Antonio Bryant files grievance against Bengals

Antonio Bryant received $7.85 million without ever playing a down for the Bengals. Now he wants more.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Bryant’s agent, Lamont Smith, filed a grievance against the Bengals for $3.1 million, saying the Bengals are still obligated to pay $1.55 million in base salary and a $1.55 million roster bonus even though Bryant was released before the season.

The Bengals’ decision to sign Bryant this offseason is already a huge blunder, we just don’t know whether it will be a blunder that ends up costing the Bengals $7.85 million or $10.95 million — or if the Bengals and Bryant will reach a settlement for some number in between.

Meanwhile, Bryant still wants to play this season, but Smith says Bryant is about a month away from being ready.

54 responses to “Antonio Bryant files grievance against Bengals

  1. This smacks of BS. Admittedly the Bengals failed in due dilligence before signing AB but the failure of the Bucs to provide medical records is something in the system that needs to be addressed.

  2. Now that’s just being greedy. You’re getting paid for one practice with the team. You shouldn’t even be in the NFL let alone making a cool 7 mil.

  3. Yet another post where you just repeat what someone else said. WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL CONTENT? You know, the rumors and news that YOU uncover and not just repeat.

  4. Meanwhile, Bryant still wants to play this season, but Smith says Bryant is about a month away from being ready.
    I bet.. I can’t believe he has the audacity to file a grievance on people that basically handed over $7.85 million to him for basically doing some light workout’s all summer.. Not to mention Marvin left the door open for him to return.. I can only assume that door is now closed and he’s just trying to get this money for his retirement and by saying he might be ready in a month is just another way of getting some other team to fall in the same trap…

  5. Antonio Bryant is now, officially, my favorite football player of all time.
    Screw Mike Brown. Bleed that greedy bastard for every penny he’s got.

  6. contracts and rules… pay the man. It is more or less penalty for a stupid decision the Bengals made.

  7. Shouldn’t there be a rule where a healthy player suing a team cannot play for another team, or at least can’t draw another check while he sues? Just doesn’t seem right…

  8. Reeks of a greedy agent ….
    Of course Bryant want’s to play, but i sure as hell be his agent want’s his cut from that last 3 large!

  9. This story really bugs the shit out of me. Hopefully the GMs around the NFL will take note. This could do more harm to his fizzling career than good. He must suspect that his career is over, which would explain why he’s trying to squeeze every last dime out of the Bengals.

  10. this entire situation is ridiculous… he got paid 7.85 mil to be a camp body and he wants more. these players have zero integrity these days. take what you deserve and keep it movin boys. the bengals probably deserve 7 mil of that back, but we can just call that the “dumb@ss signing tax.”

  11. just another piece of garbage in the NFL
    i bet faulk, deion & irvin defend him
    then tony dungy will come in and and probably mentor him
    just like haynesworth, i hope antonio bryant dies

  12. Trust Mike Brown will win this case. He may be frugal. But he has very powerful legal connections and I would think that he and his front office would have this figured out before they even pulled the plug on Antonio. However, I can be wrong once a year.
    I think Antonio should STFU be happy with what he got. Get better, stronger, faster and he could come back next year and contribute to the Bengals’ second SuperBowl win back to back.
    Yeah I know haters…. lets win one first 😉

  13. Honestly, how can any sane court/arbitrator hold the Bengals responsible for an injury he had before he was signed? The Bengals should sue him for fraud.

  14. @ Starvin – the Bucs released AB – got nothing for him and were under no obligation to the Bengals – more to the point – no NFL Team takes another NFL Teams records at their word – they do their own due dilegence – and if the Bengals docs can’t determine that he had a problem before paying him – their mistake – not the system.

  15. This is close to the heart of the problem with the NFL.
    It’s not “should we play 18 games” ?
    It’s not “should we play overseas” ?
    It’s can we fix the financial problems with the league.
    No one seems to realize or care that the fan gets the shaft in every transaction like this — we end up paying for it via absurd prices for PSLs, tickets, concessions, etc. Or by not being able to afford the opportunity to piss away such.
    The owners are free to obligate themselves to foolish extremes — they’re playing with funny money, which keeps increasing every year by way of monopolistic TV contracts — knowing that if they screw up, they can say: “we’ll get’em next year”.
    and I know deep in my heart that there WILL be an interruption in next year’s games, as the millions upon millions are fought over.

  16. @ DC_Bengals_Fan – just what I was thinking. The Bucs say Bryant wouldn’t sign the medical release form. Red Flag

  17. I still find it funny how Bryant’s knee was ok to work out and audition for the Bengals to get that contract offer and then after the bonus was forked over he had a “relapse” and couldn’t even play in one preseason game and still will need another month to get ready. He originally beat out T.O. for the gig and I don’t see how he could have beat him out if the knee was so bad.

  18. Word is now that he may have an illness in his knee that couldn’t have been found with any kind of scans or physicals. While I do agree the Bengals medical staff are hacks and it desperately needs to be upgraded, I don’t think this is the Bengals’ fault for missing this. I didn’t like the signing from the beginning. I was actually hoping for Brandon Marshall. AB is a greedy bastard. He is only wanting this money b/c he knows his career is done for. And his greedy ass agent isn’t helping the issue.

  19. Integrity, ethics and morals are 3 things many NFL players lack. The fact that he even thought about doing this is sad. He did nothing to deserve the 7 million he already got and now he wants over 3 million more. This mentality is exactly what is wrong with the players and their agents. He is a perfect example of a case where collusion is warranted and acceptable. He should never be allowed to be affiliated with the NFL in any capacity ever again…even if he loses the lawsuit. This is thug logic. “they owe me” or “Ima git mines”. He is a pimple on the ass of society.

  20. What a scumbag. I hope he invest his money poorly and some day soon he is selling me cell phones in a mall like Tatum Bell

  21. All of you calling him greedy would do the same thing if you had a contract that states you’re owed $3mil more.

  22. @freemadk I know. Just had to bi**h about something. Getting tired and just want some damn football to be played.

  23. _ROCKSTAR_ says: September 8, 2010 7:04 PM
    “contracts and rules… pay the man. It is more or less penalty for a stupid decision the Bengals made.”
    the only lucid comment here…

  24. Antonio Bryant’s agent must be a fool if he thinks this is going to work. That’s why the extra $3 million wasn’t guaranteed. He had to actually be on the roster to start the season. If you wanted a $10 million guarantee, you should have found one for your client.
    As it stands, the Bengals got ripped off enough (and were lucky they could still get T.O. at a bargain price) and Bryant comes across looking like an idiot trying to get even more money for not playing. The extra $3 mil was not guaranteed. The wording of his contract is clear and he and his agent will likely lose this case. In fact, I don’t know how they could win. The Bengals won’t settle. Mike Brown will fight this one until the end. He’s a buffoon, but he’s a stubborn buffoon!

  25. i remember when the raiders cut Fargas during the off season saying he failed a physical and he said he was fine…………I also remember the raiders signing walker when everyone knew he wasnt right. At least walker knew enough to limp through a year to collect his check before saying his knee wasnt right.
    What the hell were the bengals thinking? Didint they give the guy a real physical?

  26. The burden of proof lies upon Bryant. He needs to prove that it was his injury, not his ability, that got him cut. All the Bengals need to say is that Shipley was a better fit at the slot position than Bryant. He was cut because he wasn’t needed, not because of his knee. Can AB prove otherwise? Doubt it.

  27. These teams that sign the “big time” players to big contracts need to start putting a clause on what they can take if they don’t make the cut. The contract that the Bengals had T.O. sign was the way it should be. The better the numbers the player puts up, the more loot they make. Not only is it good for the player(cause they are basicly in control) but its good for the team, they get what they pay for.

  28. Isn’t this the same as a bank robber suing the bank for not having enough money in the vaults when he happened to rob that bank?

  29. If the Bengals end up having to pay him the remaining money, shouldn’t he become property of the Bengals again? They could then just sit on him and if he’s healthy in 6 weeks he could play.
    Obviously he’s not worth 10 mil for one season, but if they are paying it to him anyway, he should be their property. He’d be better than caldwell or simpson as a 3 or 4 receiver.

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