Revis deal pays out $16.25 million per year over first two years

The numbers are trickling out on the Darrelle Revis contract, and for a four-year deal it’s fairly complicated.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, here’s the basic data on the Darrelle Revis deal:  no signing bonus; 2010 base salary of $7.5 million; $18 million option bonus due on the first day year of the first league year after the 2010 league year ends (the language reflects the potential for a lockout); 2011 base salary of $7 million; 2012 base salary of $7.5 million; and 2013 base salary of $6 million.

That part is simple.  Deciphering the guaranteed money makes it more complex.

Due to the 30-percent rule and the reallocation rule, the two sides had to apply some creativity.  Before the option is exercised, the deal carries $13.772 million in 2013 base salary guaranteed for skill and $13.772 million in 2012 and 2011 base salary guaranteed for injury.  The pre-option bonus base salaries ($10.06 million in 2011, $11.894 million in 2012, and $13.772 million in 2013) reduce to the lower numbers after the option is paid.

Following the exercise of the option, Revis has $6 million guaranteed for skill and $7.5 million guaranteed for injury.

And so, as of right now, Revis has $13.772 million in guaranteed money for skill and $13.772 million guaranteed for injury.  As a practical matter, he’ll get one or the other, if he’s cut or if he suffers a career-ending injury.

After 2010, after he has earned $7.5 million in non-guaranteed base salary, he’ll have $21.272 million earned or guaranteed. 

After the option bonus is exercised, he’ll have $25.5 million in his pocket plus $6 million guaranteed for skill and $7.5 million guaranteed for injury.

After the 2011 season, he’ll have $32.5 million in his pocket, with $6 million still guaranteed for skill and $7.5 million still guaranteed for injury.

And that’s the key.  At the end of the 2011 season, Revis will have $32.5 million.  That translates to $16.25 million per year — higher than the $16.142 million that Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will earn this year.

So how do the Jets protect themselves against Revis deciding after 2011 that he doesn’t like the fact that he’ll get only $13.5 million over the last two years of the deal?  The answer is sufficiently interesting to justify a different post.

26 responses to “Revis deal pays out $16.25 million per year over first two years

  1. After 2011, he will hold out…again. And the Jests will cave…again.
    And they will suck….again.

  2. So how do the Jets protect themselves against Revis deciding after 2011 that he doesn’t like the fact that he’ll get only $13.5 million over the last two years of the deal?
    After 2011? Revis will feel hurt, unwanted, used and insulted by this contract before November.

  3. Fast forward two years of Rex drooling and harping about how great Revis is and it all starts over again.
    Only worse.

  4. This is all well and good, but Mark Sanchez is still going into only his 2nd season. If they do make the playoffs, they’ll be out quickly.

  5. Is this a new day at PFT? Instead of posting a rumor this morning that reported Revis and the Jets reached a deal, Florio did some investigating and posted a story later in the day with actual info. Florio must be reading the comments section.

  6. After winning 13 games (over the next 2 years), the Jets will have new GM and coach and Revis will hold out…again…
    that is assuming the NFL does not go the way of baseball and have a work stoppage.

  7. Soooo, when there is no football in 2011, he gets $16M to sit on his ass. NICE! Revis must be smiling ear to ear right now.

  8. pacstud, suck like they did last year going to the AFC championship game? That kind of suck? Or suck like the Dolphins or whichever team you root for that never wins playoff games kind of suck? I’d love to know. Thanks

  9. So what you are saying is that this greedy bastard will be holding out again in another 2 years???

  10. Looking forward to seeing him get torched and the response from Rex. He’s not as good as he and his coach think. Blitzing guys from all over the place and sitting in a zone will get figured out this year. Moss and Welker will hopefully charbroil the little minnieme into a roasted marshmallow that Rex can eat.

  11. Man you guys make things really complicated when I see this as…
    1. The Jets get Revis on the field for 2010 for a very reasonable $ 7.5 Million – a lot less than many corners are making this year – and about half of what the overpaid guy in Oakland makes…
    2. At the end of the year the Jets will have…
    a. Won the Superbowl and be more than happy
    to sort out all of the salary mess – that is what they have been focused on – let us get a Lombardi so we can stop listening to the Giants tell us how they are the best team in the NYC….
    b. Come up short and will have to decide if they should double down and try again of cut their losses and move on – in which case they can cut Revis and avoid the big bucks – or am I missing something?
    c. Be faced with salary cap hell because of the new CBA and try and renegotiate the Mangold and Revis contracts to try and fill out a 53 man roster.
    d. Be faced with a no cap league in which case they will have plenty of time to figure out how to try and make a profit when they are paying players 70 cents of every dollar of revenue they take in – and the Bucs are laughing all the way to the bank when they keep 60 cents of every dollar they earn…

  12. NYMETS, yeah, because the Jets articles are the only articles that have negative comments from other teams’ fans, huh??lol. Get over yourself. So your team had a good playoff run last season. . . . . .I dont see where you get off thinking that other people FEAR them.

  13. ever notice the fat ugly bitch is the one that always talks and never shuts up? well she grew up and got a job coaching the jets….16 million per year for a friggen cornerback? good luck when(if) Sanchez becomes good and he wants 20 million per year…
    and good luck also when cromartie goes broke and needs the jets to front him cash like the Bills did to TRavis Henry back in 02….

  14. @Billsfan1
    Don’t worry about what the Jets do they are doing alright. Instead you should worry about your pathetic bills and how they can win more than 6 games in a season.
    Jets 11-5 winning the AFC East

  15. # NYMets says: September 6, 2010 8:36 PM
    All the jerkoff comments on this site show just one thing: The NY Jets are feared.
    Lots of people talk bad about you, no body fears you. So goes your Jets, too,

  16. Give me a break but I am sure that is what the Jets and his Agents were trying to sell him on.
    Facts are as follows Nnamdi has a 3 year deal worth 46 million dollars with EVERY PENNT of that amount guaranteed.
    Your boy has what amounts to a 4 year deal worth 46 million and no matter if they want to say he will earn 20 million of it it year one. It is all smoke and mirrors.
    The second best corner in the NFL received 2nd best money that averages out to 11.5 million per year which is way below the Nnamdi deal that averages out to more then 15 million per year. The real caper is all 45 million of Nnamdi’s money is guaranteed.
    The New York Jets may not admit to it but they are dancing the jig back at the office for Revis caved and earns nowhere near Nnamdi’s money. But for a guy that was thrown at 111 times in 2009 and allowed more completions in 2009 then Nnamdi had passes thrown his way the second place money is about right.

  17. This works well for both sides. Revis will make more than any other CB for the next two years, and after those two years, if he doesn’t deserve that type of money, he wont get any more of it. If he does, the Jets will be able to hammer out an extension that reflects his talent, with the advantage of knowing the new CBA restrictions. I’m excited the guy is back and now I REALLY can’t wait to go down to the meadowlands on week 2 to watch the Jets lay the smackdown on the Pats.

  18. Can’t wait till he blows his acl or breaks something in the 1st practice

  19. Larry David says:
    September 6, 2010 7:47 PM
    This is all well and good, but Mark Sanchez is still going into only his 2nd season. If they do make the playoffs, they’ll be out quickly.
    ————————————————————————————-Gee, wasn’t everyone saying last year when we came to within a half hour of going to the Super Bowl?

  20. Haha.. so it’s 16.25 Million average for 2 years, let’s not count the last 2 years since it will bring the average down.
    Either he is an idiot, or is trying to save face when he caved in.

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