Seahawks sign Raheem Brock

The Seahawks are continuing to tweak their roster a day after teams got down to the 53-man limit, with defensive end Raheem Brock the latest player to head to Seattle.

In addition to Brock, the Seahawks also announced that running back Michael Robinson and defensive tackle Junior Siavii have signed.

The Seahawks also officially announced that they have released safety Jordan Babineaux, fullback Owen Schmitt and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson.

Brock signed with the Titans in August but lasted only three weeks. He previously played eight years for the Colts.

12 responses to “Seahawks sign Raheem Brock

  1. I am a huge Seahawk fan and I hate to say but as long as Cheat Carroll is in Seattle, the Seahawks will suck.

  2. 1. sucks to see Owen Schmitt get cut…
    2. how does Raheem Brock go from Super Bowl DE to cut in training camp in 9 months? I do not understand…

  3. Yeah Nutbuster! Your not a fan,,,,,,,,,we havent played one real game yet and youre already jumping ship? Be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. calm down all of you Cheat Carroll apologist, all I am saying is that Carroll can not coach worth a damn and it took USC going down in flames for him to abandon ship and grace us with his genius.
    give me a freaking break, and STFU

  5. Yem,
    I’m a Colts fan, can shed a little light into the Raheem Brock situation. After the SuperBowl, Brock asked Polian for his release, as he wouldn’t ever be a starter with Freeney and Mathis in the lineup. Although he played a lot of snaps, in the joker role (lining up sometimes as DE, some DT, and even standing up a yard behind the down lineman), he was never going to get starter’s money.
    He signed really late into training camp with Tennessee, two preseason games is not a lot of time to learn a new defensive system and impress the coaches. Brock’s solid and dependable, but not really a playmaker and never did anything that blew us away. Hence his approved release and the selection of Jerry Hughes with our first round pick. Still hoping he finds a new home with Seattle though.

  6. Richardfg7 says:
    September 6, 2010 5:41 PM
    I am a real seahawk fan & I support them 100% win or loose.
    “Win or loose”? Are you attending the Rosenthal School of Retarded Journalists?
    I wonder if Florio is spinning in his grave over the release of Schmitt.

  7. nutbuster, you cant be a huge fan when your putting down your whole team because of the head coach you got, the players listen to the coach, but they still put their own play out on the field. i hate that shit, people call themselves diehard fans but put their whole entire team down, dont support for shit.

  8. Just because your a fan of a team doesn’t mean you can’t be critical. I am on the fence with pete. When he came in, he won me over with his press conference. I liked what i heard, and enjoyed that he is defensive minded. Recently, due to the USC stuff and more recently, the fact that he wanted Leinart, allegedly, my enthusiasm has diminished a bit. I am excited for the draft picks, and for Leon Washington, but other picks have left something to be desired. I hoped Charlie would play better, but he still needs to learn the system. The trades for the Titan players didn’t work out, and then they brought back Julius Jones, who i feel is average at best. I hope he does better in the new o-line scheme. I was very disappointed in the Gibbs retirement, i hope its not a sign of turmoil in the coaching staff. I am very excited about having John Schneider though, i think he will be a excellent GM. He learned under a great staff in Green Bay.

  9. Nutbuster doesn’t like Pete Carroll. I get it. He also responds poorly to criticism. I get that too. Hurling insults doesn’t change another person’s opinion of you.
    I like what John Schneider is doing in trying to rebuild for a future team rather than sign expensive free agents to try to plug holes. This process should have been implemented by Ruskell in 2006, but he may have been pressured by Mr. Allen to mortgage the future to try to get back to the SB fast. Now that they have had back to back losing seasons, this is the perfect time to blow up the team. So, I leave the second guessing to Mr. Schneider and others in the organization who know way more than I do about what is going on and why they do what they are doing.
    I like Pete Carroll, and I am sorry if Nutbuster has family members at USC or is an alumnus himself, but I would like to give him at least the first 5 games before I pass judgment on how he is doing. And I don’t expect them to win that many games this year anyway, so if that means they “suck” to some, that is fine. They have a right to say the coach sucks, the team sucks, whatever. As a long time season ticket holder, I just hope they aren’t sitting in our section.

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