Report: Bush will lose his Heisman, and no one else will get it

Though it took way too long for the Heisman Trophy Trust to come to the only right decision in the wake of the NCAA’s ruling that Saints running back Reggie Bush was ineligible to play college football for USC during the entire college football season in which he ultimately won the award given to the best player in (wait for it) college football, the folks responsible for the most recognized and prestigious individual award in all of football reportedly will be taking back Bush’s trophy.

The report comes from Charles Robinson and Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, who collaborated more than four years ago to break the news that Bush was being chased by prospective agents in San Diego for reimbursement of money and housing provided to his family in anticipation of Bush hiring the agents to handle his marketing rights.

Robinson and Cole report that the Heisman Trophy Trust’s investigation is “coming to a close,” and that it ultimately will agree with the NCAA’s conclusion regarding Bush’s eligibility. 

They also report that the award will be left vacant for 2005.  Titans quarterback Vince Young, who played at Texas, was the dominant choice as second place in the balloting, outpacing Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, and Michael Robinson.  Though upset when Bush received the award, Young has privately said that he doesn’t want Bush’s Heisman.

Robinson and Cole explain that the Heisman Trophy Trust opted to move slowly, conducting its own investigation and considering carefully the implications of taking the Heisman away more than four years later.  We also suspect that the powers-that-be wanted to give Bush every opportunity to do the right thing and give the trophy back without being asked to do so.

There’s still a chance that Bush will see the light.  Given the stream of right-versus-might messages he posted last night on his Twitter page regarding the current labor situation in the NFL, Bush should direct some of that principled thinking to his own situation — and he should voluntarily relinquish the award. 

68 responses to “Report: Bush will lose his Heisman, and no one else will get it

  1. Bush should tell the Heisman trust to stick it where the sun don’t shine. If anything, they should make Jason White give his back for sucking.

  2. You can take away the Heisman; everyone knows he won it. That won’t be forgotten for a long time.

  3. Does anyone care about this anymore? He either has or he doesn’t, there’s no point in going back and forth about it.

  4. They can pretend all they want, but he was the best player that year. You can take away wins, titles, blah blah blah, but nobody cares about that crap, its past news. My problem is they all want to blame an 18 year old kid, who sure took money, he was young stupid & 18. Yet the alumni, AD, President, Coaches, agents, etc all let off the hook, & the media well they get right in line in blaming only Bush. Like he had a chance against all these grown-ups who to this day are still doing it to younger players. Bush got caught, yet know one really wants to speak the truth. How much money did USC make off of Bush? The media ought to grow a pair & start reporting what really is going on. Instead of choosing to be in bed with the ones that are truly guilty!!!

  5. Too bad these guys don’t run the ROY voting as well, justice would have been served there as well.

  6. Ridiculous. I always thought the Heisman awarded performance on the field. The fact he got money from boosters has nothing to do with what he did on the field. Not to mention the fact that I am sure he is not the only Heisman winner to break the rules.
    Its so funny how these college football folks walk around acting like the game will be ruined if they don’t punish the Reggie Bushes of the world.

  7. Remember when he dropped 513 yards on Fresno State?
    I hate USC and I hate the Saints, but… damn.

  8. I’m sure the Super Bowl ring will help with the sting of giving back the Heisman…..that he clearly won.

  9. I would bet, if you told all of the Heisman winner from the last 20 years that they would be given amnesty if they admitted to gettign paid in some form…. About 3/4 of them would admit that they did. Just pay the players already and rename it the NFL D-League for god’s sake!

  10. So Rashan Salaam gets to keep his Heisman, but Reggie Bush has to give his back. There is no justice.
    Since he “didn’t play” in 05, does that mean the Saints shouldn’t have drafted him? Maybe he should give back all the money he’s made and his Super Bowl ring, also.
    God forbid a 19 year old kid gets a taste while coaches, AD’s, the school, the conference, and the NCAA makes boatloads of money. It’s SO hypocritical it’s not even funny. Forget the economy, President Obama. Investigate how the NCAA abuses teenagers to make money.

  11. This is BS. Bush earned it ON the field. I’m pretty sure the fact that his parents got a nice house didn’t enhance any of those performances. This whole thing is a joke.

  12. @# Backlund in 2012 says: September 7, 2010 10:04 AM
    “Give it to Fred Goldman.”
    I Lol’d.

  13. I’d just make an identical copy of the trophy and put that one in my house instead.
    and this…
    SFiDC says:
    September 7, 2010 9:55 AM
    Superbowl Ring > Heisman Trophy!
    who cares.

  14. Who cares. Why don’t you “volutarily relinquish” your job on here Florio.
    The Downtown Athletic Club….or you, Robinson and Cole for that matter…could do a detailed investigation into every Heisman Winner and most likely come up with some dirt to make their eligibility for the award come under scrutiny. You think he’s the first Heisman winner to take $$ or gifts from an agent?? No, he’s just the first that had two baffoons chasing him down for it later.
    Hide the award in your closet Reggie (say Kimmie K threw it in the garbage thinking it was an old yard gnome or something) and then just take it out and set it on the mantle every now and then…..with a nice cigar and snifter of Remmy Louis Xiii…..and reflect on how you were the best college football player to set foot on a field for 2005.
    Congrats, you deserve the award. Let idiots like Florio, Coles and Robinson get hung up and bore us with the minutae.

  15. It’s a shame for Vince Young. He was absolutely dominant that year, turning in a Heisman-worthy performance. It just happened to be the same year that Reggie Bush put on a show for the ages. Then it turns out Bush has to give the trophy back, but it still doesn’t go to Young.

  16. Looks like the Heisman committee is populated with whiny Viqueens fans. Also, I question the timing of this.

  17. Bush did what he had to do to survive when he was in college no shame in that, anyone here would have done the same. Tell them to shove that trophy up their ass.

  18. Big G if they would have waited till after the 05 title game to vote, they would have voted for the “real” best player Vince Young who beat your “poor me I was 18 and stupid” Trojans. Typical left Coast thinking…blame it on everyone except the one who does it! Most people I know at 18 know right from wrong. And it looks like the school etc…will be hit also…with no bowls etc..etc… just take it like a man,take the penalty and move on… it’s over and he is making more money now.

  19. The system is a joke as is USC……. They live in their little mighty west coast (conf) world until they have to play real ball and try the SE conf.
    And for those that say others have cheated also ….guess what the difference is! he got caught…Man up left coasters!

  20. “award given to the best player in (wait for it) college football”
    You said it yourself THE BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER …. He was the best and him accepting money didnt make him play any better so this how thing is BS

  21. I have to agree with what seems to be the dominant feeling here: Bush should tell the the Trust to shove it. He won the award. You can’t just take it back 4 years later. He won–it’s a part of history. Everyone knows he was the best player that year, and that won’t change.
    What the NCAA should do is both penalize USC and those who are still associated with college football, then file a civil lawsuit against Bush if they are that incensed about the whole thing.

  22. Apologize Reggie! Then get on with life and the season. Check out – they wrote tips on what you should say to the public. Short, sweet and direct!! Don’t do a Gov. Sanford.

  23. Its a shame that a young kid who makes millions for his school can’t even get at the very least $100 for the week after putting his body on the line for his school…

  24. Bookins,
    The first paragraph is fine. Florio used a subordinating conjunction at the beginning, which necessitates only a comma. It’s actually a well-constructed sentence.
    I’m no particular fan of Florio’s writing, but you clearly don’t understand the language well enough to criticize someone else’s use of it.

  25. “And 5 years later, a Super Bowl ring on my finger, 3 years of banging Kim K and now heading for a 2Dat, I’m over this.”

  26. The inherent hypocrisy of the entire college football revenue system is infuriating. And then Reggie Bush has to be made an example of, because he got caught.

  27. I have mixed feelings about this one. I’m glad that the NCAA is FINALLY doing something about schools/agents paying college kids to play, but they’re punishing the wrong people. Don’t punish the kids that were not even there when the violations occurred.
    It sounds like from everything I’ve heard, the agents were the ones paying Bush’s stepfather at the time. Why can’t the colleges keep the pro sports agents away from the kids and their families until AFTER they’ve declared their intention to go pro? Why doesn’t association with pro sports agents immediatly disqualify you rather than have speculation go on for five years?
    Will USC and the NCAA give back any money they made off of jersey sales and televised USC games? Unless they do, they’re just blowing smoke, and Reggie Bush is just a scapegoat.
    USC and the NCAA saw Bush as cash-cow just as much as the agents did. The difference is that the NCAA will continue to turn their backs and collect their cut and then “investigate” when they have no other choice.
    I remember when it was reported that Vince Young had scored a 6 on the Wonderlic, I heard someone say “In all fairness, he was the starting QB at Texas. When do you think it was the last time he even took a test? High school?”
    Let me be clear here: Reggie Bush, through his family and agents, violated NCAA eligability rules. In no way am I saying that it was good that Bush violated NCAA rules. I am saying that it appears that the NCAA would like us to think that he was the first and only one to ever do so. They would like us to look at Reggie Bush as the one Heisman winner who shamed himself and them by accepting money from agents. All the while, the NCAA continues to make money off of “amatuer” athletes. That is just as dishonest and wrong as anything a kid playing college ball can do.

  28. Meaningless and politically driven award. I never understood why so much attention is given to the Heisman.
    Chris Wienke over Michael Vick? That pretty much sealed it for me.
    Not saying Mike Vick is a hall of famer or anything, but Mike Vick was clearly the best college player that year. Wienke simply piloted the best team. Not the same.

  29. Ah, the (few, thankfully) predictable posts about how NCAA players like Bush are abused by the big, mean ol’ colleges for not paying them when they play. Figure tuition, room & board, and other expenses ran about 40 grand a year during his time at USC. Didn’t he attend 3 years? The way I see it, the university paid the guy around $120,000 for his services and gave him a stage to launch his pro career. Pretty good deal, I think.
    As to the status of his Heisman, I join the “who cares “crowd.”

  30. But he’ll always be known as the cheater who was the ONLY person to ever have the heisman taken from him.
    If it’s no big deal, then why isn’t he talking about it? Because it is an embarrassment.
    Super Bowl ring as a backup RB. He’ll be out of the NFL soon like his buddy, Lienart

  31. None of this had to happen.
    All Reggie (and his “handlers) had to do was make a fair settlement 5 years ago to the promoters/grifters who fronted him and his folks that illegal money and none of this would have ever come out.
    Remember-the stingy man ALWAYS pays the most.

  32. CFB is a fraud and farce about professionalism. The NCAA needs to apologize to all the “semi-pro” football players it has taken advantage of over the years. The ole ‘arts that make up the Heisman Trophy Trust need to ask themselves why the “best” CFB player always plays in the backfield on the offensive side of the ball.

  33. Everyones going to remember Reggie Bush about as long as they do the politican that loses a race. This gutless NCAA never gets a handle on cheating enough to stop a lot of problems. Like the rest of America they are too busy counting money to do their job right.

  34. Now Chris Fowler is reporting on ESPN the Heisman Trust says the report is completely false.
    Something tells me Jason Cole has a terminal illness and is trying to get famous before he dies. First the Favre/Childress crap now a completely debunked report.

  35. CushingWill Kill You, you are a moron yourself if you think Florio’s first sentence is acceptable phrasing in the english language. Perhaps you are suffering from Undertrained English Syndrome?

  36. I think they should leave Reggie alone, let him keep his Trophy. He earned it, he ran up the yardage and scored the points, what happened off the feild, well they should go after the wolves that out there trying to make a fortune off these kids. Poor Reggie is just left holding the bag, what about eveybody else involved.

  37. Hey, he was caught cheating. The award is for amateurs. He does not deserve the award and the award should remain vacant. Finally someone got it right.

  38. Whatever. There’s so many Heisman winners who peak with the award and don’t go on to do much. We don’t recall the majority of them.
    We’ll remember Reggie because his was stripped. Doesn’t matter what light we recall it in, just that he was the best collegiate player that year.
    I don’t think Reggie cares, and I don’t think I much do either.

  39. Ah, justice is finally served. I remember how many morons on here were saying nothing would happen.
    It doesn’t matter if he won the trophy, he made a deal with a agent before declaring his intention to go pro, accepted flights and a condo. The NCAA has rules and he chose not to follow them.
    Lastly, if USC choose to terminate it’s relationship with you, you know you did wrong.
    Reggie Bush – Heisman Trophy Winner 2005*
    *-Accepted improper benefits.

  40. My most enduring memory of Reggie Bush was after the Superbowl when he was being interviewed in the on-field booth — his publicity hound then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian came barging in and monopolized the conversation. The woman is a shameless self-promoter with no apparent talents except her shape. I thought Reggie looked mortified. They broke up soon after with Kim milking her “heartbreak” in the supermarket tabloids.

  41. Can someone please investigate the NCAA for a change? These guys are making millions if not close to billions from these kids.

  42. Slim Charles stole the show with “they should make Jason White give his back for sucking”.. That made my first day back at work after the holiday more enjoyable.. I still laugh when I think about it..

  43. In a related story, Mrs. Heisman lost her bush in a late-night bikini waxing incident. No word yet if Vince Young will get any part of that….

  44. Anyone who has ever paid to send a kid to college will tell you that scholarship athletes are being paid quite well for their services.
    The athlete is being given an opportunity (as someone noted earlier) to launch a career as a professional athlete, and also an opportunity to get an education that will serve him throughout his life, regardless of whether he ever plays professionally.
    Bush broke the rules, and as a result, was declared ineligible to play in 2005. It makes sense to rescind an award he was not eligible to win.

  45. (“They can pretend all they want, but he was the best player that year”)
    best player in the regular games, BUT in the National title game Vince Young was better.
    As for Reggie Bush winning a Super Bowl, it’s easy to win a Super Bowl as a backup running back and not being the key to the team, If Bush wasnt there, the Saints still win, Brees, Sean Payton, Gregg Williams and others are the stars of the Saints. Reggie Bush isnt even a top 10 player on his own team in my view.
    As for the Heisman, he should have it taken away, rules are rules and i ALSO agree with it being vacant. Young also has class, he said himself that he would NOT take the trophy if offered.

  46. The Heisman is awarded for “the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence WITH INTEGRITY.”
    Bush failed to meet that standard. Since he was being paid, he didn’t have to worry about working part-time or the financial struggles of his family. He could concentrate all his energy on football, which gave him an advantage.
    The NFL Hall of Fame is awarded solely for accomplishments on the field and no one should be booted out of the hall for personal issues–especially not personal issues that took place years after retirement. The Heisman has a different mission.

  47. After VY’s Rose Bowl performance, I don’t see how anyone can say that Bush was the best player in the country in 2005. Young is still the only player in college football history to throw for 3000 and run for 1000 yards in a season. VY is about to be robbed again by the HT vacating the award.
    Those who thought Bush was better (and those who still do) are just a product of ESPN hype. “OMGZ did u see what RB did against that awsum Fresno St.!!!1”
    The Heisman should do it the same way the Olympics does. Carl Lewis got the gold when Ben Johnson cheated, same with the American gymnasts when the Chinese used ineligible athletes. Give it to VY, just like would have happened had the voting been done after the season actually ended.

  48. (“After VY’s Rose Bowl performance, I don’t see how anyone can say that Bush was the best player in the country in 2005”)
    Agreed, if Bush was the best in the country, he would’ve proved it in the big game, but he didnt, did he deserve to win the Heisman that year, yes, i agreed, BUT he wasnt the best player in the country because he couldnt play great vs. a good Texas Team, Young, however, ran and threw very well vs. a great USC team.
    As for Bush, like i said, he should have his Heisman vacated, it’s only fair to USC. Big deal!! Bush loses a Heisman, what about his former school!!!! Guys like Matt Barkley can forget winning a National title. the Trophy should be vacated and i agree with the ruling.

  49. He still won it in a moment that can’t be taken away from him. He won and everybody knows he won it because of excellence on the field. He took care of his mama. That is more important that any trophy. It does not make it right, but you can’t blame poor folks for wanting a better life. Have you ever had to make such a decision?

  50. You think this is bad?
    Wait until 2015 when the Saints find out that the NFL has also stripped them of their Super Bowl for using Bush…

  51. “He still won it in a moment that can’t be taken away from him. He won and everybody knows he won it because of excellence on the field. He took care of his mama. That is more important that any trophy. It does not make it right, but you can’t blame poor folks for wanting a better life. Have you ever had to make such a decision?”
    And Ben Johnson stood on the Olympic podium and had a gold medal hung around his neck.

  52. @Allied Biscuit …
    Ah, you must be a Yankee. Yes, darlin’, people actually watch college football. It is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise–and a free farm league for the NFL, which wouldn’t exist without it.
    I watch both, but much prefer the NFL. However, I’m in the minority in my region. College football was THE sport in the South long before pro football, baseball, or basketball found their way here. Every season, I have to grin and bear it while college fans “explain” why their game is “better” than pro. (They claim it’s because college athletes play for love and pro athletes for money. Bush kind of ruins that argument.)
    At least last season was more tolerable than usual … given that I’m in Gator Country … rooting for Alabama 😉
    ROLL TIDE!!!

  53. More FABRICATION by Mike Florio. Here is the official response to this ‘ report’:
    After the Yahoo report was published, ESPN’s Chris Fowler reported on the network’s SportsCenter show that he had subsequently talked to members of the eight-person panel of Heisman Trustees about the status of Bush’s Heisman award.
    Fowler said that the Heisman Trust “has not yet voted” on the status of Bush’s Heisman nor has it discussed the issue at a formal meeting. Fowler also noted that he was told no announcement regarding the Trust’s revocation of Bush’s Heisman “is imminent.”
    Why doesn’t Florio follow up on his original erroneous report? Because the truth isn’t important to him.

  54. Funny how the most hated people who caused the most damage in the 2000s are named Bush.
    The Heisman committee should also look at their own voting record in the last 20 years. With a couple of exceptions, they got the winner wrong every single time. Most of the players were clearly not the best PLAYER in college football. Being on a team surrounded by unbelievable talent in relation to your competition is not the same as being the best player. The evidence is the advancement at the next level. When you have time to make a cup of coffee in the backfield throwing to NFL caliber WRs in a gimmick system, then the “winner” is a product of the system and not the player making the team.

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