Sponsored post: Crunch time for the Florio Family Feud fantasy league

Every year, I manage a fantasy league consisting of members of my immediate and extended family.  Every year, we scramble to fill up the 12-team league on the day before the automated draft.

This year, we’ve delayed the draft until Wednesday, September 8.  And we still have four empty spots.

As of 5:00 p.m. ET Tuesday, I’ll begin picking PFT readers for inclusion in the league, if any spots remain.  So it’s your last chance to make a case for selection.

Even if you don’t get in, you should still try to join a league of your own at NFL.com.  It’s easy and it’s fast.  Heck, maybe I’ll even set up a PFT Planet League if we fill up the family league by 5:00 p.m. ET.

202 responses to “Sponsored post: Crunch time for the Florio Family Feud fantasy league

  1. I’ll play in your family league. Its almost a given you could beat me a few times. I am a displaced Saints fan living in the Middle East. Got booted from my regular league of my college buddies because they didn’t think I’d be active enough with the 9 hour time difference.

  2. You won’t pick me Florio…
    But, I’d like to point out the NFL using their videos without allowing competators access without charing insane amounts of money should be illegal.

  3. Mr. Florio, I would love to be in this league with you and the fam. I’m a broke college student and I don’t have the money to do a $100 pay league like I normally do. I’m 22 and I’ve been playing fantasy football since I was 12. It’d be my pleasure to bring my talents to your league and gracefully beat the entire Florio family.

  4. Pick me…because I know football, understand fantasy…and REFUSE to play it. It kills my friends that I won’t join their league, but I’d love to win yours.

  5. I want in. Ive been a member of the planet since nfltalk days and I know tacobill in real life.
    but unfortunately I will be in new orleans for the opener and therefore be unable to draft. skol vikes.

  6. I’d love to be in your fantasy league!
    I’m a predator with a few sleepers in my back pocket ready to unload on unsuspecting spectators.

  7. Consider this reader, since it’d be great to have:
    (i) a long time PFT reader;
    (ii) a Brit; and
    (iii) someone to remind you how much better you have it now you don’t practice law.

  8. Love the family leagues. I’ve been doing a family league with my dad and brothers for 8 years now… all along the way, using PFT as what used to be my secret weapon / source for news, until you go big and all. I’d love to get in on the Florio draft

  9. Put me in the league and I’ll prove once and for all that the common man knows way more about football than Florio, which shouldn’t be hard to do.
    Either way…love the site.

  10. I suggest a PFT DWAA (Days With Out An Arrest) fantasy team of all the likely lads who grace these pages. Plaxico out of jail at WR, Rothlesberger, etc. Patriots’ Brandon Spikes is included only if he plays in shoulder pads, only.

  11. Oh yeah, and I’m also the guy that says you look like a young David Byrne from Talking Heads and now you’re actually a “talking head” on tv!

  12. Mike, I run a family theme league myself and I know it can be a pain in the @$$ to fill up the league. I’d like to grab a spot in your league.

  13. Pick me Florio!
    I live in Johannesburg, South Africa so I don’t get the best of the fantasy experience year in and year out because I usually play in a random league with a bunch of mute circus monkeys who fail to pitch up for the draft. I don’t get to experience the fantasy water cooler chats, the random trash talking, heck even the games are at crazy times for me and ESPN International only shows the Sunday and Monday night football games at the very manageable time of 3am!!!
    Please Mike! Make this year’s fantasy football season a memorable one for (quite possibly) the only PFT lover and NFL fan living in South Africa.
    My track record in fantasy speaks for itself… I’ve had 3/3 CBS fantasy teams in the past two years make their respective league’s playoffs 😉

  14. I have a lot of time in my hands these days due to unemployment. I don’t have anything to do during when I’m not busting my ass trying to find another job. Might end up loosing my house if things don’t get better soon.

  15. Mike… New baby need to do something mildly entertaining while I am sitting at home for the next 3 months while the wife is working………

  16. Florio, sign me up. I live in the Burgh and, like you, am a Steelers fan. So not only is my football knowledge superior to these other jagoffs on here, but I could get along with some WVers no problem. And once I dominate your league I’ll buy you a Primanti’s sandwich and an Iron to cope with losing.

  17. My Florio fantasy is … oh wait! I’d appreciate the opportunity to participate your league (as long as the winner doesn’t get an autographed copy of “Quarterback of the Future”)!

  18. I’ll play. I’m an active player, and an avid reader. How bout this, loser takes winner down the Youghiogheny when it’s over? Or if it’s a Patriots fan who wins (are they in WV), we can do the Cheat River?
    I’m all over it.

  19. Florio! I will take the last spot, You need a Canadian in the league, and I promise I won’t draft any CFL players, and all my Canadian buddies, that I have turned on to your site will shit their pants!
    I have been a Bengal fan in Canada for 25 years, so you can only imagine the abuse I have been taking, so aI am ready for anything your family can dish out. I am a regular fantasy player and an absolute NFL junkie, and I promise I will stay involved ( not one of those losers, that loses a couple weeks, then stops playing, and screws up the whole league).

  20. Since most of my “inside info” comes from your site, I’d be the perfect dummy bag for your league. Any time you wanted to beat me to the punch, all you have to do is make the move before you post it.
    Also, I have a girlfriend in WV, I did my seminar paper in law school on the personal conduct policy, I’m willing to make Seinfeld references on command, and I too used to drive a Van that sort of resembles a spaceship. I think that counts as related in the Mountain State.

  21. Florio,
    I’d like to join your family league. I am competent at FF. I’m not serving in Iraq (though I thank those of you that do), not too poor to join a $ league, and not proving my point that I’m too good for fantasy football by petitioning to join a fantasy league. I guess this makes me the average guy pick.
    I should also note, I’m a Packer fan and I have Chris Johnson in all three of my other leagues. This is probably my year for Football and you may just want to stay way.
    I’d also like to note I’m slightly concerned you opening the league to PFT readers may lead to more misinformation that usual. Keep up the… work.

  22. Dear Mr. Florio,
    I respectfully request that you include me in your selection process as a “Florio Family Feud League team owner”. I have been playing Fantasy Football religiously for over ten years. I have won the Super Bowl three times in my league and consider myself a fierce and knowledgable competitor
    At times my love of Fantasy Football has threatened my marriage and health. The other night my wife turned to me in bed and asked “If you could have anything, what would be your fantasy?” I replied “Tom Brady”
    Unfortunately for me, I asked her what her fantasy was and she, also, replied “Tom Brady”.
    If selected to participate in your league I will not take it lightly. I will work hard to embarrass you in front of your family and the nation.
    ~ Jon
    p.s. Good interview last night on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston. As usual, I disagreed with most of what you said.

  23. I would make a case to join your league, but I don’t think you want me to hit your league with the force of Hurricane Katrina…

  24. @BufuBucky
    Sorry you’re a Packers fan and I’m even more sorry you’re banking that much on Chris Johnson to come close to what he did last year.

  25. In case I am not picked to join the Florio Family Feud, I will have to make an offer you can’t refuse.
    Do you have a favorite horse?

  26. No fake sob story. No Florio butt polishing. No pompous trash talking. I just want to have fun and play in your league.

  27. Hello-
    To whom it ma y concern,
    I’m a poor black man living on the streets, and using the computer at my local library. I almost made it into the NFL on a scholarship from my science project. Please pick me, and I”ll put a good word to Jim Brown for ya!

  28. Please let me in!! It’s an easy win for even the least knowledgable people (like the ones that post stories on this site) and who else is easier to make fun of then me……ok, maybe Florio is, but really, who’s counting!!!
    If that doesn’t work, I’ll pull out the ultimate bribe…..I’ll not only buy your book Florio, but I will by Florio Jr’s 1st CD…..ya, the rest of the readers can all me pathetic at any time now……

  29. I also have been let down in a family oriented FF league. Draft was supposed to be last night but got pushed back and the prospects don’t look good.
    I could use your league as a replacement for my annual beat the crap out of some kinfolk league.

  30. Florio,
    If you can’t find 4 more worthy candidates for the league I will be glad to play.

  31. Florio!
    I would love to join your league. I am a sharp fantasy football player. I have been commissioner of an awesome keeper league for 7 years running, and have played FF for 9 years.
    I was looking to join another league, sans commish duties.
    I am a fierce competitor, amusing trash talker, and highly active owner. I am also Canadian, so it would be especially embarrassing for your whole family to lose to a Canuck.
    Pick me Florio! You won’t be disappointed (that is, until we face each other on the fantasy gridiron).

  32. Reasons to invite me:
    1- Long time reader, first time poster?
    2-I’m in Jacksonville and dont hate you?
    3-Tebow came to me in a vision and said you would pick me?

  33. How precious! Florio’s family league! What do you do during your draft? Make fun of Tebow’s religion while ripping Dan Hampton for his comments?

  34. Florio,
    Pick me! I have two children under the age of two and am in the process of launching a start-up so I am up at all hours of the night working, changing diapers, and or reading PFT, sometimes all three at once.

  35. Its simple really. Beside being a football genius, a junior level contributor to leads on stories, Ive also spread the joy of PFT to countless people over the years.
    Picking Kravon – is a pick for the people.
    PFT Charter Member.

  36. Mike Florio,
    I would love to be in your family fantasy football league. I listen to you weekly on the Paul Allen show on KFAN! You have a great football mind and would like to challenge you and your family to a battle of football wits!
    Do you have what it takes to take me on in your league?
    Go Vikes!

  37. I would play, but admittedly I harbor suspicions in regards to your scoring system. I know there’s got to be some way that Pat White racks up points for you every week, but until I crack that code, I’m afraid I’ll be at an extreme disadvantage.

  38. Mr. Florio,
    Listening to you talk to PA right now on KFAN here in 2010-2011 Super Bowl winning city of Minneapolis.
    I would love a chance to represent the purple and gold in your fantasy league. Someone needs to stick up for the great white horse we call Brett Favre here. Or as PA says, “Told you WILDFIRE was just over the hill. Told you the sounds of his hooves were heard by Great Football Minds… Wildfire has come down from Yellow Mountain, and we are going to Dallas to play in the Super bowl. We knocked on the door last year and will kick down the son of a beeotch this year.”

  39. You know I was talking to Bob Sacamento last night and he’s doing a fantasy football league with his family…yeahhhh…they asked ME to play…ahhh where’s the lunch meat?!…so anyway Newman swiped a magazine out of the mail and we’re staying up ALLLLLLL night researching this stuff. Gonna take Keith Hernandez in the first round…I’M GONNA BE RICH JERRY!
    hit me up Florio danfinocchio@gmail.com

  40. Oooh, oooh … Pick me, Pick me!
    My family & friends league just crapped out on me at the last minute (apparently there’s a lot of that going around).
    So now my sons and I are leagueless. Fantasy nomads if you will.
    Plus … Trash talking with you in a league in front of your family would be much more fun than simply posting nasty comments here at PFT!!!

  41. Wow, what to do when you really wanna get pick for something. Should I go sympathetic and say i got booted from my league because my friends don’t like me and that I smell like soup? Or should I go with the professional route and state my qualifications like a resume with past championships and draft boards. Or the always clever but oft duplicated funny attempt to get noticed. A few tebow jokes maybe a jab a Florio’s family and boom I’m in. Hmmm so many options to get noticed. . . .

  42. Pick me bcuz i’m definitely the most attractive and probably the most QUALIFIED…i’m a college student and my father has coached in the pros my entire life…besides, i’ve done fantasy for almost 10yrs

  43. I would love to play. If not selected I will be angry….. “Like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.”

  44. Hey Florio, pick me for your league ( I know you probably won’t but hear me out). I’ve never played fantasy football (I’m an easy win for you). Besides, I’m a New Orleans resident and Dan Hampton’s comments have hurt me deeply. It’ll make me feel better. And i’ll root for WVU at the LSU game this year.

  45. I’m grooming my chia pet to have your hair Florio, plus I’m growing a sponge Rosenthal in water. Clearly I’m your biggest support of PFT pick me.

  46. I love the band Phish……Im a colts fan…..ill be active, ill put my lineup in every week….i wont use bad language around your family. Im from the midwest…..i wish i had your vw bus……..you can pull any line from any movie that was worth watching in the last 25 years and ill know exactly what your talking about. Im 31 married with one child. I used to have season tickets to the colts but with the baby its just not in the cards anymore. I should be a broadcaster. I live football i say what the broadcasters say on tv before they say it, with the exception of the idiots. I think jamie dukes is garbage as well as jason smith on espn radio……pick me !

  47. If Florio wasn’t gay I would actually want to be in this league. Plus, if his family knows as much about football as him, I would just embarrass them all anyway.

  48. I need to be in your league to be a part of a great football mind. I live in Minneapolis, MN and I cant get that listening to PA on the radio.

  49. As I said on a diff post – I’d love the chance to show you up in a Fantasy league…..
    Heard you on KFAN this morning, I still say you know nothing about football beyond what you read elsewhere and Paul Allen should be ashamed to be associated with you!
    Most likely, that statement alone will keep me out of your league, but gotta give me credit for voicing my opinion/stating fact

  50. I can come up with funny team names, and I won’t rip on you on your blog. If that doesn’t make me worthy, I don’t know what does.

  51. No one wants to play in your stupid league, just go to 8 teams. Didn’t you have 12 last year? The fact that 1/3 of the family that played in your league doesn’t want to come back should tell you something.
    That being said, if you really want me to wipe the table with you, let me know.

  52. I would be the perfect addition to your family league, because this year, for the first time in many years, I do not have a family league of my own to participate in. For some reason, it dissolved this year. So I am an orphan. Sure, I have a few other fantasy leagues with friends and colleagues, but they are simply not the same.
    And this all happened only a couple years after the prolonged estrangement from my football father, Brett Favre. We used to have fun every Sunday, laughing and smiling as we piled up the wins. But then something changed, and he decided to move in with my mom’s ugly step-sister. Now we won’t accept his calls, and when I ask my mom about him, she just gets all quiet and says, “That part of my life is over. Go put on your Rodgers jersey and get ready for dinner.”

  53. just moved to phily. no friends. 1st time in 19 years I have no live draft. willing to stoop to automated level.

  54. Florio,
    I’ll join your family league, but only if it truly means you consider me family. I’m a 27 year old account and I sit in front of a computer pretty much all day every day. If this league costs money, I’d like to think that I’ve already paid with thousands and thousands of page-views over the past several years.

  55. Mike I am in if you need someone!
    Since you regularly kill the Jags every opportunity you get, you might as well beat a Jag fan twice a year in fantasy football.
    That being said, beating you in fantasy football would probably make me some kinda hero in town, might even come with a key to the city. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

  56. Florio Dudes!
    I already responded to the first of these articles a few days ago (and I have probably read every article in between – or at least skimmed over them), so you know I am always on the PFT site, even from the rain forests of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. In fact, pro football in general plays a major role in my life. I actually get bummed out every day at the end of NFL Total Access when I realize there will be no more breaking news from around the league until the following morning, and this is as true in March as it is today.
    In the mornings when I arrive at my office, an internet cafe and travel agency, the first thing that I do is catch up on all of the breaking football news from PFT and other NFL sites (unless I actually have to do work, god forbid). Because of the two hour time difference between C.R. and the East Coast, by 8:00 am local time there is generally a decent amount of new information, which I eagerly take in from PFT and other NFL news outlets.
    So, as a devoted ProFootballTalk fan and admitted football freak, you should definitely pick me for the Florio Family Fantasy League because I love football, I love PFT, and I love worthy competition. I am also the only guy commenting here who surfs double overhead bombs and craves barrels. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2003 with a history degree, and I choose to confront dung throwing monkeys and ride whale sharks with my free time… seriously.

  57. Anyone having further information on the “Florio Family Feud” please contact the Organized Crime Unit at 1-800-MAFIOSO. All calls will be treated with confidentiality and there may be a reward.

  58. This Fall I wanna take my talents to the Florio family football league…….
    I want to have an easy way to contact you when the 9ers are climbing the standings are you keep saying “it’s because of an easy schedule”
    Put me in Florio, Im ready to play

  59. I have been looking for a second league to play in and I would love to be able to say I am competing against you and your family.

  60. I’ll be that guy who uses every second of every pick in the draft. I’ll pick at least 3 players on the PUP/IA list. I’ll constantly barrage you with impossible trade requests. And I’ll post off football topics via the league’s email box.
    PICK ME!

  61. I retired from fantasy football a year ago after winning both of my leagues but for you I am feeling like my ankle could hold up for one more year. You of course will have to send Florio Jr. and an obscure cousin down here to Dallas to help me get on the plane though.

  62. I created a new account(after lurking for 10 years) just so I could play in your league.
    I will be an active participant, if selected.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  63. Reasons I should be in your league
    1) I’m Black, and will probably bring some needed diversity to the Florio family fantasy league
    2) I’m not going to be the guy following “the book” on fantasy or who is a homer picking off his favorite teams players
    3) I’ll bring some humor to it, if y’all don’t got that already . . . I can keep it clean, or however you like
    4) I’m a graduate student. I got the smarts to talk trash to you in lawyer speak, and the street cred to get down and dirty
    Overall, if you don’t select me I’ll just count that as being champion of your league. Because not selecting me is tantamount to admiting failure in your fantasy career.
    You have a chance to step up here, Florio. Don’t waste it.
    PS. I don’t hate on your opinion pieces like these other tools who read your opinions just to hate on you having an opinoin. So i got that going for me . . .

  64. an oppertunity to join the Florio family feud fantasty football 2010?
    Survey says: beats the heck out of a free subscription to PFT!
    I spend part of most Sundays in my local sports bar watchin the Pack. Would be great to take part in fantasy so I could make use of my Sprint smart phone after driving to the bar on my GEICO insured motorcycle to watch the game on NBC whilst also getting excited for the NBC fall lineup and simultaneouly buying Packers tickets from Ticket City for when I visit my mom over the hollidays.
    And if I loose I will buy and read Quarterback of the Future as well as pre order a PFT 2011 season preview mag, can always use lining for the litter box.

  65. Florio, pick me!
    I swear I’ll post on every article for the next year. I’m in need of one more league this year and can’t think of any better then beating the Lord of NBC football himself 😉

  66. Having ran a league for 10 years starting back in the days of calculating scores by hand from the USA Today, I can feel your pain. Too many years we were scrambling for owners. Unfortunately, that usually meant that we got one (or more) owners that didn’t really have their hearts in it or didn’t have the time to dedicate to putting in the best team and making good moves. When that happens, you end up with an unfair and unbalanced league since teams playing against an uninterested/absent team have an unfair advantage.
    I’d love to compete in a family league – consider me your long lost cousin!

  67. If you wanna be DOMINATED at Fantasy Football, then let me join your league. However, If you actually wanna chance at winning, don’t even think of inviting me! Good luck in your league, big guy!

  68. I’ve been playing since I was in grade school (and no, I’m still not in grade school but I can see why you’d expect that on this site). I’ve been playing for more than 10 years and so I know what I’m doing.
    I’m not a fantasy expert, so I’m not going to sweep the league. However, I’ll be no slouch and I always play to the end (at least being a spoiler if all else fails).
    I’m one that plays fantasy sports just to have fun and I never take it to a personal level. And since I’ve always respected you and your site for many years, I logged into the comments page (something I always fear! Haha) and give my plea to you.

  69. What’s fantasy football?
    Is that where the packer fans proclaim their team to go 12-4 (at least) every year.
    And than back it up by telling you how many trophies they won from the 20’s-60’s when you say anything bad about the team?
    Nah, no thanks. I get enough of that on here.
    Your league? WTF, why not?

  70. Want zero parts of that league Florio. I’d dominate it and would feel like I’d take a step or two backwards in life.

  71. Florio, I would LOOOOOOOVE to be in your league. I promise to split my winnings with you and if there are no winnings, once I win I promise to give you some credit . Also, if I’m in this league, I will make this league my priority, it will be this FIRST one I check every morning!
    I’m your #1 fan Florio, so if you let me in, please don’t take the season-long-smack-talking seriously!

  72. Florio,
    I would love to be in one of your leagues. I dig the way you look at things and would love to see the way you run a Fantasy League. Thanks for the consideration.

  73. Florio,
    I sat in my car this morning (which made me late to work) to hear what you had to say this morning on KFAN w/ P.A.
    I check PFT multiple times per day instead of other sites (like ESPN) for a couple of reasons. PFT actually reports and elaborates more than the bare minimum and gives insight to the story. Also when it comes to the legal lingo (CBA, contracts, rules, etc.) you actually understand it and give an understandable explanation of what it means.
    I don’t understand all of the haters out there that leave derogatory comments towards you. First if they dont care what you have to say, why do they read your posts? Also why dont they grow a pair and start their own website if they are so much smarter?
    I am “a great fantasy football mind” and would LOVE to take you on Florio. If you want a challenge let me know!
    – DW

  74. Fine, you talked me into it. Just so you know I am very competitive, can talk the talk if needed, and will have my lineup ready each week. Not like some of these bums out there. Next year this will be the Baxter/Florio league, assuming the winner gets to name it. Have to keep part of the original name.

  75. Florio, I would love to fetter your family in your familiar fantasy football federation due to my felicitous football familiarity and facts.

  76. Pick me Florio….because I am always supportive of your articles and posts and I think the world of you.
    We would have great fun and I would constantly be there to be your rock of support while your 8 year old niece and 97 year old Aunt work you over on a weekly basis like a rented mule.

  77. I typically have at least one team every year on NFL.com (as well as my regular leagues on yahoo), however I haven’t gotten around to making an NFL.com team yet. Joining the Florio Family Feud would solve that problem, and hey when I lose to great Aunt Marcy in week 2 you’ll have someone to make fun of and give your great aunt some more joy in her life!

  78. Florio,
    I read PFT 10 times a day. I even gave pageviews to your (terrible) SportingNews articles.
    I feel an overwhelming desire (as I’m sure the rest of your family does) to destroy you in Fantasy Football. I’m also pretty confident I can do it.
    Also, I’m from Florida and stuck in New England with a bunch of Patriot fans and winter on its way. Don’t you want to do something nice for someone who readily acknowledges what you do well (Break News) and what you’re awful at (analysis)?

  79. In World War 2, the Japanese always randomly selected one prisoner to kill immediately, to set an example.
    I think I would be good at choosing who would be the next to die.

  80. Only bribe I will offer is purchasing a PFT lifetime subscription….
    or I could get you a Bosley gift certificate, but NBC probably takes care of that now.
    I will say that I would refuse to be cradled in the bosom of mountain mama…and I know thats a dealbreaker!

  81. I am perfect for your league Florio, this is why
    F – family friendly – I am, you don’t want a-holes in a family league
    L – loser – you need to be a bit of a loser to agonize over selecting Jacoby Jones instead of Mike Williams (either one)
    O – Orange fan, you have to be a college fan to play fantasy football!
    R – Rice, my last name, which is obviously a huge positive
    I – Insanely funny – now would be the time to say something funny but I only perform in message boards
    O – Opisthenar, as in I know fantasy football like …
    i’ll save you the click, you can email me directly at rice@ricma.com

  82. I’d really like to play with your extended family!
    Keep in mind that I never win anything which is further perpetuated by your decision to not pick me. Don’t worry I’ll get over it, although this would have been the only way to get me hooked into fantasy football which I still don’t understand the popularity.

  83. Hey Mike,
    I can constantly tell your son why he should go to a good college instead of pursuing rock and roll.
    And I can also make your exceptional real football writing look even better when compared to my amateur fake football column.
    And also, I am terrible at FF, so usually an easy out.
    Chris Lee
    aka Hamilton “Fatass” Malone in most FF Leagues

  84. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.
    I’m also great at fantasy and if there is money on the line, I’d like to take it from you.

  85. If you like competition, you definitely want me. I’ve been playing since 1984!
    My first team?
    QB – Marino
    RB – Dickerson
    RB – M.Allen
    WR- Duper
    WR- Clayton
    TE – Christensen
    PK – K.Butler
    Did I win. Yep.
    Also, was an employee of the NFLPA and am still connected to some of the people there, so I get good inside information.
    Last year I had two teams, both made the finals (but lost).
    I live and breathe FFL.

  86. Hey Florio,
    Simply put, add me as I know you want another Viking fan in your fantasy league who would take AD #1! 🙂 LOL

  87. It would really be a nice pick-me-up if you were to allow me to be in your fantasy league.
    Not to give you some sob story, but I recently burned my foot on my George Foreman grill…

  88. RC IV says:
    September 7, 2010 12:22 PM
    What’s fantasy football?
    Is that where the packer fans proclaim their team to go 12-4 (at least) every year.
    And than back it up by telling you how many trophies they won from the 20’s-60’s when you say anything bad about the team?
    Nah, no thanks. I get enough of that on here.
    Your league? WTF, why not?
    Good one.
    It’s well known and assumed that the only way you’ll get a championship trophy in MN is from a “fantasy” football league.
    Your extended mentions of Packer championships only leads me to believe that if your team would ever win one…let alone 12…you probably wouldn’t STFU about it.

  89. My friends and I invented the dynasty league in 1988 and are now in our 23rd year. My son and I will give you a run for your money.

  90. Dear Mr. Florio-
    I would like to throw my hat in the ring for inclusion into the Florio Family Fantasy Football League.
    I’ve been a big Florio fan and loyal PFT follower for about 4 years now. I stumbled upon the site a little before T.O.’s suicide attempt in 2006. To this day, the picture with Cousin It as his publicist is my all-time favorite PFT image. I’ve always been blown away by how an average guy could become such an important member of the NFL world just my working his ass off and having something to say.
    I really am a fan, too. I realized just the other day that I might have ventured into the creepy zone- I turned on Fox Sports’s Stephen A Smith show and you were the guest. I instantly knew it was you from hearing your voice. Is that weird?
    Anyway- I really look up to you as an inspiration. I’ve been playing fantasy football for 13 years now (Joined my first league at 13) and have always dreamed of having my website or magazine. Back then people would give me puzzled looks- now I’ve seen a billion dollar industry pass me by. Being in a league as prestigious as this would really give me the inspiration I need to get off my butt and make something of myself.
    If you think I might be the one- shoot me an email at cbarnes@gatorfood.com. Yes, I am a Gator. Hopefully that won’t hurt my chances.

  91. @ neFinFan says:
    September 7, 2010 12:41 PM
    I read PFT 10 times a day. I even gave pageviews to your (terrible) SportingNews articles.
    I feel an overwhelming desire (as I’m sure the rest of your family does) to destroy you in Fantasy Football. I’m also pretty confident I can do it.
    Also, I’m from Florida and stuck in New England with a bunch of Patriot fans and winter on its way. Don’t you want to do something nice for someone who readily acknowledges what you do well (Break News) and what you’re awful at (analysis)?
    lol Nefinfan
    perfectly said

  92. Pick me, I live in North Dakota. We have no football just like West Virginia and have nothing to do but play fantasy football.

  93. Florio, I have been coming to your site daily since it was actually your “second job”. If I have learned anything it is that I would destroy you in fantasy football. Love the news every day and would love to win your league even more. Bring it! Call me, 316-519-2645. Email me, tdehoff@gmail.com. Don’t be scared.

  94. I would love to play in your fantasy league – if for no other reason than I, myself, am a family man, but no one in my family plays fantasy football! Let me know if I can join!
    tyler in Fresno

  95. I’ll throw my hat into the ring. I can keep my smartassed comments family-friendly if need be, and will actually bother to set my rosters every week if you pick me.

  96. Pick me.
    My doctor just told me I am fine enough to communicate with people, although only through phone or email. They said I still need time in my room before I am stable enough.
    What the hell!! Who do they think they are? Stupid sons of bitches. I told them already I don’t have anger management issues.
    Grrhhhma.d fm./n ma ,a,msmasm. Pfft.
    Anyways, I hope you choose me. I won’t be angry if you won’t. Hmmfffhhh.

  97. Sign me up.
    Isn’t Fantasy Football make believe for those guys who used to beat up others for playing Dungeons and Dragons because it was just make believe???
    Yeah, I’m in.

  98. I can see it now…Greenberg will say “It is far and away the most amazing, incredible team I have ever seen in my entire life.” Emmitt will only commit to it being the best team in the “United States of Texas.”
    The team…since we are cursed with his return to the broadcast booth…”The Norman Einsteins.”

  99. I would love to join and show The WVU fans That Pitt is the real thing !!!! Pitt Fans know football !!!!!
    Unless your family doesn’t want to lose to a Pitt Fan ??????

  100. I am all in. Love listening to you on KFAN with PA. Played FF for 10 plus years and would welcome the competition. I would never say die with my team. Sign me up!

  101. I’ll join your league.
    I hate you and I’ll be happy if I finish with 2 fantasy wins. Both against you.

  102. Mike, I’ve been a huge fan of yours and the site. I’ve never understood all the haters around here. The info is great and you are a funny guy as well.
    Please consider me for your league. I am a serious player and a commissioner. I will not bail out on you if my team struggles. I truly enjoy the game win or lose
    Thanks Mike you are doing a great job.
    Eric Meiselbach.

  103. hey florio i’ll play in your league, and i will take adrian peterson so you can when the championship after his 3 fumbles in the league’s championship game…..benching AP not such a dumb idea now PA!

  104. I’d love to be included in your F-Quad League. I’m a little surprised it’s an automated draft and not live bullets. You need to tell the Florios to man-up and spare an hour on Wednesday for the cause. For my case, I’ll sweeten the pot — if you give me one of your manager spots in the Family Feud, I’ll send you a signed copy of my published novel (and maybe even throw in a t-shirt). This book hasn’t been a grand seller on a national scale, even after my best efforts to tell people NOT to buy it. I guess this strategy had a different effect compared to yours. But, if nothing else, you can use it to start your next cook-out. Anyway, that’s my bid. I live in western Maryland so I already feel like family. See you at the victory feast!!

  105. @# bung julio says: September 7, 2010 1:30 PM
    “How much would something like this pay?
    Hey Poo… No Jim Jensen???”
    Lolz. Yeah, I had him, Joe Rose, Fuad Reviez and Dan Johnson too. The Dolphins were insanely high scoring, as I suspect you already knew.

  106. I hear repitition works well for ESPN….RUN RICKY RUN…A NIGHT in LAS VEGAS…PICK BLMF….PICK BLMF…PICK BLMF!!!!

  107. I’d love to be in this league. Don’t really have a lot going on for the next few weeks so being in your league would be nice; it’s the least you could do. Let me know….. I’ll be at home…..doing nothing.

  108. I refuse to suck up to get in.
    In-Fact, If you pick me I want a four year guaranteed entry to the pool, and you have to mail me the book too, or I am holding out.
    My agent will be waiting for your call. I am going fishing until Thursday morning.

  109. It’s all about the hype Florio!
    Pervy vs. The Florio’s : Fantasy Football Free for All live on PPV ! Lebron will be jealous….

  110. Mr. Florio, A year ago a good friend recommended this site to me for football news and I have read it religiously since. this stuff beats listening to idiots on sports center any day (plus its faster).Now I just starting doing fantasy football only a year ago as well but I feel that with predictions either you got it or you don’t and I feel like I’m pretty smart with my calls and got a good system.Now I’m sure there are way more qualified candidates to pick but nothing like a sleeper hey ; )

  111. I would love to join your family fantasy league. I am a Buffalo Bills fan but, you shouldn’t hold that against me. I’ve been a fan of football since I was 10 and have stuck by the Bills through it all. Diehard fan! I have been following this site for about 6 months now, my brother is the one who pointed me to it. Please pick me.

  112. Asking a stranger to join their fantasy football league is the equivalent of asking a person you just met to help you move.
    I don’t think I’m ready for our relationship to reach that level, Keith…I mean Florio.

  113. LMAO! Florio, you just wanted to see how many tools would suck up to you eh? You dropped a big steamer and the flies are swarming, well played!

  114. Canned Heat says:
    September 7, 2010 1:13 PM
    RC IV says:
    September 7, 2010 12:22 PM
    What’s fantasy football?
    Is that where the packer fans proclaim their team to go 12-4 (at least) every year.
    And than back it up by telling you how many trophies they won from the 20’s-60’s when you say anything bad about the team?
    Nah, no thanks. I get enough of that on here.
    Your league? WTF, why not?
    ____________________ _______________
    Good one.
    It’s well known and assumed that the only way you’ll get a championship trophy in MN is from a “fantasy” football league.
    Your extended mentions of Packer championships only leads me to believe that if your team would ever win one…let alone 12…you probably wouldn’t STFU about it.
    Sounds like i hit a little close to home with my comments, huh canned?
    99% of you packer fans are idiots. What i posted describes most of you to a “t”.
    Especially when you are backed into a corner on an argument.
    Most of you are to ignorant to debate, so you just go to the “old standby”, whether it has anything to do with the topic at hand has no bearing to you.
    I can’t wait to see you tools crying when this team disappoints you this year.

  115. Excuss me, Flo….
    You should include me in your FF League because Tim Tebow said so and if you don’t he will kick your ass with with a smile while wearing a John 3:16 eye black sticker.
    You should also include me because I have more FF consecutive starts then Lord Favre. Wait maybe I should retire from FF, and then you will ask me to play? Ya that’s it, Im officially retiring from the Florio Family Feud…
    Lastly, I don’t have much in life and I need a distraction from my divorce from a wife who is an attorney, my dog’s slow death, and the fact that I piss myself everytime someone fires up a microwave.
    Thanks for your exclusion from the league….

  116. I’m a good candidate because I will pay attention to my lineup, come with an original team name (like “Mendenhall & Oates”), be raucous yet tasteful with my smack talk, and field a mildly competitive team.
    I’m already in 3 leagues, and I’m a firm believer in the “diversify my fantasy portfolio” strategy. I try not to have the same guy in 2 leagues in the event that he gets injured or has a bad year. I developed this strategy 2 years ago after i got burned for drafting Tom Brady in all 3 leagues.
    So on that note, you won’t have to worry about me picking players like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, because I already have them in other leagues.
    Plus I’ll send an Edible Arrangement to the winner, since this league probably doesn’t have a trophy. Everybody deserves a trophy…

  117. Nothing would please me more than to have the whip a Florio’s azz every Sunday!
    Can life get better than that?

  118. I refuse to kiss your ass to get into the league. But I will tell you this:
    I am already in 5 other leagues, and my wife said if I join any more she will definitely divorce me.
    So there you have it, the fate of my marriage is in
    your hands.

  119. You should add me to your fantasy league because of pretty much only one reason, my team name is Show Me Your TD’s. Now, i can also offer up that I’m a DIEHARD fantasy geek, but i’ve gone down to only 2 other leagues this year. Its tough….but I can manage a 3rd and still dominate….lol.

  120. Do these peeps not understand what an automated draft is? Frick, all those that talk about the players they will or wont pick should automatically be out of the running, just saying….

  121. …I must say, with all due respect, I find it very hard to see the logic behind some of the moves you have made with this fine organization … all for the glorification of your massive ego.
    Words I live by:
    I lie every second of the day. My whole life is a sham.
    …it’s not a lie if you believe it.
    It became very clear to me … today that every decision I’ve made in my entire life has been wrong.
    No, I mentioned the bisque.
    But I don’t wanna be a pirate!

  122. Florio you seem to fancy either purple or nicknames stemming from Nordic mythology, so today is your chance to have a real “Viking” in your league.
    You and your family circus of a league will have to live with the risk of having your bullocks handed to you by a citizen from a country better known for pastry, first legalization of porn and the Muhammad Drawings.
    Dolphins Season ticket holder for 4 years when I lived in Miami, I’ve played FF for 10 years and Denmark is BY FAR broadcasting more NFL games live (6-7 per week) than any other country outside North America.
    I wonder if you have what it takes to compete against Danish Dynamite….
    Go’ Dolphins !
    P.S. The leading scorer in the NFL is still Morten Andersen !

  123. I don’t have enough people in my family that love me enough to play fantasy football with me either, Mike, so it looks like I’m available. Count me in.

  124. I would love to join the league. I just hope you haven’t already taken my team name: Vandelay Industries. Also, if I am not picked for your Florio Family Feud league, I’d be interested in joining your PFT Planet league, too. You should make it a 20 team super league. I saw on Twitter that that’s what some Yahoo Sports and analysts from other outlets did.

  125. It would be fun to be part of the family league. As a person whose family is a bit nuts, is completely dysfunctional, and who step family is from West Virginia (I’m not sure that is an endorsement), I had cut down from 4 teams this year to two. So, it would be something new to be considered.
    Heck, you can use my draft dominator if you want. 🙂
    My team name can be “Terry Bradshaw is (not) dead”.

  126. Mike –
    I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.
    My fantasy experience includes three years of ffb and one year of fbb for what it’s worth (superbowl each ytd in ffb… not quite as successful in fbb).
    However it turns out, I enjoy reading your insights and actually had the opportunity to say hey through the glass to you and Florio Jr. in the press box at Browns stadium back in August when my family and I were there for family day.
    Enjoy the season!

  127. Mike,
    I have been running my own league for 20 years now – I still remember waking up at 515 in the morning to get the USA Today to find the stats for everyone and doing all the work by hand. It took hours and hours but I loved every minute of it. I would so much enjoy being in your league where I wouldn’t be the commissioner and have to worry about all that comes with that title.
    I live just a bit N of you on 81 just inside the PA border so I wouldn’t be that hard to find if I refuse to pay my dues…
    I really want to join your league and I know my more better bootprint that I will follow this year will not get me debacled and I promise that even if I get blowed out week after week I will continue to play hard and stay as sharp as a whistle.

  128. Yes, I want in. But you can kiss it Florio. I am not begging like all these other losers. If you want me, you’ll call.
    Raider fan in Carolina.

  129. Long time reader, first time commenter.
    My name’s dave, I want to join your league. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.
    If I watch football with someone I expect them to shut their traps and stop kicking the seats! If they think I’m kidding they can try me cause I would love it!!!
    With all due respect, if I find it hard to see the logic behind the move you’ve made with your fantasy organization, if over the fantasy years I see you take your beloved team and reduce them to a laughing stock all for the glorification of your massive ego, then I will loudly protest.

  130. “…I piss myself every time someone fires up a microwave.”
    I just can’t stop laughing when I think of that…NOT.
    How is it funny for someone to lose control of their bladder when their defibrillator gets goosed by a microwave emitting device?
    And to you goes the trophy for most inhumane comment made in an attempt to get accepted into a FANTASY football league…

  131. I am a good candidate because I steal all my fantasy football advise from the juggernaut network out east…this bad idea will surely lead me to a crushing defeat and all glory can be given to you and Paul Allen as true fantasy football immortality….

  132. Sounds like i hit a little close to home with my comments, huh canned?
    99% of you packer fans are idiots. What i posted describes most of you to a “t”.
    Especially when you are backed into a corner on an argument.
    Most of you are to ignorant to debate, so you just go to the “old standby”, whether it has anything to do with the topic at hand has no bearing to you.
    I can’t wait to see you tools crying when this team disappoints you this year.
    If you’re going to criticize one of the largest fan bases in the League, you should at least use spell-check or have your overweight sister come home from your beloved Minnesota State Fair long enough to proof read your comments.
    There’s a whole lot of envy coming from Minnesota fans for the season being so young. Trading away the team’s only hope after Favre’s ankle finally gives out has worn the nerves a bit thin. As far as I can remember, Packer fans don’t have to go back to the 50s and 60s to recall a Championship either.
    All the Viking fans better be nice, you’re going to need the Packers when your team leaves you for Los Angeles and you have no one left to root for. You might get a Championship sooner than you think!

  133. Florio, I’m originally from Clarksburg, transplanted to Columbus, OH. I’m in several times a year to visit my mother and other relatives. We could make a side bet of a meatball sub from Chunki’s on just our two teams. That way one of us would actually win something, which I’m assuming won’t be the case in the actual league itself.

  134. In the history of PFT, this is perhaps the most lighthearted, respectful and, well, pitiful set of comments ever to accompany a post.
    I’d be happy to make some new FF friends. I know the game, I talk smack but always with respect and class, and I’m a regular reader.
    True story: I was the guy who got Pacman Jones to talk about coming to Winnipeg on U-Stream. He looked … happy. His spirits were elevated, which may explain why he couldn’t remember which league he was playing in. I’m sure this was a source of much joy in the Florio household, no doubt.
    Time to return the favor! Sign me up!

  135. Florio,
    Don’t deny it, you know you need me in your league, after all, you need a dumb eagles fan willing to pick all of the eagles earlier then needed and get screwed then come in last in the end. jk every league I’ve been in, I’ve made the playoffs.
    Don’t be a soup nazi, let me join!!

  136. My family can infuriate me unlike any other people on the planet, so sign me up just to piss me off. Is Rosenthal family now, where is that SOB, I’ll kick his ass too.

  137. So basically you’re asking people to tell you their draft strategy then picking people based off that? I will not be revealing how I draft but here is the important stuff. I’m a Bengals fan so we will have a good feud, keeping it clean for the family of course. I check fantasy football even more than I check your site. So there will be no empty slots on my roster.

  138. 1. I’m awesome.
    2. I hate my league-their all a bunch of deadbeats who I have to chase down for the $ after the season to pay out the winner, thus I am looking for another league.
    3. I went to Tulane 2000-2004 and although I never have met Rosenthal (how could I, I choose not to frequent bars like swinging Richards) I truly do envy him for you having pity and giving him a job with this lovely website.
    4. I am dying to contribute to the site as a “medical consultant” (somehow I managed to get my MD) and this seems like a logical way to finagle that.

  139. I’m a Bengal’s fan and a homebrewer. That allows me to brew the beer I need to cry in every Sunday.
    My football joy comes from doing well at fantasy football and I’m always looking for fun leagues to join. I’d be glad to fill a spot in your league.

  140. I’m a Bengal’s fan and a homebrewer. That allows me to brew the beer I need to cry in every Sunday.
    My football joy comes from doing well at fantasy football and I’m always looking for fun leagues to join. I’d be glad to fill a spot in your league.

  141. I was born in West Virginia (Charleston). I am not sure if you were born there or just live there now, but if you were born there then you know that already makes us relatives, so i should be in your family league (or at least that is how all of the West Virginia jokes that have been told to me go).
    I also have met your relative Bret from the Sports Junkies radio show. Ask him about the Bet on Bret radio segments next week when your are on the show.
    Finally, i did purchase your magaize.Thats all I got, no other amusing smart ass comments. I do of course know football and like everyone else posting here, have done fantasy football since its invention.
    Here’s hoping you pick me for the family league, but even more importantly, that next years NFL and fantasy season isnt ruined by the labor negotioations and some sort of lockout.

  142. I’m an NFL agent. Like you, this NFL “game”, runs my life and often times my family (which currently consists of a wife who’s begging for children but knows deep down my clients/ players are the closest she will come to offspring for the foreseeable future) suffers because of my irresistible appetite to sell my soul to the business.
    I read the post and immediately thought this is the best/ only way to con/ include my lovely bride into the thick of my career madness… as you have clearly done with your family. Truly genius. I’ll even give her a fancy title for “our” team such as GM or Player Personnel Director.
    If you reward us with a team, I promise NEVER to act like a real life NFL owner… This means I’ll never COLLUDE any young Florios with low-ball player trade or contract offers, threaten to lock them out of the League message boards, tell them I’m broke and can’t pay my League dues even though I’m loaded, hide or misrepresent any team financial or injury information, or fly to any fantasy matchup game on my private jet using “advanced” TV money I’m earning zillions of dollars of interest on from next year’s League (Lenny Dykstra style).
    Further, last year my old college buddies booted me out of our longtime League due to “insider trading” knowledge. I’ve come to realize I need fantasy football; I miss clients threatening to fire me because I passed on them in the fantasy draft or other League managers clowning me for over-drafting my guys.
    In conclusion, here’s my last pitch-
    To the Florio Family: I not only add “fun factor points” to your League, but I promise to share secret insider NFL info that Mr. PFT will undoubtedly hoard for his competitive advantage.
    To Commish Florio: I will NOT draft anyone from your week 1 starting lineup: QB- Pat White/ Marc Bulger, RB- Steve Slaton, RB- Owen Schmitt, WR- Darius Reynauld, WR- Quincy Wilson, Flex- Famous Amos, TE- Anthony Becht, P- Sauerbrun, K- Pat McAfee. I swear. Although I may take a hard look at Mike “is that guy serious” Vanderjagt for late-season trade-bate in the event he surfaces in the UFL with new found confidence and his patent Barry Bonds style dangle-cross earrings.

  143. How many other readers can honestly say they canceled a date with a guy last week so they wouldn’t miss their fantasy draft? I can, and have an entire office full of people who can vouch for it. Guess that’s what happens when you’re a 26 year old female, cursed with life-long Giants season tickets and a ridiculous love of football. And it was obviously worth canceling the date-the guy was an Eagles fan.

  144. I would be a perfect match for your family league.
    I am a die-hard fantasy fan. I have been in the same league with high school friends for 20 years now.
    I was into Fantasy Football before fantasy football was cool.
    Pick me and you wont’ be dissapointed.

  145. Herein I make my case for why I should be included:
    1. Being a small business owner, I am my own boss and therefore I will have the time and flexibility necessary to properly maintain my fantasy team.
    2. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who was more interested in fantasy football than myself.
    3. I am extremely knowledgeable of all of the different teams, players, and injury situations.
    4. I visit this site many times per day. In fact, this is my favorite website to visit.

  146. Yo Mike. I don’t know if I like football or fantasy football more. Every year I play to win. I spend hours projecting all the fantasy relevant players. I subscribe to Value-Based Drafting thanks to some references YOU made to a guy who subscribes to the system heavily. I play in plenty of different formats:
    -One standard scoring league
    -One standard scoring league with 1/2 PPR and 25 Return Yards = 1 point
    -One “Off-the-Wall” scoring league with bonuses, point-per-catch, point-per-carry, point-per-completion, and a number of other rules that lead to individual player scores ranging from 0 – 100, and weekly team scores going all the way up to 600 points.
    I. Love. Fantasy. Football.
    I’m also very vocal about this. Make a bad trade? You get called out. Make a bad add/drop? You get called out. Make a bad sit/start? You. get. called. out.
    I have four monitors and NFL sunday ticket so I watch about nine football games per sunday, as well as all of the thursday/monday match ups. I check your sight at least twenty times a day for any bit of news that might give me a lead on the next big pick up. There’s money involved in two of my leagues, but I don’t play for that. I play for pride. I play for respect. I play to win. I play to prove to myself that all of this time and hard work actually makes me a good player and a knowledgeable sports person.
    Do you want me in your league? Probably not. Would it be one of the proudest moments in my fantasy football career to beat one of the most knowledgeable NFL followers I know? You bet your ass it would. I want to join your league to beat you. If you accept this challenge then I will gain more respect for you as I trounce you with my football knowledge and force you to bow down to the beast you’ve helped create.

  147. Florio,
    I’m a 2nd year law student at the U. (Contrary to the 30 for 30 film, I do not steal stereos).
    Please give me some type of break from all of this seemingly-endless reading and pick me for your league.
    Don’t worry, I’m from the Midwest I don’t root for “the U”

  148. pick me…. im in the exact same boat as you. my family run league is always tough to fill 8 guys… im short 1 person so if you pick me as your filler.. i’ll pick you

  149. You’ll have to e-mail me an invite, or just post onsite that I’m in the league, as I’ll be at work for the next eight hours. I place impoverished, unwanted orphans into good homes… mostly in West Virgina… as a volunteer… from a wheelchair… with no wheels.
    St. Poo Flinging Monkey

  150. ALRIGHT MR. F HERE’S MY SITUATION. I have an older brother who is a cowboy fan. when i was about 5, he asked me who i wanted to win a game he was watching. well, at 5 y/o you hate your brother who is almost 3 years older. he treated me like garbage. his team was the boys, so i remember thinking to my self, even now, 41 years later, i want the team who’s playin’ your team to win asshole. i was five, been a diehard ever since, and that was growing up on L.I. where the G-MEN were. LOVE FF, YEAH, I’LL BE IN YOUR LEAGUE, THANKS, HAIL!HAIL!!HAIL!!!

  151. I may have just created an account here, but I’ve been reading my news here for a very long time.
    Anyhow, they call me the NFLGuru for a reason, they come to me to cap game spreads and sides. Well, I’m very good at what I do and I know the NFL. I would like to show you by competing in your Fantasy League. You may not want me in if you want to win though as I’m insanely talanted in picking players. I finished in top 15 out of 5000 in the paythefan contest lst year barely missing the 75k jackpot by less than 50 points. Anyways, they scaled back there and are having a contest for 7500, check it out… paythefan.com.
    If you register, please use my code for referrals as at least I referred you: ptf-823
    Its the best contest out there that pays, I’ve been paid. Anyhow, I would love to join your league, I can be counted on to play great and be there for your draft. Email me at:
    TheNFLGuru3@hotmail.com for any questions or concerns on anything football related.
    I love the NFL!!!!!

  152. I wonder how many of you freaks begging to join his league have called him out on his reporting or ripped him in general. What a bunch of pathetic losers!

  153. I am almost like family…. your brother-in-law (Michael O.) is my brother-in-law’s (Roy H.)best friend. So that makes me like nobody…. but the family grape vine is what turned me on to this site about 4 years ago and I have enjoyed the content and watching it grow….. it has also afforded me one stop shopping for info tidbits for my fantasy efforts.
    So if playing the connected to your family card work as well as the sucking up card ….. maybe I have a shot right. (ok, I will add this as well ….. I am from the burgh and a huge Steeler’s fan too, that has to be worth another half point or so) (while I am at it I am a disabled veteran of the US Army as well, that is at least another half point).

  154. I would like to play. I play every year with my dad, except this year. I would love to have something to do that was fun that didn’t involve my schoolwork, my kids, or my job. This sounds like it would be the most fun I have had in forever, heh. Thank you for your time.

  155. You’ll have to PAY ME to play with you inbreds.
    Are you kidding me?
    Do you talk smack to your family?
    Can I bang on you about getting your tubes tied because if your children got your genes instead of your wife’s (from reading what you write)… and they don’t have a chance, you should not be able to pass on your worthless DNA?
    4 spots open ?
    I can see by what you write it will be a weekly floor mopping with my MAD FANTASY SKILLS !
    Your family would never be normal if I was in a league with you all… wait a second… never mind…
    it was too obvious of a shot.

  156. So wait, a second call looking to fill those spots? Does the first still count? Wait…wait the first call should still count since this is just another chance to mention NFL Fantasy Football hence the sponsored post tag.
    See my previous entry and pick me.
    Or do I really need to write something about how great at fantasy football I am/sad my situation is/in the military/outspoken about trades and bad moves/or some other douchebag type story?

  157. Mike, you GOTTA pick TJ Houshmazoad in the sixth round, then pick TJ Howshmanilly, then TJ Whosyourmomma, and finally TJ Howshmazilly.

  158. …I got beer and bitches Florio. Two freezers filled with grass fed Kobe Beef. You know you want to hang with the Pervmeister….

  159. Florio,
    I already gave you my letter of application to this fantasy league the last time you posted this feed. I don’t get why you are asking again? I have to say I would love to join and “Take my talents to South Beach” (Or FFFFFL- Florio Family Fued Fantasy Football League).
    PS- I always draft Marshawn Lynch simply to click on his name and see that hideous mugshot every time I log in.

  160. NFLGuru3 says:
    “Anyhow, they call me the NFLGuru for a reason.”
    Did you whack NFLGuru and NFLGuru2 on your way up?

  161. C’mon Florio…you never sent me the Quarterback Of The Future book I won, but this would surely make up for it…

  162. You should pick me because I read your pre-NBC-mouse-driven site while my wife was in labor. On the same day as Suzy Kolber had her baby in 2008. And you sent an email congratulating me for it and made a joke about a sitz bath which I didn’t get.
    That practically makes us family. (I’m sorry too)

  163. Chuck Norris 26 says:
    September 7, 2010 10:54 AM
    Mr. Florio,
    Listening to you talk to PA right now on KFAN here in 2010-2011 Super Bowl winning city of Minneapolis.
    You are obviously hoping Florio’s fantasy football league doesn’t have drug testing.

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