Some New Orleans businesses not thrilled with NFL's arrival

We’re two days away from the NFL’s “kickoff concert” and parade in New Orleans.  (And I’m about 12 hours away from arriving in my old college town for the game.)

And while the excitement for the game is feverishly buidling in the city for the game, some New Orleans businesses and artists aren’t wild about the pregame festivities. 

The New Orleans Times-Picayune passes along some businesses around Jackson Square that are unhappy that the Square will be closed all day Wednesday and Thursday.  And that no one told them about it until recently.

“Nobody came to us with any information whatsoever,” one shop owner said.  “We had to solicit it.
We weren’t consulted in any way. Basically the NFL was given free rein
and had no restrictions whatsoever. This is disconcerting for the
business owners and residents.”

Most of the complaints were less about the concert and work disruption itself, and more about the lack of communication. 

“I’m all in favor of promoting the city,” gallery owner Louis Sahuc said. “But when you come
into our front yard, we want you to invite us to the party.”

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  1. So in a city that has always thrived on tourism, and more so now after Katrina, these idiots are upset because the NFL is bringing countless people and countless dollars without “communicating” with them???
    Go ahead morons, close your stores. You’re going to realize what a stupid idea that was when you see all these people, with all their dollars, going into your competitor’s shops.
    Yeah, you’re going to show the NFL, aren’t you?!!!

  2. To be honest, WTF are these guys complaining about? So what you didnt know until a couple weeks ago. And stop with the “I’m all in favor of promoting the city,” gallery owner Louis Sahuc said. “But when you come into our front yard, we want you to invite us to the party.” That’s just horsesh*t. STFU and enjoy all the excitement and prosperity that the NFL brings to your struggling city.

  3. # Patsfan1776 says: September 7, 2010 9:37 AM
    5 years later these people are still f*ing whining. Here’s a thought, take some responsibility for knowing what is going on in your own community and even rebuilding your own community.
    Still upset about that @ss kicking ‘eh?

  4. Way to welcome in the sport that gave your city something to cheer about after lots of tragedy. What a bunch of spoiled brats, wanting everything handed to you on a silver platter…

  5. @Richm2257
    Obviously you’re the moron that cannot comprehend the english language. The shops are going to be closed because the NFL and not to spite the you idiot. Dam some people are f’n stupid.

  6. The people complaining are the street artists and carriage drivers. Basically people who make their living off of that one block radius. So it’s understandable that they’re a bit peeved that they are going to be run out of Jackson Square at a time that the city will be buzzing.

  7. Who Dat complaining about the NFL holding a huge concert in New Orleans? Let’s just enjoy the party, enjoy the game and no bickering over “why the city of New Orleans be giving the NFL free rein over our town?” LOL New Orleans politicians were paid off, that’s why.

  8. Chris Fiorentino: They just wanted to know further in advance so they could make sure they don’t have to do annoying stuff like rework schedules and making sure deliveries aren’t going to be showing up when the area is blocked off. If they would have been told a month in advance I don’t think anybody would have said a word against it. I mean what if they planned on doing an opening week sale or something, put out fliers and ads, and now they can’t even open shop?

  9. I`m guessing from reading this post that the business`s being closed are the outdoor vendors, I could be wrong.It does take space to pull off the event planned by the NFL, and it is great promotion for the city.Something or someone has to give here and it is better to have the event in the heart of The Big Easy than to move it to a parrish that is not so good to be in isn`t it?

  10. Get real, the NFL gives so much hype to New Orleans it’s ridiculous..
    Imagine if the Saints left the region after Katrina?
    I imagine any major city would clamor for the attention, opening game, and concert that this week-long hype is generating..

  11. Pervy, once again…you show your ass. We’re cry babies dude? Please, your pathetic organization wrote the freakin book man. Quite frankly, the reason why the NFL loves New Orleans so much is because it hosts events like the one coming Thursday night better than any city in the country. Say what you want to say about NOLA but the fact remains…no one throws a party like us and the NFL knows it. I am diagnosing you with diarrhea of the mouth!

  12. Stupidity just runs this site!! These people make a living off of these businesses that they are just finding out will be closed days before an event that will bring those businesses money!! Imagine if you owned your own business and someone told you that you had to close during one of the busiest weeks of the year you would be pissed too!!

  13. All you people who think the business people are whiners would you feel the same if the county decided to repave your road and didn’t tell you any details and when you were about to leave for work you couldn’t because they had fresh pavement down? That’s what it sounds like they are upset about, and rightfully so IMO.
    I am really starting to hate the way the NFL does business, like they are a bunch of dictators and EFF anyone else who gets in their way or wants to discuss compromises, etc. Goodell is a son of a politician though, so I am not surprised he treats everyone like underlings who are there to serve him.

  14. You know, on one hand, it’s actually a good idea to go “above and beyond” to make sure anybody whose life you disrupt is fully informed about the upcoming plans. It would have been a good idea for the NFL to do that.
    That said, the info was out there. It has been for months now. All they had to do was hit places like, say,,,,, or any of probably at least half a dozen other sites (including this one) which had that information available. That they failed to look for it isn’t really the NFL’s fault.
    Now some of these people who are complaining probably aren’t actually Saints fans, and/or are people who don’t spend a lot of time on the internet. But the info was very likely also in the Times Picayune as well. There were ways for them to get the info on their own without needing somebody else to hold their hands.

  15. Pervy *Harvin
    “…FEMA doesn’t right pity checks”
    The word is “write.” For the love of God, learn to speak and WRITE in English if you insist on posting on this board.

  16. ViqueenTears says: I am diagnosing you with diarrhea of the mouth!
    You have seen nothing yet….wait until Friday!

  17. buttondown says:
    September 7, 2010 11:48 AM
    The word is “write.” For the love of God, learn to speak and WRITE in English if you insist on posting on this board.
    ————————————————– WOW! You passed the test! You surely didn’t go to school in New Orleans….

  18. Although New Orleans does have a pathetic public school system…it also has some of the best private schools in the nation…starting with Tulane and Loyola. Pervy gets his information from the National Enquirer it seems.

  19. Before Katrina, 64 percent of New Orleans schools were deemed academically unacceptable by the state. By 2009, that was down to 42 percent. Help those kids Viqueen and quit playing blog boy!!!

  20. Pervy, do have one of those cute little horn hats you silly fckers where? I bet you dooooooooooooooo…

  21. Jolly Rodger Godell is killing jobs in NOLA almost as fast as Obama, our Lord and Savior!
    Ol’ Rodger is the Obama of the NFL! Pretty soon Wes Welker won’t have a job!
    I just hope Muriels is open for their Black and Gold cocktails! Geaux Saints!

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