Donovan McNabb says 'Skins can't win without Albert Haynesworth

Amid increased chatter regarding a trade that would send Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth back to Tennessee and a trend among his teammates to anonymously call him out, the leader of the D.C. offense has made his position on the situation clear.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb said that the Redskins “can’t win without” Haynesworth.

“Albert is one of our brothers in the locker room,” McNabb said during his weekly radio show on ESPN 980.  “[H]e understands, ‘Hey,
I got to put the time and effort in.  We can’t win
without him
.  I think he’ll be here.  I hope he’ll be here.”

Whether he’s there remains to be seen.  In our view, the Redskins need to make a final decision sooner rather than later about Haynesworth — and if the Redskins choose to keep him coach Mike Shanahan should spend less time trying to exact revenge against Haynesworth and more time trying to push Haynesworth’s buttons to get the most out of him.

99 responses to “Donovan McNabb says 'Skins can't win without Albert Haynesworth

  1. i’m curious how anything Shanny has done is “revenge”
    more like shutting up a rotten spoiled, silver spoon fed galoof
    Florio – you have never played organized sports, i’ve realized this now, everything Shanny has done, is exactly what i’ve (and anyone i’ve grown up with,) encountered while playing sports
    Fat Albert needs to man up and act like a professional, period. end of story

  2. Finally, a good closing statement by Florio.
    You’re exactly right. Enough of this bullshit from Shanahan – either get the guy to play well for you or ship him out. Enough with the stupid bullshit drama trying to make him look bad.

  3. its getting to be goddamn rediculous already! You’re not getting your $21M back, so let him play and get the most out of him.

  4. Just trade him to the raiders, and be done with it…he is to much of a distraction for what shanny is trying to build in Washington. Albert will look great in silver and black, wreacking havoc alonside seymour.

  5. When will this ass clown learn to keep his mouth shut? McNabb is not a leader, never was, never will be.

  6. So glad Shanahan is making the decisions and not Florio. If Haynesworth didn’t want to be made an example of then he shouldn’t have put himself in that situation. Period. The coach had no choice but to make sure the team uderstood that no one is more important than the team.

  7. Thanks for leaving Philly Donovan! We don’t need your whacked out logic here anymore. People that go out and play hard instead of causing problems on and off the field are ‘what you need’ Donovan. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  8. Wow, just wow. Did anyone tell Mcnabb that they are trying to get rid of him? Of course not. It the disfunctional home show with your host, ratty Mcrat face. Hey Don, your next up to go after the season. You should know how they work by now. Maybe if Kolb doesn’t workout in filthy you can go crawling back to the iggles and be the backup to the Dog killer and they will bring you in for 5 plays a game. The Racistskins disfunction is very, very comical. BWAAA

  9. They can’t win without him?
    That’s funny because they can’t win with him either.
    Way to support your new team DMac…

  10. At some point Shanahan has to decide who he hates more, the Cowboys or Albert Haynesworth.
    Andre Gurode is the only person who benefits by this circus.

  11. Hahahahahah
    I love u Dmac. just when ur team has come to a concencious, he hits it with a wrench.
    good luck with that Foreskins

  12. Oh look…….The Redskins new GM has spoken, i guess the “give me weapons” mantra fell on deaf ears, so now he’s a defensive guru….

  13. The Skins aren’t winning with him either. You aren’t much of an impact player when you spend half the season at the bench sucking on oxygen. How many SBs have the Redskins and Titans racked up with Fat Albert in the lineup?

  14. If SKins can’t win without that fat dope.. they are in trouble… wait.. we already knew that.
    Dallas 27
    Skins 6

  15. Donovan McNabb at Death’s Door!
    Posted by Mike Florio on September 31, 2010 3:43 PM ET
    Donovan McNabb was quoted today as saying, “Man, I’m starving.” Rumors continue to swirl as to how the team will cope should McNabb succumb to his admittedly dire condition.
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  16. its going to look pretty bleak if they trade him and then mcnabb has this great quote that they can’t win without him. way to inspire confidence in your team

  17. Amazing that McMartyr has his own radio show. When he was here, he rarely had anything to say other than inane comments and company-speak. Must be a scintillating ten minute show.

  18. I’m a lifelong skins’ fan and have long liked McNabb; despite his Eagles association, but a couple of things that have always bugged me about him are starting to surface again:
    1) A quirky personality… why say that you “can’t win without” Haynesworth, knowing the story here and it’s obvious that no one in the organization would endorse that opinion, especially given the recent history! Also, he doesn’t even play on the same side of the ball! Being a leader is laudable; being a goof who doesn’t understand the nuances and boundaries of leadership shows, well… a lack of true leadership!
    2) He has the ugliest body as a QB that I’ve seen since Sonny Jurgenson! Maybe that’s why they like him!

  19. Haynesworth is suffering from severe swelling of the head and wallet and tweaked his vagina in practice.
    Doubtful against Cowboys.

  20. He must smell a trade and has decided to use it to preemptively excuse his and his teams eminent collapse.
    But since he definitely wouldn’t have had that kind of foresight before, I guess we can say he is improving now that he is in DC.

  21. THANK YOU! Finally a Redskin with some common sense. All you “teammates” calling a guy who anchored your line last year can stop calling him out. The only reason Orkapo and Carter did anything last year was HAYNESWORTH. And the D-Line was clearly the only group who performed on the entire team last year. That was the one part of the team that SHOULD NOT have been changed. But of course… Shanahan comes in more concerned about making his mark instead of actually winning.
    If Shanahan would just stop f-ing around with Haynesoworth, this wouldn’t even be an issue. But he keeps digging it back up by talking through the media and using a nonsensical depth chart and playing time.

  22. McNabb would be right if they were in the business of pie eating. But since they’re not he should shut his hole.

  23. “We can’t win without him. ”
    You better learn how to then, because he’s laying on the sidelines most of the time.

  24. I wonder why McNabb said that? It’s not going to look good if we trade Fat Albert right after our QB said that we can’t win without the guy. Keep your mouth shot Donnie!

  25. Redskins can’t win without Haynesworth? Excuse me McNabb, but the Eagles couldn’t win with you, so how’s that make you feel?
    Also… I can think of a lengthy list of players which the Redskins can spend the money they’re paying Haynesworth.

  26. Shanahan is a prick! And Joey Galloway is one of their starting receivers? Haha, good luck with that. 7-9 at best.

  27. Shanahan says he’s getting better, anonymous sources have him in TN already. He’s a Redskin, he’ll play here on Sunday against Tony Homo and the Cowgirls. Week one is here and PFT is still beatin’ this dead horse. I’m sorry my diehard Skins fans have to keep hearin’ this Bull $h!t.

  28. Haynesworth has no work ethics, he’s a lazy millionaire. Mcnabb is a washed up QB looking for headlines. If it was up to Shanahan, I’m sure he’d get rid of him. Albert is just like other trouble maker’s in the NFL. Talk, talk, talk and everyone listens.

  29. Whatever Donovan. Just worry about not killing worms down there in D.C. and hit that open receive on 3rd and 6 will you?

  30. Donovan McNabb says ‘Skins can’t win without Albert Haynesworth
    Well, now those words should tell you what kind of leader the Eagles conned Snyder into accepting.
    No great QB or leader would dare disrespect the other 52 players on his team by uttering those words.(whether it’s true or not)
    There is all the proof ‘ Skins fans need to see what kind of QB will be “leading” your team. To say the Redskins can not win without Haynesworth after observing his antics all thru training camp, and 2 teammates say he dogged it in the last preseason game is the absolute worst thing MENabb could have said and I believe he just lost whatever respect he may have had from his teammates.
    Here comes 6-9 Skins fans!!!! Watch and cry while MEnabb falters while Kolb succeeds

  31. “[H]e understands, ‘Hey, I got to put the time and effort in. ”
    Are you SERIOUS with that statement, McNabb?????????
    Haynesworth has no clue whatsoever about puting time and effort into anything, and Donovan McNabb is already running his mouth off in support of a player he should be distancing himself from. And how grateful will the rest of his team mates be to hear him say “we can’t win without him” ???
    Same old McNabb.

  32. It’s a class move….but not a smart one….
    Donovan shouldn’t say that without a defensive player “he can’t win a game”……he should know better. However, I like the move because regardless of how much haynesworth is being paid, I’m sure he doesn’t like to be criticized the way he has been, and maybe a few nice words by Donovan will go a long way.

  33. And they can win with him??? Dude. What DMc is saying is that The Skinneds season hinges on Albert’s. That give their fans a warm,fuzzy ?

  34. What was the point of this? Of course he’s going to say that since the guy is currently on the team, a true leader is going to say that. Must be a slow news day.

  35. Didn’t take McNabb long to weigh in and try and take over as GM in addition to QB the way he used to in Philly.
    “Brother in the locker room” ? Are you sh*tting me ? The guy is so much your brother he stayed away almost the entire offseason and when he did finally report came in crap condition, has played poorly and clearly doesn’t give the slightest damn about anyone else on the team. He certainly has spent less time in the locker room than anyone else on the team.
    Talk about being an apologist for another player’s pathetically awful behavior.

  36. Looks like he learned his lesson. Had he supported TO from the start we’d probably have won a trophy the next season.

  37. This is why I’m glad McNabb is not on the Eagles anymore. I do not understand why he has to get between players and a team. Its not his decision to keep Haynesworth so why open his mouth about it? This was the MAIN cause of all the drama in Philly towards the end of his career.

  38. Don McSkin is correct. Orakpo and Andre Carter’s sacks would plummet and there would be 0 push on the O-line.
    Wait…is this a hoax?

  39. he is trying to defuse the situation. either that or he is trying to talk him up to get better trade value.
    But I actually agree with your last paragraph. Shan needs to figure out what he is going to do with him and make a final decision.

  40. Can’t win with out him? How is a guy who barely tries and has to come out of the game every other play going to help you win?

  41. Dumb thing to say. Now I hope they do trade him just to see what 5 says before the game. Great message from the veteran leader…”we’re so screwed!!”

  42. The Redskins obviously think they can’t win with him…as long as he is a whiny half-assed lazy little bitch.

  43. they definately need him; but shanadick won’t admit it and would rather lose for a couple of years just to prove a point………priceless. this time dc won’t be able to blame snyder, unless he’s blamed for hiring shanadouche

  44. What does that say if your QB doesn’t think you can win without your fat lazy tard playing?
    Dallas 27
    Skinz 6

  45. This is just strange. I hope they work it out with Fat Al but until then McNabb prolly needs to keep it zipped…now if they bench or trade Fat Al, PFT is gonna concoct a major conspiracy theory of friction between Shanhan and McNabb. boysroll and 555mad are likely to wet their pants.
    Heavens to Betsy.

  46. The only way the ‘Skins could win would be if Art Monk, Gary Clark, Rickey Sanders, Doug Williams, and all the Hogs were still in their twenties.
    The Redskins suck.

  47. Can’t win without Jabba The Haynesworth. Nothing like being an inspiration to your team, Donovan. On that same note, here’s another Donovan observation.
    McNabb was walking down the street, when he saw a big brown pile in front of him. “Wow,” he thought, “that looks like a turd.” So he got closer and bent over…”Wow – smells like a turd.” He then stuck his finger in it. “Wow – feels like a turd.” Then he brought it up to his mouth and sucked down the brown material. “WOW WOW WOW – it even TASTES like a turd. By golly, I think it’s a turd…….good thing I didn’t step in it!”

  48. McNabb said that because he knows that the offense isn’t going to generate a lot of points, so the defense is going to have to win games for the team. Therefore, a motivated Albert Haynesworth will help that to happen.

  49. In my opinion, the term ‘Deadskins’ really isn’t funny anymore since the passing of late Sean Taylor…I guess those less classy fans will still continue their tasteless ways.
    Stay jealous of the Redskins…you only wish your team’s owner would drop 100 million for a lazy SOB.

  50. Did you people hear the interview? What did you want him to say? Yeah trade our best D-lineman to show your in charge coach?. He looks to be in better shape this year, they have noone on the roster that can play like him. But you people would rather have Andre Carter running around on the field like a wounded deer because He’s a “good guy” McNabb is the one with the sense to know that the team is better with him. Florio please start giving some of these people a test before they can comment to make sure they know something about the game.

  51. Obviously he didn’t literally mean they can’t win without him. A little hyperbole goes a long way if you spin it correctly. Additionally, while this site and the DC media is unfalteringly negative, not a single person knows what the chemistry is like within that locker room outside of the team.
    I’m way in favor of the leader of this team showing unmitigated support for one of his teammates. Stop being so cynical, dudes. Trading Haynesworth before the season even starts just seems poor.

  52. Whose afraid of the big fat tard
    the big fat tard
    the big fat tard
    Whose afraid of the big fat tard
    la la la la la

  53. I think McNabb is just trying to stand up for his (at the moment) teammate. With all the negativity that’s getting out about the other players’ feelings regarding Fat Albert, it’s probably good for a teammate to step up and show Fat Albert that he is still wanted if he is willing to work hard

  54. Has anyone asked Shanahan about this? I’m sure he would be interested in his starting QB putting himself into this business.

  55. Taken wayyy out of context. He was saying that a TEAM can’t win unless all of the players are on-board with what they’re doing. He was answering a question about whether he thought Haynesworth would be with the team or traded. He was saying as a player you want all of your guys on the team to win.
    Which is actually a good thing to say.

  56. Looks like McFlabb forgot that Haynesworth isn’t protecting him. Maybe that’s what they oughta do with him; let him guard the QB since he only has to let his fat behind block.

  57. Looks like the Skins are in turmoil again.
    Trust me, Tenn-see doesn’t want him back and this is just a smoke screen to let everyone know he’s available for a trade.
    D Nabb better make sure he’s not part of the problem either.
    Sometimes you can be a leader by being silent.
    Don’t piss off Shanny Daddy.
    Denver was crazy to drive him off.
    They are an ass kicking waiting to happen out there now.
    Top QB gone
    Top WR gone
    Soon the coach will be gone too.

  58. Its Official : The only name to be used with the Washington pro football franchise will be the “Columbian Districtors”.

  59. typical McNabb BS………Get back to us Donnie BOY when you have won something..Oh wait, you haven’t……When he gets a new contract, expect him to tell you he is the leader, until then……Knee deep

  60. Ironic Florio that you would give that advice to Shanahan regarding Haynesworth. I feel like you should follow your own advice when writing these posts and stop always looking for an angle to take jabs at Mike Wise. Just thought.

  61. Come on man. Shanahan’s success has been tied to John Elway. This guy hasn’t done anything before or after. He’s wone 1 playoff game without Elway. what makes him a great coach now? Well, at least Snyder has the money to throw away because that’s what he’s doing.

  62. humnbass says:
    September 7, 2010 6:56 PM
    Come on man. Shanahan’s success has been tied to John Elway. This guy hasn’t done anything before or after. He’s wone 1 playoff game without Elway. what makes him a great coach now? Well, at least Snyder has the money to throw away because that’s what he’s doing.
    You’re clearly a moron. He was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers when they won the Super Bowl in 1994. He didn’t just walk into it, either. He was there for two years prior. He then won two Super Bowls with Denver. He’s part of the Bill Walsh tree.
    Yeah, what a loser.

  63. @habibfromnewdehli,
    Looks like a long disapointing season. Again.
    If you are correct that the D only looked good because of Fat Albert, well, you’re screwed when they sit him on the bench, make him inactive, play him for ten or less snaps a game, or trade him.
    So, you’re officially screwed.

  64. @CHIEF ZEE says:
    September 7, 2010 5:14 PM
    “…. Stay jealous of the Redskins…you only wish your team’s owner would drop 100 million for a lazy SOB.”
    Um, dude, that would be a NO!

  65. McNabb is funny.
    The only thing he ever got right PR-wise was not trying to get praised when the team wins. He’ll tell you “We won as a team.”
    OTOH, when he has that 11-30, 79 yards 2 INT, 1 fumble stinker… he’ll make sure to emphasize that they “lost as a team”.
    And god forbid anyone else plays bad visibly… as Golic would say, McNabb is very much a “I admit… he did it.” kind of guy.

  66. Does anyone, did anybody think when having read this that this may have been a calculated statement by Mcnabb, with orders from the top? I mean nobody is that stupid right?

  67. @ boystroll.. u talk about choking!! LMFAO, you forgot about Homo missing the field goal snap? how about the choke against Minnesota? LMFAO!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahah.. go back to that basement son, you obviously have no f–ing clue what the f-ck your talking about son!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. McNabb, you really need to stop publicly plugging for players. You have done it too often, and it makes you look foolish. You are a good quarterback, but you need to realize that your input should be restricted to private communications to your coach etc. Publicly going out against the management of your new team, as you did in Phil, is hurting you. Do your job, and stay positive publicly. You have a beef or an opinion about a player, or a recommendation, make it in private.
    Don’t cause rifts and undermine the management of your new team, unless you enjoy self fulfilling prophecies. It won’t be because of a lack of Haynesworth that the team loses, it would be because of the rift that remains, created by you.
    What the Redskins NEED on that line is a nose tackle that can play the 3-4. If Haynesworth had actually taken up the challenge he might have been great. instead it looks like he just wants to make enough plays to make the highlight reel occasionally. The nose at the 3-4 is the most important position in that defense, and without it, the 3-4 has zero chance of succeeding. That is why Wilfork is so well known (and paid) now. But you would have to work at that position every snap, and throughout the play, and that just isn’t your style.

  69. McNabb the most hated QB in the league, the Redskins the most hated team in the league. Wow! These sites are becoming more and more like Fox News with the one line quotes.
    I am glad that McNabb stuck up for Haynesworth. Not only McNabb stuck up for Haynesworth, but Mike Shanahan also stood up for Haynesworth. If you go to the Redskins website it is a totally different story.
    Haynesworth is a Skin, and he will be a dominate Skin. Instead of picking on the Redskins and making up stories so that your family can eat, tell the truth about what is going on. Bruce Allen killed that Albert to the Titans rumor. All I see is a bunch of guys who are afraid that the Skins will have a winning team this year.

  70. Skins Fans,
    Why does this surprise you, stop acting like McNabb just uttered his first boner of his career. He has done this time and time again. Poorly worded cliches about a teammate he hardly knows is what McNabb thinks is being a “leader”. That’s how he rolls. A team leader would have surrounded Haynesworth in the corner of the lockerroom and given him a blanket party to get in line with the program, or get out.
    Shanahan really is a fraud, every step he’s taken since being the coach is looking like he thinks its 1997. Good luck with those two at the top of your franchise.
    “I will not boo Kevin Kolb”
    “I will not boo Kevin Kolb”
    “I will not boo Kevin Kolb”
    “I will not boo Kevin Kolb”
    “I will not boo Kevin Kolb”
    “I will not boo Kevin Kolb”
    “I will not boo Kevin Kolb”

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