With new long-term deal, Rich Eisen takes over NFL GameDay Morning

NFL Network host Rich Eisen, who has been the face of the league-owned effort since it launched nearly seven years ago, recently was the subject of speculation as to his future with the operation, given that his contract was expiring and that former ESPN exec Mark Shapiro has been hired by NFLN.  Shapiro had a key management role at ESPN when Eisen left Bristol, and some believed — incorrectly, as it turns out — that there were lingering issues between the two men that would ultimately result in Eisen’s departure.

As it turns out, Eisen has a new long-term contract.  And some new duties.

He’ll be hosting NFL GameDay Morning, the network’s weekly Sunday morning pregame show.  Eisen replaces Spero Dedes, who according to Michael Hiestand of USA Today will be broadcasting games for CBS.

Replacing Eisen on NFLN’s evening highlight show will be Fran Charles.

Eisen’s new duties also include NFL.com’s first-ever podcast.  Curiously named The Rich Eisen Podcast, it will be recorded on a weekly basis.

Eisen hosts Total Access, NFLN’s flagship one-hour weeknight news and analysis show.  He also hosts the network’s coverage of all major events, such as the Scouting Combine, the Super Bowl, the draft, Hall of Fame weekend, and the annual Thursday night kickoff.

It’s a great move for NFLN.  Eisen is very good at what he does — smooth, witty, smart, quick on his feet.  Insightful. 

And you wouldn’t know it to look at him, but Rich can bait a hook. 

56 responses to “With new long-term deal, Rich Eisen takes over NFL GameDay Morning

  1. Eisen’s not bad, but I actually think that he’s kind of awkward. You know, like, “Oh no, Dad’s trying to be funny again.” That kind of thing.
    I don’t mind him, but that’s what sticks out in my mind when I watch him.

  2. Removing Eisen & putting Fran Charles on the highlights is an awful move. Do you mean the Gameday final highlights? Fran is a stumbling bumbling idiot who talks about the last highlights he was late on during the current highlights.
    What a horrible move.

  3. Wow-Rich Eisen…a man too big for his own ego. One who tries to be funny but isn’t. Kissing up to jocks is his specialty. The best thing about not having NFL Network anymore is I don’t have to listen to that goofball.

  4. What!? Who was the moron who chose to make him do the pre-game show than the highlight show in the evening? He was awesome running the highlight packages, lame move to switch him to the morning show

  5. to be honest I would prefer if he’s there in the evening i.e. post-game… Fran Charles isn’t as good as Eisen as at coming up with possible storylines
    + Mooch & Primetime seem to have developed a camaraderie with Eisen

  6. I think putting him on the morning show is a good move. Most people already know the days highlights if they watch any of the half time shows during the games or even the pre game show leading in to Sunday Night Football.

  7. I like Eisen but changing up the NFL highlights is a bad idea. Eisen, Mariucci and Prime Time were a great team.
    Between this, giving Theismann work, and NFL follies, NFLN is losing some brand cachet with me.
    Of course, I moved to Canada and don’t even get the channel anymore, so I guess I’m just bitching to bitch. Back to work.

  8. They should have let him go. He’s one of the biggest reasons I don’t watch Total Access anymore. Him along with Dukes, Irvin and Sanders make the network is unwatchable.
    Eisen is a joke and needs to move on, and out.

  9. GREAT news. Love love love Rich Eisen. Anyone who thinks this guy has a raging ego must not be watching football coverage on the other networks. Compared to those guys, he’s down to earth.

  10. I’m glad he’s off the evening highlight show. He annoyed the hell out of me with his “There’s nothing he can do about it” & whining like a little girl routines.
    Glad I don’t hav

  11. Eisen is awesome. Spero Dedes has a good broadcasting voice–I get to hear him all the time out here in SoCal as “the voice of the Los Angeles Lakers”. I’d assume he’d do well on TV or Radio calling football games as well.

  12. Are you serious????
    I figured he was going to leave and take the 2 minute half-time gig during the Notre Dame games. I guess he settled…
    Good for Rich. He does a great job.

  13. What a blunder! Eisen is the most annoying, arrogant jerk out there. Total east coast bias; he thinks L.A. is limited to Beverly Hills and doesn’t have a clue about anything outside the eastern time zone. I won’t be watching.

  14. Wasn’t Shapiro the guy largely responsible for making ESPN the incomprehensible mess it is today? Hope he doesn’t turn the NFLN into a similar poop show. Good first move, though. Eisen is one of the few golden days of sportscenter guys who has been able to stay on top of his game.

  15. Slim Charles:
    You moved to Canada? By choice, or did you lose a bet?
    BTW, Eisen has no equal in covering the NFL. Fran is an acceptable replacement. It could be worse – NFLN could go belly-up and force us to watch ESPN or Fox or, gulp – CBS!?!?

  16. Haha, another nice Seinfeld reference. I was starting to get worried we wouldn’t see any more of them.

  17. The only problem I have with Rich (and it’s a big one) is when he interviews Roger Goodell. Rich tucks his tail between his legs and licks Roger’s feet. Hey, Rich! Get your nuts out of your wife’s purse and be a man.

  18. This might be a stretch, but I see this as good news on the labor front. The NFL owns this network, and is confident enough in the possibility that there will actually be games to cover next season. Granted I believe the world is better with football so maybe I’m grasping at straws.

  19. @cronn100 –
    What do you expect Eisen to bark at the Commisioner – the guy who runs the league?
    In any case, NFL Network > ESPN in all aspects..
    Eisen is much better than Berman. The NFL Network players/coaches (Dukes, Sapp, crooked finger, Billick) turned analysts are much better than the ESPN circus (Ditka, Keyshawn, Tom Jackson)

  20. good for Rich, he’s the one host (outside of Dan Patrick) who is hip enough to hang with the smack talkin ex-jocks on any set. He keeps it fun, loose, but on point.

  21. I like Eisen. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and can make fun of himself; a trait that I wish more “analysts” had. I still crack up at his pulling up lame running the 40-yard dash in his business suit!

  22. Thank god Spero Dedes is gone!!! He lacked the ability to take command of a show and he always says the interviewee’s name before every question when we already know it!!!!!
    Plus, I’m 23 and at age 27 or 28 and he looks younger than I do. I’ll call him a man once he looks like he is past puberty.
    The only bad side to this move is that Rich will keep on losing his hair. For crying out loud they have to wake up at 4 AM to get ready for the show.

  23. That spero clown STINKS! Most women have better voice projection than he does. And while I’m at it – NFLN needs to get rid of that metro-girly man Scott Hanson and total @$$-clown Warren Sapp.

  24. This is a mistake. Eisen is a total waste, kiss ass, suck up. It adds up that you would kiss up to him Florio.

  25. So what you’re saying is that if Eisen ever does lose his job at the NFL network, he could pick up work as second in command on a fishing boat, as the master baiter?

  26. Well Time Warner is a piece of shit so i don’t get the nfl network….or the cooking channel for that matter but thats a whole other issue. Can’t wait to get direct tv! But good for Eisen

  27. I like Rich E but I think the highlight show is more of a flagship show than the early morning show! A ton of pre-game stuff to watch every where!! And that fantasy show that Eric K does on ESPN is pretty good also!
    Fran C is not a good replacement. I liked Mooch, Prime and Rich together. Fran cant make those guys funny and smart sounding.
    Bad move by a good network.
    Also, why do they let so much good talent go to ESPN? They could of kept Shefty! At some point they gave tryouts to the following guys: Marcellus wiley and Trent Dilfer (amazing guy to listen to!) Both are upgrades to any ex-jock they have on payroll now! Get better on air talent for the Access show

  28. I don’t watch too many pre-Game shows. But I’ve always thought Rich Eisen was proffessional and competent. Definatly not a reason to turn a show off.
    …and really? How do you get to that level of broadcasting without being a little arrogant?

  29. Good move, if only for Eisen’s sanity. I don’t know how he ever put up with trying to deliver highlights with the likes of Sanders and Irvin stepping all over his toes. I’m almost certain that he considered murdering those two clowns on the air on several occasions. And would you blame him?

  30. I hate Sanders, Irvin, and Jason LaConfora.
    Eisen, Mooch, and Dukes help in nullifying those 3 goofs.

  31. Eisen is the best at NFL news and highlights. And unlike Berman, he has a genuine love for the game.
    Berman is a fake, fat, gluttonous pig who couldn’t care less about the game. Hes just there for a payday, and he still bitches and moans when he THINKS the cameras are off.

  32. NFL TV is just another media streetwalker the NFL pimps out there to get more $.
    Eventually all NFL games will go all pay per view as the league will blame the networks and the networks will no longer be able to turn a profit due to League demands.
    If there is a lockout.. I’m done with these guys just like I am baseball.
    Thank The Lord for HDTV and cold beer from my fridge that doesn’t cost $6.50 each.
    The game day experience is quickly going “country club” as I’m being told to “sit down” on a 3rd and 1 and I’m cheering for the defense at a home game…
    “Sit down.. my child can’t see”.
    WTF is a child doing at a game to begin with and the child doesn’t even know what the hell is going on?
    If that’s what you want.. I’m out.
    Children under 12 should never be allowed to sit in the stands at an NFL game.
    PERIOD !
    Tell Dad to get a better job and slap their asses into a luxury suite or stay out.
    I sat behind 2 little kids last year (brother and sister) who did nothing but fight with each other the whole game… and Dad just shrugged his shoulders like and ass saying “what are you going to do” and I said “leave them at home” to which he replied “I’m divorced and this is my parental visit day”.. I said “thank god i bought these tickets off the street because if I had to listen to this every weekend I would go nuts”.
    He told me I was rude and I told him to shut these two up or daddy’s going to get bloody.
    It was a total buzz kill.
    All those kids did was shove stadium food in their faces (which is border line child abuse) and fight with each other.
    Daddy was a a-hole and those kids don’t stand a chance in this world.
    Remember when Las Vegas went kid friendly ?
    Yea… it last two years until they realized it was not working at all.
    Maybe those teams with bad ticket sales should look and see if they are too kid friendly turning off the real hard core fans.
    The NFL cannot have it both ways.
    If I would have had season tickets near that dork, I would have been pissed off.

  33. did they get rid of jamie dukes yet? it doesn’t matter to me where rich eisen is at. i wont watch until jamie dukes is of the network.

  34. Eisen is smug and misinformed. 10 years ago if somebody told me there would be an all NFL channel, I’d have said “Ill never change that channel.” I almost never watch except games..live, because Eisen and crew are so horrible.

  35. I dunno hes to much of a school girl for me.
    He lives on gossip. Thats all he talks about on his shows. He likes to talk about lockerroom problems and rifts and if this guy is unaprecciated or this guys mean or things like that. He is to much TMZ. Actually hes the Mike Florio of tv.

  36. smooth, witty, quick..what?–and I was going to subscribe to nfl network when the season starts but if I have to watch that bufoon there ain’t no frikin way I’m gonna watch that ass clown attempt (poorly I might add) to be smooth or witty–much less funny.

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