVE, uplifting Tweets, which there are many. You only pick out a couple that pretty much fail in supporting your dislike of the man. I’m not a Bengals fan, but the guy is positive, upbeat and happy to be where he’s at, and realizes it’s due in large part to the fans. Why don’t you do a story on how he invites people in the opposing team’s city to dinner on him on Saturdays? Or how about his daily thank you to his fans? That might show a man thankful and grateful for where he’s at, but that wouldn’t fit your agenda, would it? And “steelers rule” dude…when is the last time Ochocinco was accused of trying to rape someone? Your own team has serious issues bro….don’t be raggin’ on someone you obviously don’t know and don’t take the time to really get to see…

  4. He didn’t publish it because you know damn well his comment was “Child please, we’re seriously screwed now.”

  5. It’s nice, though, that he’s promoting Snoop Dogg, given that he is such a HUGE Steelers fan.
    Hey Deb,
    Yeah, he even has personal relationships with some of the players. You know, the potheads. He might not be such a steeler fan now though, seeing that his best dealer/smokin buddy is on the J…E..T…S… JETS JETS JETS!!!!
    And no, I’m not a jets fan.

  6. TJ threw the Bengals under the bus when he left for Seattle. Anyone who disses Carson publically won’t be allowed to go home again, regardless of what the Ocho wants.
    The Bengals’ locker room took three steps forward after TJ left Cincinnati. They didn’t want to have to cut one of their young promising WRs and mortgage the future for one year with fragile (back) and aging TJ WherzMyTeamAtAh?
    If TJ fails to flourish in Baltimore, it will prove he was just a product of the Cincinnati system.

  7. # steelers rule says: September 6, 2010 10:41 PM
    The diva Ochostinko did not get his way and now he is pouting! I wish he would be a GM, he would have worse team ever on the field.
    Wow, you’re as retarded as florio
    So by not saying anything, Chad is pouting?

  8. Buca di Beppo rocks.
    As for TJ in Baltimore, I hope he knows how to play cornerback.

  9. Buca Di Beppo us terrible, you’re right.
    Chad, dude, no need for TJ, I know you came up together and he was extremely instrumental in your development (motioning to you what the plays were at OSU from across the field and all), but it’s ok, Bengals don’t need him.
    On the other hand, if I’m playing GM and I know that he is getting looks from Baltimore or Pittsurgh, I’m looking to at least drive the price way up to get him. He’s still going to be productive if they can use him. problem is that now the Ravens have 3 possession receivers, and no one to really stretch the field. Good luck with your O line and secondary, see you in two and half weeks Touraj, know who else will? Adam Jones, you’ll be seeing him alot, better be on your game chachi.

  10. I don’t get it. Why write about something he didn’t do? Of course he was lobbying for TJ and of course he wouldn’t talk about it when TJ doesn’t sign. I love when writers create a news story out of nothing.

  11. He didnt say anything because it doesnt change anything. Vanilla pick by the Ravens, not going to do much overall to their existing prospects even though Raven fan would like to think it was tantamount to picking up TO. Dream on Bird Fan…
    Houshs’ big years came because we had him and ocho only- somebody was going to have to catch some passes! Ocho was doubled all the time so that leaves_____. He can make the tough catch over the middle and is clutch on third down, other than that, crickets. What the Ravens fail to consider is that Flappo is never gonna see housh with Geno Atkins standing over him after he tossed him to the ground for a seven yard loss.
    P.S- Chad only ‘lobbied’ for him because he knows him and displayed some futile loyalty in Tweet form, and that was probably the extent of the lobbying.

  12. I’m sure Ocho just called TJ to wish him well and talk some trash. He doesn’t need to tweet when he can go directly to the source.

  13. Hey Goetta-Head! What kind of excuses are you gonna make when Terrell Suggs put’s Carlson (Can’t move) Palmer into the ground! Don’t you think there’s a reason 32 teams including yours passed up on this clown! How’s Antonio Bryant working for ya! Housh can still play
    You guys only won (and barely did that), last year cause we didn’t have any wideouts other than Mason. Now you have a whole team full of head cases and a head coach who can’t control them all and wouldn’t even be there if your wack job owner wasn’t too cheap to fire him when he should have. Works for me. Go ahead and keep drooling over those reality queens!
    2 playoff apperances in 7 years, knocked out in the first round both times! Your boy’s are going to choke again. Mark it! No Supe(erbowls) for YOU!

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