Four 2009 second-rounders already have moved on

We pointed out the other night that plenty of fifth-round picks from the 2009 draft already have been cut by the teams that drafted them.

The second round of the 2009 draft wasn’t a memorable one, either.

Already, four of the 32 second-round picks have departed the teams that drafted them.  Cornerback Alphonso Smith, the 37th overall pick, has been traded from Denver to Detroit.  The Dolphins have cut quarterback Pat White, the 44th overall pick.  And the Cardinals have parted ways with defensive end Cody Brown, the 63rd overall selection.

Most recently, the Browns cut the cord on second-round linebacker David Veikune, the 52nd overall pick in the 2009 draft.     

Per Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns cut Veikune to create a spot for cornerback Derrick Roberson.  Before the swap, the Browns had 12 linebackers and only three cornerbacks.

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  1. Just one more side effect of the uncapped year, teams are more willing to eat the signing bonuses than usual.

  2. I don’t understand. In each of these instances, Mel Hyper Jr. and Todd Cliche both claimed that these were guys who “could come in and start from day one and really solidify [said] position for the next ten years.”
    Now I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  3. Florio and crew—
    Keep publishing this kind of material. It puts a very telling smear across all the ESPN (and others) hypesters who think the NFL Draft is the do-all and end-all of professional football.
    Many folks have become “Kiperized”(no not a finish for your car), but brainwashed into thinking Ervin Putzski from Northwest Alaska State University is going to revolutionize the professional game. Reggie Bush is the prime example. In college he was untouchable. He’s been a little better than average in the pros. The NFL Draft is hype designed to promote and market. It’s hype has made ESPN and the NFL rich, but the draft is only one piece of filling an NFL roster. As an example, Sunday afternoon, the Packers will take on the Eagles. Starting at nickel back is Sam Shields, late of Miami U., who was an undrafted free agent. The Packers are likely to make the playoffs this year. Who predicted that? The Packers #1 pick, Brian Bulaga, is a backup at both tackle and guard. Barring injury, he might not play much this year.
    Rookies in the NFL are equal to freshman in college. How many have an impact there?

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