Adrian Peterson says Chris Johnson isn't "faster, stronger, anything"

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson joined The Dan Patrick Show today, and Peterson addressed the question of whether Peterson or Titans running back Chris Johnson is the better player.

“Are you better than Chris?” Patrick asked.

Yes,” Peterson said.

[He’s] not faster, stronger, anything,” Peterson explained, via Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  “You’ve got
to understand you’re talking to a guy . . . that’s just the mentality that I
have.  I have ultimate respect for the guy and he’s a heck of a player.  I
remember at one point and time me talking on the phone to Chris
Johnson.  He was telling me, ‘I’m just a big fan of yours. I like your
style.’  Some [of the] advice that I gave him was, ‘I play this game to
be the best player ever to play the game.  That’s my mentality.'”

It’s widely believed that Johnson is currently the best running back in the league, by virtue of his 2,006-yard season on the ground last year and a record-breaking total yards from scrimmage.  And before assuming that it’ll be Johnson vs. Peterson for NFL running back supremacy in 2010, we suggest keeping an eye on Ray Rice.

And we’d still bet on Chris Johnson winning a footrace among the three of them.

142 responses to “Adrian Peterson says Chris Johnson isn't "faster, stronger, anything"

  1. He should have said Johnson “isn’t smarter” which anyone would concede. Unfortunately the claim that he “isn’t faster” is one that can be measured with hard numbers, and Johnson IS faster. I still question him being able to repeat a season like last one.
    And thanks for the tip Florio, but pretty much everyone already got the tip on Rice…

  2. The words roll of Peterson’s tongue as smoothly as the ball does out of his hands. He must be extremely educated.

  3. How can you sit there with a straight face and think there will be three horses in the race. There will be two, no one else will be close. AP and Johnson. Smart money is on Peterson this year!

  4. Peterson , Johnson , Rice. I Like then all. Johnson seems to have that “home run hitter” vibe helping him. As a fan, u think he has a chance to go all the way every time he touches it!

  5. Pretty arrogant statment from a guy who’s stats have declined every year since he came in the league, and fumbles all the time.

  6. Niether Johnson or Peterson have McGahee vulturing TD’s. I’ll take Peterson in that bet myself. No RB has ever repeated a 2,000 rushing yard season…ever…

  7. Oh Lord Flo, no one’s thinking about Ray Rice. The only crown he is in the runing for is Mr. Checkdown 2010. Benson is a better running back option then him. If it wasn’t for the injury last year, Benson’s numbers would have smoked his. Ray Rice 16 games 1339. Benson 13 games 1251.

  8. They’re just different backs. Adrian Peterson is a physical, upright runner who will just run right over someone (and fumble a lot).
    Chris Johnson is just pure speed…and having great vision doesn’t hurt either.

  9. bout time AP put that 2nd rate kid on blast… AP is a Super Star… chris Johnson is a fantasy football star.
    One plays in meaningful games the other plays on a meaningless team.
    AP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chris Johnson.

  10. I think I’d say Peterson is the better running back, but that’s just me.
    I’m also convinced that Chris Johnson is faster.
    I really wish someone would take him up on his offer to race. I would love to see it. Like Chad Johnson (or was he Ochocinco already?) did with the race horse.

  11. Chris johnson would win the footrace between them… but Desean Jackson would win beat CHris johnson….
    check the TV show “shaq vs”
    CJ gets smoked…..

  12. “Not faster, stronger, anything” Nope, he is just a better running back and he definitely has stronger hands.

  13. I don’t know who’s the better back. But would love to see what AD could do without coach dome and father time holding him back.

  14. Chris Johnson is better than AP. This year will be the beginning of the decline of AP. Too bad he’s wasting it with a QB that will always throw the game away when it matters most.

  15. Not a fan but… Reggie Bush might be faster than any of the three. Which speaks volumes for the fact that people, scouts, teams, fans put too much stock in a 40 time.
    Reggie Bush is a soft poser… think he will win a rushing crowd anytime soon?
    Preist Holmes was NEVER fast…
    Barry Sanders did NOT have sub 4.4 speed…
    Earl Campbell probably ran a 4.8 but he would step on chest like a doormat on the way to the endzone.
    Heart and Will > 40 times all day.

  16. Peterson 8 days a week.
    I wanna see CJ sustain a serious pace, b/c I don’t think he will. When he’s got the best 3-year averages (as AP does) then I’ll concede.

  17. honestly think AP has had his best year already. CJ hasnt..
    speaking of cj, get ready for cj spiller people..

  18. Adrian Peterson is faster than Chris Johnson. But they will never race, so none of us will ever prove our opinions.

  19. He is just like all Viking players and fans
    Self inflated view of himself …. No respect for others ….Soon to be in prison.
    Oh yes and NO CHAMPIONSHIPS !!!

  20. Even as a Pack I used to like Mr. Fumbles Peterson. He was soft spoken and played hard.
    After this, the guy is just goofy and along with his fumbleitis must also be suffering from diarrhea of the mouth and blindness. Chris Johnson is arguably the leader of the Titans. He had a record breaking season between what he ran for and his receiving. Case closed.
    Meanwhile AP gave up his leadership role to Favre, fumbled at inopportune times, and had some less than spectacular outings – along with the fact he doesn’t like to pick up blitzers. He’s really good, but he’s not the best until he proves it on the field, because saying it behind a mic doesn’t cut it. Didn’t LT do this same thing a few years back to Peterson?
    But such are all the vikings and their fan club. They all think they won the Super Bowl last year – but that there was a huge conspiracy. They think they’re the favs to win it again, practice doesn’t matter…
    No wonder they have no trophies, no new stadium, no tradition, no rings, and last but not least no class.

  21. A.P. is better at fumbling away a championship game… and handing the football directly to Clay Matthews III. Otherwise- C.J. is better at everything else. SKOL Packers.

  22. This was solved last year when AP got pulled over for speeding. He just doesn’t have that getting away from the cops speed.

  23. this happened at like 10 o’clock in the morning eastern time.. Where were you?
    Probably still tightly snuggled up close to Greg..

  24. All you punks dogging AP would kill to have him on your team….real and fantasy. Who do you have that you really think is better? Give me an effin break. AP is a great back and so is CJ. Leave it at that.

  25. re: “It’s widely believed that Johnson is currently the best running back in the league, by virtue of his 2,006-yard season on the ground last year and a record-breaking total yards from scrimmage. ”
    Widely believed by who Florio?? Jerks like you that just cut and paste last years numbers into projections? The same jerks who called Terrell Davis the best running back in the league….until the year he wasn’t…..then Marshall Faulk…..until the year he wasn’t….. then LT……Larry Johnson…. etc.
    I give you props on the Ray Rice comment….whoever told you that is correct, he’ll have a great year…. but I suggest thinking outside the box a little when “projecting” besides just going by last years stats.
    Chris Johnson is a beast and is definately one of the best running backs in the NFL, but he will end up 5th-6th this year…tops. Peterson, MJD, Turner, Gore and ‘gasp’ yes….maybe even dark horses like Matt Forte and Arian Foster will out produce him this year.
    Why?? Because the Titans Offense as a whole…blows….they will be stacking the box for him every play… What??? They did that last year too and look what happened!! Yeah, well last year the Titans had one of the best run blocking TE’s in history working on his behalf, Alge Crumpler – No Alge Crumpler this year = One hell of a lot less yards for Johnson.
    Watch the pre-season at all?? See New England’s motley RB crew run all over the Saints?? Run all over the Falcons?? Everyone talking about how N.E. might have a running game again this year – Well, they still have got the same old lousey RB’s……..they even have a few less decent O-lineman….they just happen to have Crumpler blocking now. The guy is a HUGE difference maker in the running game. Johnson will miss him sorely this year, and no more breathers from Lendale White might mean a few more carries…..but probabaly a few less 90 yd break-aways too when he’s gassed at the end of the game.

  26. yeah yeah yeah cj is is faster til he has to take a big hit and his little a$$ goes down for the yr… dude is too small to be the best plus he is one ugly ugly predator looking mofo

  27. Chris Johnson is definitely faster, quicker, more agile, more durable, better receiver out of the backfield.
    He isn’t bigger, stronger, harder to bring down, on the Vikings with the best O/D-Line in football, a fumbleaholic, the number two fantasy pick.
    Peterson, this is real life, watch what you say before you get criticized by fat couch bums like myself next time.

  28. Most athletes gotta have the mindset that they’re the best, even though deep down they know where they stand.
    Once you start counting yourself out, it’s over…
    Nothing to see here…Just some more instigative-journalism.

  29. Johnson is a one hit wonder on a team that can’t even make the playoffs.. 2000+ yards is great, but what about that 0-6 start…sounds like the greatest…AP has averaged 1500 a year and 15+ TDs, CJ has had one good year….

  30. @GO_EAGLEZ
    You are absolutely right… granted, it was on Shaq vs., but CJ gets smoked by Desean Jackson running on a track. Check the episode where Shaq challenges Tyson Gay to a race and they end up doing relays. DJ is nasty…

  31. At the NFL combine before their respective drafts, Adrian Peterson ran an official 4.40 40-yard dash. Chris Johnson? Ran an official 4.24 40-yard dash, which is tied for the fastest recorded time for any player since they started timing the 40 electronically in 1999.
    Johnson *is* faster. There’s no arguing that. Peterson is probably stronger, but there should be no question that Johnson is faster.

  32. “Though Peterson didn’t say he’s better than Johnson, Peterson declared that Johnson isn’t better than Peterson.”
    Johnson’s rejoinder to Peterson: “Yeah, but my dad can beat up your dad.”

  33. MACK DADDY says:
    September 8, 2010 3:04 PM
    Pretty arrogant statment from a guy who’s stats have declined every year since he came in the league, and fumbles all the time.
    Wow, really…better get your glasses checked! An arrogant statement coming from a guy named “mack daddy”.

  34. wow … Did an idiot actually use the ” Shag vs ” as a barometer for an actual race ? Even in the show you can see DJ trying his hardest while CJ is merely jogging and Jackson barely beat him at that ( So whats your excuse for that one ? ) … Cj is a complete back as opposed to AP who has to come out for passing downs . … Lets do a comparable check …
    Faster – CJ
    Less fumbles- CJ
    Scores more points-CJ
    Better yard per carry-Cj
    Better reciever-CJ
    Better blitz pickup-Cj
    well …damn….CJ is just better no matter what kind of spin you put on it . . . And for anyone that wants to use AP’s run against the browns , look at any of Johnson’s runs last year – he shakes less tackles cause less people can get to him . . .

  35. Peterson has absorbed the silly viking jealousy of the success of others and not accepting or working his own failures.
    Peterson thinks his fumbling is someone else’s fault. Peterson can’t block or pick up a blitz so he is not in the game on passing downs so that too is someone els’s fault.
    When asked about the NFL’s best running back he will not mention any team contributing factors Johnson has that Peterson doesn’t, He only mentions short sighted personal traits “He’s not faster, stronger or anything.”
    Johson just helps his team more than Peterson does.
    Bitter hateful petty vikings and their customers refuse to acknowledge anyone else as being good let alone better.
    They hate it when people laugh at them for their own pettiness. Just try and tell a viking bozo
    1) the metrodome is not the best arena in the NFL, or
    2) that their 7th round pick is not the 7th best overall player in the draft, or
    3) that having trophies matters.
    The vikings, their players, their media, their customers, simply embarrass the NFL with their pettiness.

  36. pilot08 says:
    September 8, 2010 3:31 PM
    I’d take Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart over either of these p-donas anyday.
    No you would not. As good as Stewart and Williams are, they are outclassed by AP and CJ.
    PFT Hall of Fame Class 2010

  37. Lets be honest if your that close to someone as far as skills go and you have any sort of faith in yourself its only human nature to pick yourself. He wasnt a D*** about it he said Johnsons got game also. Im not picking a guy im just pointing out the mindset. Also Tiki, who has half the skills of AD had himself a fumbling problem that he was able to fix. Noone even thought it was an issue until last year so Chillax.

  38. ray rice won’t come close to 2000 yards rushing. I’d say around 1200 max. Not because he’s not good but just becuase ravens will be passing more.

  39. Johnson is faster. No doubt.
    I’m as big of a Peterson fan as you’ll meet, but there’s no doubt Johnson is faster.
    I understand what Peterson is saying, and it makes sense, it’s not a challenge, it’s not disrespectful, but it’s also not true.
    I’m still not convinced on ball security though. Peterson fights for yards, and that’s where most of his fumbles occur. There’s of course the occasional one that just gets poked out (e.g. Phillip Buchanon’s strip.)
    I believe if anyone in the NFL were as difficult to take down, took as many hits, and had as many guys rip at the ball as Peterson does, they’d fumble just as much.
    Of course there is no way to prove this, so I’ll give it to Jonson.
    Does being faster and having better ball security, but being inferior in every other attribute make a better back?

  40. Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, L.T, J.Lewis..etc. etc.. they all had an up and down yr the season after reaching milestones in rushing yds.
    Its real hard to repeat as a Rusher and as a Superbowl Champ.
    C.Johnson will not be ranked as the best RB in the NFL this time next yr. 09-2011. maybe top 5 but not 1st.
    It happens every yr. players who had a great yr rushing the season b4 arent able to top that yr. some have injuries, others just get out of sinc and some just lose it soon after.

  41. You are all commenting about guys who would eat all of you up in a track meet then steal your wife before you get to the finish line. You are all retarted

  42. Its must be something in the drinking water of Minneapolis that makes normal people turn into blithering idiots. Chilly, and now Peterson along with all the CryQueen fans.
    Petersen is just like the Viking fans, all talk but somehow a day late and a dollar short when it comes to producing when it counts. Enjoy your paper championship, the real season is about to start and then we will see what he has to say about his performance then.

  43. A great individual player but not a great football player if that makes sense. He’s a ME ME ME, III guy who doesn’t care about wins or losses as long as he gets his 100+ yards per game. The ultimate diva like TO and others who are concerned with themselves and their ‘brand.’
    These guys play for money not the love of the game. Team killers is what these guys are.

  44. Chris Johnson does win one race on an annual basis… the race to the end of the season.
    Adrian Peterson is a Superstar and its not worth mentioning this cheap knock off from Tennessee in the same sentence as him. Please stop.
    Purple Jesus. nuff said.

  45. If you read the entire interview there isn’t anything arrogant about it. Defenses gameplan harder for AP so I still think he’s better but of course I’m biased also.
    I’d rather consider Johnson as the best if his offense was above average. I’ve always felt like the best player in the league at a certain position would make his unit above average. Same problem I used to have with Mike Vick.
    Everyone thought he was so great but the bottom line was his offense didn’t score that many points.
    With CJ he makes huge plays and is great. But I just don’t see teams selling out on him. They play even up and live with his yardage and don’t let anyone else on that team get any leftovers. End result is you can beat that offense. I don’t know that you can beat the Vikes offense. You play back on the pass and AP will eat you up.

  46. Peterson is one of those tools who goes around giving “competitive” handshakes. Crushing everyone’s hand in a pathetic show of strength. Not exactly a shocker to see him throw a tantrum when someone else gets the attention he craves.

  47. AD will be the best back in the NFL this season, one big season does not make Whoopi the best..Whoopi is faster,AD much stronger….

  48. It would be nice to hear both of these guys thank their offensive lines and coaches for putting them in a position to be successful. Especially Chris Johnson because even Lendale White ran for 1,000+ behind that offensive line.

  49. When Johnson repeats his performancem I will consider putting him on top. in the meantime, there have been a lot of young RBs who tear it up for one season and then slowly fade away.

  50. Whether CJ is better than AP will always be arguable.
    As a man and competitor, I would have given the exact same answer as AP. I respect him more for saying “No. CJ is not better than me” than AP saying, “OH YES! CJ IS MUCH BETTER THAN ME.” If he gave that answer, I would think he was a pussy.
    Give me a break. You girls who are criticizing AP’s answer need to quit eating your humble pie and loosen up your skirts.

  51. It never fail. Post a vikings story and you get a hundred packer lovin assholes in here with their negative bs. Embarrasses me.

  52. He forgot to mention that Chris Johnson fumbles alot less. Maurice Jones-Drew trumps both AP and CJ, anyways.

  53. It’s one thing to be confident, quite another to be delusional. I’m pretty sure Michael Jordan always believed he was the best player on the court, but I doubt he would say that he’s taller than Patrick Ewing.
    CJ is faster. But, to AP’s credit, Peterson may be the better all around back if CJ can’t consistently be great for more than a season.

  54. If Chris Johnson breaks the single game rushing record that Adrian owns, he might then have a claim to “best”. Until then, I’d take Adrian any day.

  55. LOVE that only one person mentioned Cedric Benson, guy will have a better year than all three running the ball (Notice Ravens psychos, I said, “running the ball”) mark it.
    On task, I listened to this this morning, where the hell were you Florio? Little tardy buddy, YOU definitely aren’t faster then CJ. Cj is certainly faster, but what in the world did Dan Patrick and the rest of the world expect ADP to say? “Yea, you know, I’m just not as good as him, it’s as simple as that, I’m not as fast, not as valuable, he holds the ball better, breaks more big runs etc… You know, come to think of it Dan, I’m gonna hang the cleats up after this year, I play to be the best, and clearly I’m not.” Jesus Christ get some perspective. I know that’s not most of your strong points but at least give it a try.

  56. Adrian Peterson will go down as one of the best runningbacks to have ever played. He will be mentioned with the likes of Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Emmit Smith, and LaDainian Tomlinson mark my words. He has it all, he will get his fumbling problem fixed. Chris Johnson is a great runningback no doubt, but he is no where near the same talent level as a pure runner than Adrian Peterson is whether or not hes faster than him. I just feel like I am in the presence of greatness when I watch Adrian Peterson play the game of football…and I’m a Bears fan lol.

  57. Ray Rice had the second most yards from scrimmage last year (behind CJ), the second highest average per carry among regular starters (behind CJ), the second most broken tackles according to football outsiders (behind CJ), and the most receiving yards among running backs….And he did this all in his first year starting. How is he not ALREADY the second best RB in the league again? Bc he doesn’t fumble enough?

  58. “Ok … so … Chris is faster … than you.“
    “Can you confirm you understood that message?“

  59. Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson should be aware that C.J. Spiller will be entering the race this year. Spiller has got that break ya ankles, camera slip move. Watch out!!

  60. Brett must be rubbing off, everyone in Minn. Now Peterson needs to feel special. No ones better than them and no one can ever outplay them…

  61. Bo Jackson called in on the Dan Patrick show and said both these guys ain’t got shit compared to me. Faster than Chris Johnson and stronger than Adrian Peterson. End of story. Next comment.

  62. I like both CJ and Peterson. Just can’t believe how much Peterson fumbles the ball. CJ is faster, but AP can run over defenders without losing speed, just the

  63. AP can juke you, run by you, and run over you.
    Figure out the fumbling problem, AP, and you can be the best ever.

  64. AP is a beast, and may be stronger, but don’t think he’s better than CJ. numbers say it all. let the 2010 season decide.

  65. The running back infatuation people get every year is one of the oddest things in sports. I understand that you can find a “flavor of the month” in every sport, every position, but runningback might be the worst case of it.
    Think about it. Last year, and right now, the consensus was that Chris Johnson is the best.
    The year before that, it was Adrian Peterson.
    The year before that, it was LaDainian Tomlinson.
    If you keep going back, you’ll remember that guys like Shaun Alexander, Jamal Lewis, Edge James, Priest Holmes and Ricky Williams. Everybody is so quick to drink the Kool-Aid on the best performance each year.
    For my money, the best during that entire stretch was Tomlinson. But he never got the credit for it.
    My point is this, Chris Johnson is a one trick pony. He’s like a much better version of Willie Parker. And like Parker, CJ will probably lose a step or two and slowly start to gravitate to being an average player. I’d go as far as saying he’ll be washed up within the next 5 years. I think Adrian Peterson is this going to be this decade’s version of LT.
    And if you were running your own team and had to choose between the two to build your franchise around, you’d be absolutely idiotic to take CJ over Peterson.

  66. CJ2.5K is going to run wild. There is zero doubt who is faster. All will work out in Wk 1 when the Raiders roll in and back out of Titan Town 0-1. Titans will also roll over the Steelers next week. Titan Town will be 2-0 then. Go Titans!

  67. I’ll take Steven Jackson over either of these two candy asses. The man may play on a piss poor team but he runs like a beast.
    AP better hold onto the god damn ball tommorrow night or shut the hell up. I’m taking the Purple and the points. Dont let me down, butter fingers.

  68. Marciniko…get out of here with that. Rice was 2nd in total years because of Mr Pizza Hut can’t read a defense.

  69. Thought experiment: You are the general manager of a football team and you have your choice of a 25 year old Adrian Peterson or a 24 year old Chris Johnson, with identical contracts. Who do you choose?
    Personally, I’d take Johnson as the shelf-life of NFL running backs is short, and Peterson takes (and delivers, but Newton’s third law still applies to him) more hits and that will probably shorten his career. I’d be confident that I could get 6 more productive years out of Johnson, but I’m not sure that I could get as many out of Peterson. Both are good backs, but “not turning the ball over” is a damn good characteristic for an RB to have and a really poor one for a RB to lack. That, and I’m mystified as to how Peterson, despite three years in the league, still hasn’t figured out to how to throw a block in blitz-pickup. Peterson’s one of the all time greats in terms of what he does well, but in terms of what he doesn’t do well he’s significantly below average.

  70. And no where, is there any mention of Jamaal Charles, who had 200 less yards than Peterson, on over 100 less carries & 1/2 as many games… on a team with a sh!tty offensive line at that.
    Who’s the best again?

  71. What do Walter Payton, OJ Simpson, and Emmitt Smith have in common besides all 3 in the Hall of Fame?
    All 3 had more fumbles than Adrian Peterson in their first 3 years of football. AND, AP has better numbers than all 3 in his first 3 years. He’s in fine company….football speaking-wise (right OJ?).
    Let gold-toothed Johnson do it for 3 years in a row and see hwere he is at.
    My money says AP has an absolutely MONSTROUS season, and Johnson does fine, but nowhere near the 2k mark.
    Johnson is good, but no way I can call him great like AP yet.
    Time will tell……………….

  72. It doesn’t matter how fast you are if you can’t hang on to the football. Peterson should shut the hell up until he corrects his fumbling issues. It isn’t fair for everyone to lay the entire blame for the Vikings’ loss in the NFC championship game on Brett Favre. Yes, he made a HORRIBLE decision when he threw that interception. But- if Peterson hadn’t repeatedly fumbled, the Vikings likely would have beaten the Saints. I’d pick Chris Johnson over AP all day, every day…because CJ doesn’t break the cardinal rule of runningbacks– “Thou shall not fumble.”

  73. @ Tennessee_Tyrant
    Not only did CJ grab the batton first he took off.. both look like full speed. Especially toward the end thats why cj couldn’t get past DJ… for the record I dont like either back… i rather take MJD…. I feel he will be consistly 1500 yards & 10 td and 400 yards.. i’ll let you know how my fantasy league is doing..

  74. acers says:
    September 8, 2010 11:44 PM
    What do Walter Payton, OJ Simpson, and Emmitt Smith have in common besides all 3 in the Hall of Fame?
    All three played in an earlier era when turnovers were not scrutinized as heavily?
    acers says:
    September 8, 2010 11:44 PM
    All 3 had more fumbles than Adrian Peterson in their first 3 years of football. AND, AP has better numbers than all 3 in his first 3 years. He’s in fine company….football speaking-wise (right OJ?).
    Wrong. Peterson has had 20 fumbles in his first three years, not counting his two in the playoffs last season. Emmitt had 19 in his first three years. Emmitt also scored one more rushing TD and one more receiving TD than Peterson.
    Oh, and OJ Simpson had 17 fumbles in his first three years.
    So, other than all the factual elements of your post, you’re exactly right.

  75. One difference between Simpson, Payton and Petrson though is that OJ and Payton had those kinds of numbers playing on horriffic teams for most of their careers.
    Put Peterson on the St Louis Rams and see if we’d still be having this discussion.

  76. Guess who leads the NFL in rushing yards?
    AP BABY!!!
    87 yds and counting….
    Note to Packers, Saints fans, anti Viking fans…
    Twas’ a joke.
    Probably won’t matter anyways..
    Bring it on.

  77. moezilla says:
    September 9, 2010 11:30 PM
    Guess who leads the NFL in rushing yards?
    AP BABY!!!
    87 yds and counting….
    Note to Packers, Saints fans, anti Viking fans…
    Twas’ a joke.
    Probably won’t matter anyways..
    Bring it on.
    And Peterson’s on track for a 0 rushing TD season. But also 0 fumbles and injuries.. So I guess there’s a silver lining.

  78. ACS2,
    Don’t forget 45 catches for about 378 yards.
    1 to 2 Farve ass slaps a game for a new NFL record.
    Voted “Worst HairStyle Decision in the NFL” 2010.
    AP, c’mon. Bald? Really
    To be serious, I thought AP looked very focused the other night. Protecting the ball. Running angry but smartly. He looked to be one or two steps away from a big one all night long.
    Well all night long until Chilly, or Bevell, or Favre decided to pass the ball the entire second half.
    One more thing. How can CJ be the best back in the NFL when AP has almost 100 yds rushing then the Tennessee Titan?
    Sound’s kinda stupid after 2 out of 32 teams have played 1 game in a 16 game season.
    Doesn’t it?
    Don’t worry. February is just around the corner. We’ll talk about this then.

  79. moezilla says:
    September 10, 2010 5:02 PM
    Don’t forget 45 catches for about 378 yards.
    What? Someone’s math is lacking. He’s currently on pace for 48 catches for 224 yards, a 4.66 ypc average.
    And yes, it’s completely useless to project the stats from one game to the next 15. Which was kind of my point.

  80. how did ray rice last til the 2nd round..i saw him play one time and is was quite obvious he was the best player on the field and it wasn’t even close.

  81. ACS2,
    Hey, that was pretty damn close for a guess on my part.
    Which is pretty sad when you realize I can’t even run a basic calculator.
    But to get to the point, I agree with you totally.
    I guess my sarcasm-o-meter is on the fritz again.
    How are you going to argue who is the top RB based on stats unless each and every one of them entered the league the same year?
    Of course, being a Vikings rube, I’d take Peterson every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Superior attitude, athletic specimen, and an “iron grip” handshake.
    Probably could have done without that last one.
    And correct me if I’m wrong, but, has CJ even mentioned the playoffs during his “2500 yard” speech?
    Seems like “Super Bowl, homeboy” is all that is coming out off AP’s mouth lately.
    If a championship is your ultimate goal, the records will most likely happen on their own.

  82. How can people call a guy who has won exactly one playoff game in his career the best ever? Why don’t we wait till Peterson actually wins something before we annoit him.

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