Ravens reach agreement with T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Add another possession receiver to the Ravens.

Baltimore surprisingly reached agreement with T.J. Houshmandzadeh on a one-year, $855,000 contract, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.  The figure is so low because Houshmandzadeh was already guaranteed $7 million this year; Seattle will still have to pay him $6.15 million to make up the difference.

Housh wasn’t linked to Baltimore, if only because they seemed set at receiver.  Both Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason are move-the-chains possession threats, just like Houshmandzadeh.  Boldin is the only one that makes plays after the catch.

While Washington would have seemingly provided Houshmazilla more targets, the Ravens give him a better chance to win.  And face the Bengals twice a year.

Now Joe Flacco adds another weapon to the mix to go with his three tight ends and Donte’ Stallworth, who will miss half the season.  Considering it’s for a minimum salary with no guarantees, we think it’s a worthwhile gamble for Baltimore.

The Ravens will have to make a corresponding move; wideouts Marcus Smith or David Reed look like logical cuts.

111 responses to “Ravens reach agreement with T.J. Houshmandzadeh

  1. Cancer it up TJ.
    I hope you get your balls thrown to you, be sure t o let everyone know if you are getting enough. Im sure you will tell us.

  2. PHEWWWWWW…….. I’m sure you can here the sighs of relief coming from Baltimore once they heard the news that the PFT gang “think it’s a worthwhile gamble for Baltimore.”

  3. “Housh wasn’t linked to Baltimore, if only because they seemed set at receiver.”
    Or in other words, because you guys don’t know dick.

  4. Nice signing by the Ravens. They covered themnselves in case Boldin or Mason are hurt as Stallworth is already out for 2 months.

  5. Love it……Revis can’t cover all of them and softie Cromartie won’t bother anyone. Come on Monday night!!!!

  6. Ugh. Annoying. I should have known that if he wasn’t coming back to Cincy, he’d go somewhere in the AFC North…

  7. Horrible signing. Ravens now have 3 guys that can only run 5 yard routes. And Doushmanzadeh is a locker room cancer. Ravens will be this years biggest flop, especially since Florio picked them to win it all.

  8. There’s no letting-up at the front office, but why be surprised. Ozzie & company know a bargain when they see one. It’s full steam ahead and no looking back for the Purple & Black. Black Bird fans are feeling damn good about Housh with good reason. It’s a good day!

  9. no gamble about this 1 year vet minimum contract. housh won’t be asked to be the #1 in balt, which he’s not, he’ll succeed perfectly as the #3 while he learns their playbook and be the #2 guy before the season is over.
    nice move for the ratbirds. playoffs look promising in 2010 for ravens.

  10. Wow thats shocking- douche bag Rosenthall tries to slam the Ravens for a move everyone can agree is a really good move. Good luck to the rest of the NFL covering Housh with your NICKEL back (and D-Mase with your number 2……and Anquan Boldin with you number 1). The fact that PFT will allow such a biased dick like Rosenthall to keep writing, when his posts include nothing but anti-Ravens spin on all of his ravens posts is pathetic.

  11. Housh won’t dare to pout and whine in the Ravens lockerrroom. Reality sets in that he is just a cog in the machine rather than THE machine. It was addition by subtraction in Seattle.

  12. The price was right but that’s about all……don’t really see the fit here at all. Mason, Boldin, Housh…..all three possession type wr’s with no speed to stretch the field. Some idiots will post how good of a deal this is based off of “name recognition” only, but this signing really makes no sense for the Ravens. We have seen TJ complain in the past about not receiving enough targets and I don’t see this working out. Possession type wr’s moves the db’s and safeties that much closer to the line of scrimmage which clogs the running lanes even more. I agree the Ravens needed another wr but it needed to be someone who can stretch the field and take a db and safety with him.

  13. I had the Ravens as my favorite in the AFC to make it to the Superbowl last night. This move makes me believe it anymore.
    I think Flacco is a top 10 qb in this league and Ray Rice is a top 5 running back. Now they have 1 of the best receiving corps. in the league with Boldin, Houshmandzadeh, and Mason. John Harbaugh is a great coach and there defense is always good. They have a weakness at corner but I think the points this offense can put up can offset that deficiency.
    Book the Ravens as AFC North Champions right now. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati don’t have a hope.

  14. Worthwhile gamble? For minimum scale? This is a raven pecking at a seahawk head and a clear case of football larceny.
    Boldin, Mason, Clayton, Stallworth (when healthy) and Housh? Nice! How can these guys not get into the playoffs one way or the other?

  15. I cannot wait until Monday night. Its going to be the best game of the year…..PS….Who wins next Monday is going to the Super Bowl and possibly winning it. The only team I see in the NFC winning it all is the Saints. I see the Saints beating Ravens but losing to the Jets. Mark my words!!!

  16. Double GG,
    I guess this means that the Seahawks are paying the salary of the Ravens #3 or #4 receiver for the 2010 season? Nice move by the Ravens. Too bad he can’t play anymore.

  17. they get housh for one year, 850,000…thats a steal…Ravens front office is making some pretty smart moves…

  18. Not a bad pickup. Costs them little money and with the guys they have in the locker room (ray ray, boldin, reed, mason, birk) they won’t let housh cry and complain. Plus winning solves a lot of problems.
    Anyone else think its a coincidence they sign him a day after revis finally comes back?

  19. Wow, that almost puts their receiving core as strong as the Pack’s. A Packer/ Raven Superbowl in Dallas? That would be a fun game to watch.

  20. I keep getting flashback’s of Dennis Green saying, “You want to crown them, go ahead and crown their asses” every time I think of the Ravens this year.

  21. Ravenator:
    Oh, there is plenty of doubt, says Kevin Colbert with a smile as he gazes at both of his Super Bowl rings.
    Oz is pretty damn good, but he has been foiled repeatedly by Colbert and the Steelers. You’re not allowed to invent or rewrite history.
    Baltimore will be tough as hell this yr, just like Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

  22. Uh oh TJ, are you sure you wanted to sign with Baltimore? I heard they have other receivers on their roster… Are you sure you can handle it emotionally if Flacco makes the gravely mistake of throwing to one of them every once in a while? And we’ll all hope Flacco makes sure to throw every ball to you exactly how you want it thrown, because we would hate it if you quit on plays and not attempt to catch balls because you might have to extend your arms and show effort. That would be horrible.
    Good luck Baltimore. Hopefully Seattle paying him to leave taught him a humbling lesson and he doesn’t throw his childish hissy fits every time something doesn’t go his way. He’s a cancer and he’s not nearly as good as he used to be and thinks he still is. Nobody in Seattle misses this crybaby.

  23. First….thanks to the Seahawks for a great Corner!! Second….thanks Seahawks for paying for our newest receiver!!!! You guys rock!!!

  24. This is funny news
    Because just hours before this was surfaced Tj Houshmanzadeh was willing to sign with us.
    But we offered a 750.000 one year deal but he obviously he prefers the money that’s why he signed with Seattle.
    He told us we beat out the raiders who offered less, clearly doesn’t care where he goes just what team fills his bank.
    Ravens with this added talent you should make a run and if you don’t….. Then you guys suck balls

  25. Just to get this straight, the Ravens have THREE pro bowl RBs, THREE pro bowl WRs, and a pro bowl tight end. Sucks for the rest of the league.

  26. They got him for 850k because that’s all he is worth now. It is not a steal. The Seahwaks actually think he is worth -6.6mm.
    Maybe Housh will make Pro Bowl predictions for himself and Flacco now, then cry when he finishes the season with 2 TD’s and cut while the Bengals win the division again.

  27. # Qship04 says: September 6, 2010 12:00 PM
    Did the redskins really miss out on another past his prime WR?
    Change really has come to Washington!
    He wasn’t overpriced, that does’t fit well with Snyder

  28. Ha. In the back of my mind I saw this coming. Nice 3wide set with no field strecher on the roster. I give Ozzie credit. The chips are all in this year. Flacco has no excuse. This is the most talented offense in Baltimores history. But still looking at the schedule I still say 7-9 maybe 8-8. Bulger needs to start to be honest.

  29. @ MrHumble
    I totally agree, this is not a good signing; can’t stretch the field, can’t play special teams and most likely eliminates a young receiver!

  30. “Boldin is the only one that makes plays after the catch.”
    REALLY? Please don’t make me post links. Derrick Mason does plenty after the catch. But because he’s been playing with no other receivers, so when he catches the ball… he’s got 3 people there to tackle him.
    Derrick Mason played almost an entire season with one arm, and still did more after the catch than most NFL receivers.
    Here’s just a sample…

  31. PFTiswhatitis says:
    September 6, 2010 11:41 AM
    They are loaded with WR’s. Too bad Flacco sucks
    …I’m replying to the TROY SMITH POST above….
    The world is full of JEALOUSE PEOPLE!

  32. Monday night can’t come fast enough. I can see alot of sore throats in Baltimore from all that yelling…”get rid of the ball Joe” lol

  33. This is funny. I bet I can go through the articles and find the Ravens fans that talked trash about TJ, and his declining skills, that are sitting here praising the pick up.
    “OMG X player sucks so bad…..Oh you mean we picked him up?, Oh that is Ubber awesome. He rocks.”

  34. I thought y’all said raiders or redskins? Where do you guys get your info from because it’s always wrong? Let me guess one of your sources.

  35. Derrick Mason? Dante Stallworth? Houshmanzadeh?
    Who’s next? Lavernaues Coles? Art Monk? Syndric Steptoe? Methuselah?
    I guess there are 2 requirements for playing wideout in Baltimore: You must be either washed up or a senior citizen.
    Good luck with this cast. You’re gonna need it.

  36. For all you people who think this corps is too old and haven’t been good in awhile:
    Anquan Boldin in 2009: 84 receptions, 1024 yds, 4 TDs and 1 rushing TD in 15 games in a Whisenhunt offense that averaged just 23.4 points a game
    Derrick Mason in 2009: 73 receptions, 1028 yds and 7 TDs
    TJ Houshmandzadeh in 2007, his last full season with Palmer: 112 receptions, 1143 yds, 12 TDs
    Todd Heap in 2009: 53 receptions, 593 yds, 6 TDs
    Ray Rice in 2009: 78 receptions, 702 yds, 1 TD
    Washed up and nothing left in the tank, right?
    Let’s not forget Donte Stallworth week 9, from the 2007 record-breaking 18-1 New England offense.

  37. Derrick Mason? Dante Stallworth? Houshmanzadeh?
    Who’s next? Lavernaues Coles? Art Monk? Syndric Steptoe? Methuselah?
    I guess there are 2 requirements for playing wideout in Baltimore: You must be either washed up or a senior citizen.
    Good luck with this cast. You’re gonna need it.

  38. P-townPacker says:
    September 6, 2010 12:23 PM
    Wow, that almost puts their receiving core as strong as the Pack’s. A Packer/ Raven Superbowl in Dallas? That would be a fun game to watch.
    What the hell is this dude smokin’…..I can think of a dozen teams that have a been receiving corp than the Packers….including the Ravens now. It’s typical of a packer fan to think this way, they believe any player that ever donned a packer practice jersey should be in the HOF. The pack may have a good qb but rodgers ain’t no manning, brees, bf or elway…..ya gotta win something important besides stats. In fact, you can look it up, Greg Jennings stats have never been what they were with BF at QB and Driver is nowhere near the factor he was 5 years ago. Other than that, can anyone name a packer wr????? Finley is gonna be good if he can manage to keep his head screwed on right but still remains to be seen…..we all remember mr. chmura, the “mind” can make people crazy, LOL

  39. @Ravenator
    We’ll see about that. Flacco may have a hard time passing when a guy named Bart Scott is breathing down his neck.

  40. Weapons at WR are great, but we still need an offensive line that can protect Flacco long enough to get a pass off.

  41. Hmm, I thought your inside sources linked him to Oakland and Redskins. I really need ur job since making up rumors sounds easy and fun. Any free agent = redskins rumor!

  42. I don’t care for Housh but at a bargain-basement price, the Ravens have nothing to lose. It is hard to imagine Baltimore’s vets putting up with his usual whining. But OUCH! for the Seahawks! They didn’t get to shave much off the balance sheet. Wonder how it will feel in late January to know they’re sitting at home and helping to fund another team’s playoff run.
    @oneg82 … The Saints will beat Baltimore but lose to the Jets? Seriously?

  43. He must have chosed Baltimore. I am sure there were other teams willing to offer him that ridiculously low amount. .

  44. ccoolahan14 says:
    Just to get this straight, the Ravens have THREE pro bowl RBs, THREE pro bowl WRs, and a pro bowl tight end. Sucks for the rest of the league.
    Yeah, if this was five years ago
    A friend of mine was a t Seahawk camp this summer and swore TJ lost a race with a turd.

  45. There must be something in the CBA that says they have to offer him vet minimum…even if Seattle is still on the hook for $7M. Otherwise, they wasted $855K

  46. Housh was so bad in Seattle, that they were willing to let this guy walk while STILL owing him $7mil. He was so bad that Deion Branch, Deon Butler, and Mike Williams beat him out for a job.
    He provides depth in Baltimore, that’s about it.

  47. The Ravens are going to be in the same boat as the Bengals now. Two bigheaded ego wide recievers who will complain because they aren’t getting enough catches and touchdowns. This stemming from the fact that their QBs are mediocre at best.

  48. Yeah he was so bad that he caught 79 balls for over 900 yards and 3 TDs how many games did thier starting QB play?? Dude Baltimore made a good pick up and Ray Lewis can bring help him out in the locker room by threatening to kill him(hes serious when he says that too Housh will know better) lol Good pick up for Ravens they just need to get another CB and they are set.
    HTTR! Redskins fan.. : (

  49. If this is Hold em’, I’d say Oz just went all in. I like the move especially with Stallworth out with a broken foot. TJ is an upgrade over Clayton at the #3. He has better hands and gets off press coverage which Clayton has a lot of trouble with.
    I am worried however about the number of balls that will need to be distributed on this field. Boldin is a team player, but Mase and TJ have been known to whine when not kept busy. Doesn’t even account for Ray Rice who is a top 5 back in the league. If the mix doesn’t get toxic, we will go deep into the playoffs. My guess is that Harbs, Ray Lewis, and Matt Birk keep everyone in line. I think Mase really wants a ring. He thinks it gets him into the HOF and if you look at his numbers he may well be right.
    @ RayRay is Soft – If you can look at this offense and defense and honestly tell me you see 7 – 9 or 8 – 8 then you are even more stupid than I gave you credit for. But you do root for the Redskins so that calls into question your intelligence to begin with.

  50. Why wouldn’t he sign with a team that would give him money NEXT season? With Seattle having to pay anything up to a too high $7M, why couldn’t he work teams for a 2-year contract or more?

  51. But look around the league most of the games best receivers are pushing 30 or over 30: Andre Johnson (29), Donald Driver (35), Reggie Wayne (31), Randy Moss (33), Hines Ward (34), Chard Ochocinco (32), Steve Smith (31), Wes Welker (31). And all of these receivers had over 1,000 yard receiving. This post for all the haters saying the the Ravens receiving core is old. This is the BEST OFFENSIVE team the ravens have ever had… Hands down

  52. Interesting day today. Jets get financially raped getting Revis to come back and the Ravens get a huge bargain on Houshmandzadeh. Just putting that out there.

  53. Love Viking fan commenting on any other teams’ QBs. You have a 40-year old dude with a bum ankle as your starter and a complete gamble as your back up. Meanwhile, you traded away what was probably your safest bet to manage games when the old man can’t go anymore early this season. Good luck!

  54. I say 8-8 7-9 because of the schedule. There aren’t the Raiders lions bears to beat up on this year. The Browns have improved alot. Don’t be surprised if they sweep the Ravens like the rest of the north.

  55. @Ray Ray is soft says:
    September 6, 2010 1:00 PM
    Monday night can’t come fast enough. I can see alot of sore throats in Baltimore from all that yelling…”get rid of the ball Joe” lol
    You’re a ‘Skins fan. Enough said.

  56. The Jets got raped by the Revis deal?? Wait till Ray Rice time come. Don’t forget this is a team that underpays one of the best safteys in the game. Overpays for Suggs. At least the Jets are attempting to keep there players.

  57. TJ got cut by the ungood Seahawks with a guaranteed contract they still have to pay, that means they believe Deon Butler and Ben Obomanu have more upside… don’t expect much…

  58. “Just to get this straight, the Ravens have THREE pro bowl RBs, THREE pro bowl WRs, and a pro bowl tight end. Sucks for the rest of the league.”
    That’s seriously how you look at your team?

  59. I am suprise Florio didn’t check to see whether or not this increased or decreased his Madden rating.

  60. oneg82 says: September 6, 2010 12:11 PM
    “I cannot wait until Monday night. Its going to be the best game of the year…..PS….Who wins next Monday is going to the Super Bowl”
    See kids?
    This is what cheap beer & oxycontins do to you…

  61. @rayray is soft – you need to see a psychiatrist. there is so much hate in you it’s kind of scary. you don’t like Ray Lewis, you hate the Ravens but live in Bmore. You can never find anything good to say about anyone. And then there is the fan of the Foreskins thing which is enough to get you committed to Sheppard Pratt. Perhaps you are already blogging from there?

  62. This is an all-star fantasy squad. As a Ravens fan, all the hype does make me nervous because we’ve always fared better when we’re flying (pardon the pun) under the radar. Can’t wait til Monday and so happy I took Tuesday off.

  63. Great Move by the Best GM in the Business. Polian’s good but he’s a whiner and Ozzie just gets it done!
    Houzzy is an upgrade for this team at wide receiver, Boldoin is the man and Mason has carried the Ravens too far himself to be threatened by Houzzy’s bad attitude. I think they all work together to get it done and if there’s a problem with Houzzy it’s pretty easy to cut a guy who’s only making the league minimum so their IS no risk other than losing clayton which EVERYONE is willing to take that chance.
    Ray Ray is Soft is an IDIOT and about the time FLACCO is nominated for league MVP this year you’ll be reading PFT to see who’s running out of DC faster, Mcnabb, Shanny, Fat Al or the rest of the terrible players in that JOKE of an organization! FAIL!

  64. This is just scary…Ray Rice will have even more room to run.
    Pick your poison when playing them Ravens this year!

  65. This dude must love to lose…….look at all the teams he’s been on! Losers…..nice cancer pick-up. I hope Ray Lewis beats his ass next time he whines.

  66. Flacco for MVP? Ravens fans are high. Wait till they have a losing record midseason. Then we will see the fans make excuses.

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