Bill Parcells slides into "consultant" role with Dolphins

Jeff Ireland is the new boss in Miami.

In a brief statement released out of nowhere Tuesday afternoon, the Dolphins announced that the Ireland/Bill Parcells/Tony Sparano Trifecta is now essentially a duo.

“Effective immediately, Jeff Ireland will assume full control over all
aspects and decisions in regard to the Miami Dolphins football team and
support staff,” the statement reads.  “This was the intent of the structure put in place in the
past. Bill Parcells will remain with the club on a daily consultant

And that’s it.  The statement leaves many unanswered questions that should come out during the coming days.

Here’s a few we’d ask.  Does this change in role mean a change in Parcells’ contract?  Will his daily consulting take place in Miami?  We have to assume that Parcells no longer has veto power in the front office.

Finally, there is the age-old Bill Parcells question that won’t be answered for a while:  Where is he headed next and when will he be free to look around?

59 responses to “Bill Parcells slides into "consultant" role with Dolphins

  1. He will be on his way to Kansas City wth his son in law and Carl Petersen will be in Miami with his best friend Stephen Ross.

  2. I don’t know what to think of this. Does this explain all the head-scratcher roster moves of late, or did those moves cause a rift that necessitated this?
    All in all I’m not too excited by Parcells’ body of work at Miami, however.

  3. —Correction—
    Parcells cant slide into anything. He wobbled his way into the consultant role.
    PFT Charter Member

  4. I knew the honeymoon was over I just expected Bill to stay till the end of this year!!! can’t fix it huh Bill??? Take the money & run away!!!

  5. Pat White cut
    Patrick Turner cut
    Sean Smith benched
    Gibril Wilson cut
    Ernest Wilford cut
    Justin Smiley traded
    Jason Ferguson suspended
    Phillip Merling arrested
    The house cleaning began with alot of players that Parcells brought in. His greatest accomplishment was Jake Long…over Matt Ryan.

  6. As much as I would hate to see it, Minnesota probably could use some of his skills. How to treat players that feel they are above the team? How to avoid 12 men in the huddle?
    Fortunetly Vikings choose to hire people that don’t have a clue, like Mike Tice, and Chilly.

  7. I think this regime has dropped more balls than they have caught.
    Not giving up hope, but some of their moves are head scratching at best.

  8. Not sure whether this is good news or not. Whoever has been making the decisions there has done a poor job of the last couple of drafts and make a lot of bad decisions with free agency (Dansby, Marshall and Pennington aside). Some of the decisions on the weekend were real head scratchers………

  9. Probably just going to drop a duece and doesn’t know how long it’s going to take. He’s being considerate.

  10. The Dolphins have made some awful draft selections and free agent signings over the past couple of years, so were those Parcells or Ireland?
    I also wonder how many other people are going to start calling people’s mother’s prostitutes in hopes of getting a promotion?

  11. Lol and once again parcells leaves another afc east team high and dry.
    Couldn’t have happend to a more deserving team : )
    Don’t worry fin fans you guys lost the only person with half a brain and no prison record in your organization, and we just got back the best corner in the league to shutdown your team mate killing WR. Its funny when two teams are so clearly going in opposite directions

  12. Well he sure turned the Dolphins into contenders.
    With the money he’s made, he should treat himself to a breast reduction.

  13. @ texasPHINSfan –
    – They were a 1-15 team when he got there. That was two years ago. All he does is make teams better. That comment is ridiculous.

  14. Obviously all the head scratching moves go to show that a power struggle was going on inside the Dolphins. I suspect Ross wanted to cut costs after Parcells had the roster set. Parcells gets angry, he leaves. So this means Ireland and Sparano are lame ducks. Carl Peterson, and whoever (maybe John Gruden) will be next. Peterson knows well how to work with a tight owner. Dolphins committment to mediocrity continues.

  15. If there’s a God in Heaven, please Lord let Parcells replace Jerry Angelo and get the Bears straightened out.

  16. Without Parcells, Dolphin franchise could be a shambles…Reminds me of when Blank had poor people in Atlanta.
    Dolphins, aside from Long, have drafted poorly…and seem to be more worried about ‘entertainment’ than the product on the field.
    Too bad, while I never have thought much about Ireland…the combo of Parcells/Sparano is strong.

  17. This is just the beginning…welcome to South Florida Coach Gruden or Coach Cowher. I love the Dolphins but I think this is going to be a loooooooooooong season.

  18. Is that writing on the wall in Aqua and Orange :
    Carl Peterson
    Ireland is a smart guy, but there is history with the owner, Ross, and “King Carl”. It is much easier to fire a lame duck GM in Ireland than remove the Tuna.
    Tony should get his resume ready. I am sure Rex Ryan would like to add an O -Line coach from Miami with head coaching experience.
    Dolphins will be better off with Mike Nolan, as their head coach. After a 1 – 8 , maybe 2 -7 start to their season(they will be in most games,but not enough depth. If you’re a fan of football you have to be realistic about the team that will be taking the field for the Miami Dolphins, don’t wear blinders, their schedule is brutal to start). Tony will be gone and the Dolphins fans can cheer on their new HC and GM in their debut on Thursday night football vs Bears. They can rip off about 5 -6 wins from the remaining schedule, and get the fan base excited for a real team in 2011.
    With a Patriots team heading towards a “rebuild”, a Jets team that is either going to be psyched about what they did in 2010 buying into Rex still, or NY fans jumping ship leaving him to go down with the fizzled out excitement, and a Bills team whose guess about what direction this team is trying to build towards is as good as the peanut guys opinion. The Dolphins will be AFC contenders in 2011.

  19. The game passed Parcells by many years ago but he’s still better than the clowns who are running the show in Miami.

  20. I luv this!! all you Dulphags hatin on the jets it was a matter of time before he quit now the dictator has left the building with all those millions. with no one to fear does not bode well for your season!!!!!
    LMAO —
    Can you say 1-15 again or you can start Pop gun pennington again.

  21. When was the last time Parcells won a super bowl
    The same year Bristol Palin was born and
    when Vontae Davis was 2 years old

  22. When they hired Ireland away from the Cowboys, didn’t he need to have “final say” then? If so, what has changed?

  23. Think this has anything to do with the flurry of Dolphins roster activity since Saturday? I’ve never seen a Parcells-run front office act so scared. I can only assume he wasn’t in control, and it’s just been announced…

  24. The timing is the most interesting part. Why the week before the start of the season? Of course we will not hear the full story.

  25. I still think Parcells must have owed Barbie Carpenter’s dad money or something. No other explanation for Parcells taking him in the top 20.

  26. While some of the moves wee questionable, the one thing he did do was shore up the O-line. Past regimes ignored it and it was painfully clear that we weren’t going to be able to run or pass if the O-line couldn’t block.

  27. Interesting timing. Hopefully it is not a health issue, he is mid seventies and putting in the type of hours he does must take a toll.
    The decisions of late are confusing, I wonder if that had anything to do with it. No doubt we are a better team then when he got here, but I hope we aren’t the copy of the Cowboys that can’t get over the hump. Love the Marshall/Dansby pickups, I wonder who madethose decisions on the big ticket players. Anyway, thanks Bill for hopefully righting the ship and leaving it in good hands.

  28. Parcells can keep his full contract no matter what. He could leave all together and still take his full contract. That’s how it was re-written with the change in ownership.
    I guess you can add sparano and Irland to the list of hot seats. They lose this year and they are all gone

  29. texasPHINSfan says:
    September 7, 2010 3:30 PM
    I don’t know what to think of this. Does this explain all the head-scratcher roster moves of late, or did those moves cause a rift that necessitated this?
    All in all I’m not too excited by Parcells’ body of work at Miami, however.
    Ditto. Some great moves but the last couple of weeks have been highly questionable. Lots of ex cowboy rejects. Maybe Ross questioned his loyalty to old players vs. the Dolphins’ best interests.

  30. The Dolphins are a damn disaster! But damn i love those fools..Where’s the Ginn family when you need a hug?

  31. MistrezzRachael says: September 7, 2010 4:01 PM
    Dolphins, aside from Long, have drafted poorly..
    Your the reason females should not even watch football…just get me a beer and chips and GO AWAY

  32. HAHA Parcells dropping sorry Dolphins like a bad habit. Bills and Fish will battle for 3rd place. J E T S JETS JETS JETS… Superbowl bound JETS

  33. I wonder if Parcells is bailing now so he won’t be associated with a 8-8 2010 team that again fails to make the playoffs.

  34. Ron, Please, mommy is calling.
    Like I said…Long is the only strong draft pick. Davis servicable, but the rest of those guys [ including Davis]could not start for NE or the jets.
    Guys like smith, Merling, Pat White…disasters.
    Think you’d be better off washing my panties while I watch the games…then again, might be the closest you get to the real thing.

  35. “Big Papi says:
    September 7, 2010 4:12 PM
    I luv this!! all you Dulphags hatin on the jets it was a matter of time before he quit now the dictator has left the building with all those millions. with no one to fear does not bode well for your season!!!!!
    Hhahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha ha
    LMAO —
    Can you say 1-15 again or you can start Pop gun pennington again

    Haha.. not going to happen, douchebag.
    Btw, Big Papi? Are you serious? Is that what your boyfriend calls you?

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