Tony Richardson could rejoin Jets as soon as today

Jets fans could have multiple reasons to be happy today, one week before the team opens the stadium it will share with the Giants.

Apart from the return of Darrelle Revis, the Jets are expected to bring back fullback Tony Richardson.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Richardson could be re-signing as soon as this afternoon.  (Actually, the source says that Richardson “should be” returning on Monday.)

We’re in the process of figuring out why the Jets would need to cut Richardson for one day — and why G.M. Mike Tannenbaum’s comments about Richardson’s release carried a strong whiff of finality:  “Each season, there are difficult choices when constructing the 53-man roster
and this year is no exception.  We appreciate Tony’s contributions and leadership
over the past two seasons and have nothing but the highest respect for him as a
person and as a player.”

Many believed that the Jets were simply trying to avoid having to essentially guarantee Richardson’s base salary of $855,000 by cutting him before Week One and bringing him back immediately thereafter.  The truth simply could be that with an influx of three new players via waivers on Sunday the Jets had to scramble to decide which player(s) to cut.  Any players with fewer than four years of service would have been subject to waivers.  Since Richardson is a vested veteran, he became a free agent.  Though other teams may have tried to sign him, no one had the ability to “claim” him against his will.

Our guess (and it’s just a guess) is that the Jets opted not to cut one of their cornerbacks before finalizing the Revis agreement — and that one of the six cornerbacks will be getting the heave-ho today so that Richardson can be re-signed.  Look for the Jets to get a short-term roster exemption for Revis, so that they can figure out in the next day or so who else needs to go so before activating Revis in time for Monday night.

19 responses to “Tony Richardson could rejoin Jets as soon as today

  1. Where’s the leadership? Where’s the leadership? Where’s the leadership? Wait, what?
    Time to find a new talking point, guys.

  2. Thank god they plan to resign him. Not only is he still a good player, but he’s a great leader and can teach John Conner about being a pro FB enough to speed his development by years. T-Rich is the kind of guy every team wants setting an example and leading the young guys, and the Jets in particular need all the leadership and good examples in the locker room that they can get.

  3. They should rename this website “”. Non-stop coverage of the mundane moves of a mediocre team.

  4. This move makes sense. They needed to release TRich for the roster cut and pending Revis deal. Bring him back into the fold and move on!

  5. Calraider,
    The site posts news, and items they believe people will read.
    The Jets make a lot more news than, for example, the Raiders.
    With all of this aside, the link was enticing enough for you to waste time commenting.

  6. hey florio, what happened to all that “the jets dont take care of their own” BS you were spouting off a couple of months ago?
    how does mike tannenbaum’s dick taste?

  7. Hey where are all the Jet haters now. We signed Revis, picking up Richardson again (as I figured), L.T. is looking like he still has some meat on those tires. Cromarte has looked pretty darn good and should thrive in Rex’s system. Santonio Holmes is a straight up beast. The only move than can be questioned is Leon Washington, and at the end of the day Joe Mcknight has a lot of time to come around. All in all great off season, I love it when a plan comes together. Keep hating -AFC division champs

  8. @ Jets are stacked- Amen , Florio is a Jet hater like everyone else. We were able to lock down all the players that everyone said we wouldn’t be able to sign aside from Harris. However Tanny will never get the credit he deserves from this site. I love all the hate though, its going to make the playoff’s ( and yes we are definately going) even more sweeter

  9. @ Raiderfankirk-
    Whatever your smoking you need to share (and I don’t even smoke). LOL- Get real

  10. I think this was about hard knocks. I bet the whole next episode is about tough decisions and having to drop him. Then boom sign him back on. All about rateings.

  11. D-Revis is back…the Pats are looking completely finished…and T-Rich is already on the way back. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in Dallas…the Jets will be visiting in early February ?

  12. @jetLove214
    the jets were NEVER going to keep washington. Fans need to start thinking with their HEAD.
    If you’re the Jets and you have (@ the time): D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, David Harris, Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes ALL needing think Leon Washington was going to get a deal?? C’mon Man…

  13. @ The Sleepness Leon was in a postion where he could not demand a new contract due to injury. He actually would have been paid around or less then Joe Mcknight this year. If he would have panned out and fully recovered this year then he possibly would have been a salary issue next year. They could have easily supported his rookie contract this year

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