Brandon Jacobs lashes out at reporter: "You think I'm stupid?"

First Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said the NFL is a “cutthroat, backstabbing business.” Then he said, “I’m happy.”

Now he seems unhappy.

In the Giants’ locker room today, Jacobs first refused to answer a question, then lashed out at a reporter and stormed off when discussing how Ahmad Bradshaw has passed him on the depth chart.

Asked whether he and Bradshaw would both need to put their egos aside and do what’s best for the team, Jacobs glared at a reporter and said, “You think I’m stupid, don’t you? You guys are funny.”

With that, he brushed past the reporters and walked away.

For the record, based on this video at the Star Ledger web site, the reporter who drew Jacobs’ ire appeared to be Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. There was nothing at all improper about the questions Jacobs had been asked, as shown on the video.

But no matter how happy he says he is, Jacobs sure looks like he’s in a foul mood heading into the season.

72 responses to “Brandon Jacobs lashes out at reporter: "You think I'm stupid?"

  1. For some people it’s tough talking to the media…. He should get coached up, go to Mangini school and have prepared answers like:
    “Hey, I’m a FOOTBALL PLAYER I come to work every day, we all do and we lay our hearts out on the field and sacrifice our bodies… It’s up to the coaches how to use us… I’m a New York Giant and I’m ready to ball….. Thanks for asking Ralph.”
    Say that every time and reporters will leave you alone.

  2. That was kind of a prickish question, I don’t blame a guy like Jacobs. You can’t deny that most of the negativity and “storiez” that the media push are just manufactured showbiz garbage with little to no foundation in what is actually happening with these guys and their teams behind closed doors.

  3. That reporter is a such a weazel hiding behind his lil’ reporters badge like a beotch…
    Check the smirk on his face as Jacobs walks away – a good jab straight to the grille would address that comment, suffice to say
    And this is coming from someone who can’t stand the Giants

  4. I guess it depends on what your definition of “improper” is. The guy is second on the depth chart and he’s not happy about it. The reporter is asking a ridiculous and self-evident question on the topic – probably with the intent of getting a rise out of him.
    The reporter is a jerk. Jacobs didn’t want to deal with it. He made a comment and walked away. Big f-ing deal. But you “journalists” certainly do stick up for your own, don’t you?

  5. Ralph Vagiano is known as being a doosh. He just doesn’t report the news, but tries to create it. He used to push Shockey’s buttons all the time, and now he has Jacobs. Notice the geigh 3rd grade school kid look on his face as Jacobs brushes past him. He probably crapped his pants as he relived his past of getting his ass kicked on the playground as a kid.

  6. To answer your question Brandon: YES. Stupid and childish. It is both funny and sad to see guys who feel entitled lose their job/status because of a lack of effort. SHUT UP and PLAY

  7. If you understand it’s a business then you understand the media is a part of that business.
    Stop being an effin’ baby and play the media game like everyone else has to.
    It’s ridiculous how these highly payed “athletes” get their tits wrapped up over the dumbest shit.

  8. MDS – I just watched the video, and I think it’s quite a stretch to say that he “lashed out” at a reporter and “stormed off”. What I saw was a guy who obviously is frustrated, but who decided not to engage the media members anymore, and walked away in a calm manner. Nice attempt at making this “story” newsworthy, but you obviously exaggerated what actually transpired.
    ** for the record, I’m neither a Giants fan, nor a Brandon Jacobs fan. Just pointing out another instance of PFT trying to create controversy where none exists in their effort to increase page views. Mission accomplished I guess . .

  9. Nothing wrong with what was asked? There’s PLENTY wrong with it. It’s what is wrong with the media as a whole.
    Nobody cares about what Brandon Jacobs THINKS as to “are players supposed to set aside egos in this situation or that situation.”
    REally… nobody cares. All that matters is ACTIONS. If he becomes a problem for the team because he’s not working hard, or refuses to go into games at the end when the game is already won or lost in “garbage time.” That’s the only time it becomes a problem.
    All these hypothetical questions where the reporters basically just want the player to say something stupid mean nothing.
    Just report the news. That’s all we care about. Do I need Brandon Jacobs to tell me what it means to play in a brand new facility? No. I have common sense. Everyone knows home field means more in the NFL than any other sport. And a brand new stadium just adds to that. If a brand new stadium doesn’t do something for you, then it never should have been built.

    Panthers 28
    jacobs is a joke the panthers are going to come in and just like we ruined the last home in the meadowlands, we are going to ruin the first in the new stadium! Oh yeah are running backs instead of arguing and all that we just go out and bust ass

  11. I’d hardly call that “lashing out”. Hell I’ve had high school soccer coaches and hockey mom’s lambaste me a thousand times worse than that. All I see is a player figuring out that a reporter is trying to ask the same question in a round-about way. He’s more than justified in his question to the reporter.

  12. Looks like the gmen found their next bout of cancer inthe locker room. Damn it Brandon quit being a baby. You’re making how much this year? $5mm? You did nothing for the team last year. Get over your oaf self.
    Diehard Giants Fan

  13. Jacobs may very well be a vagina, but the media is f-ing ridiculous. Someone needs to punch some of you square in the face for some of the stupid questions that are asked with the sole purpose of getting a reaction from the players or coaches.

  14. The reporter was trying to get Jacobs to start a controversy. Good for Jacobs for not being “stupid,” and not falling for it.

  15. The more FOUL the mood – the better for the Giants and woe be to the opponant who gets in his way. (I hope)

  16. While there is nothing wrong with the reporter asking the question, I can understand how a guy who busts his but playing football all day long and gives it his all wouldn’t want to come in and take questions about being demoted.

  17. It was inappropriate for Ralph “The Karate Kid” Vacchiano to ask Jacobs what was the square of nine.

  18. Here’s an idea for these baby millionaires (e.g., Jacobs, Leinart, et. al): get fu*king better, beat your competition, and then I guarantee you won’t lose your job. If you expect shit to be handed to you, you’re not going to get very far in the NFL.

  19. -Coffeyville Community College
    -Southern Illinois
    Didn’t graduate.
    Well B, you’re not exactly Myron Rolle, are ya?

  20. IMO, Jacobs did the right thing by walking away. Yes reporters will ask the same silly redundant questions over and over again. He has addressed it already, and clarified himself. Doesn’t mean he is unhappy. He is just done with the topic.

  21. I don’t blame Jacobs at all. Reports are A-Holes that think they have the right to ask stupid questions just to be hurtfull. Reports have ZERO class.

  22. After watching the video, he never “lashed out at a reporter and stormed off” but he did brush by a reporter. He did look like he was bugging out a bit but he was purposely ignoring some questions. He prob didn’t want to get baited into causing locker room problems between teammates.

  23. It’s just part of the deal:
    In exchange for those millions in salary, one of the requirements is civilized behavior, even at times when it’s exasperating.

  24. “You think I’m stupid, don’t you?”
    No comment … on account of him being 6’4 & 265 lbs.

  25. what is the point of reporters again? When my deal goes through I purposed included a clause which pays me 3 million less to keep my identity hidden and not deal with these sackless jackals…money well-spent.

  26. “But no matter how happy he says he is, Jacobs sure looks like he’s in a foul mood heading into the season. ”
    Of course he is in a foul mood. He is now second string when he thot he was first string. What a obvious comment. Who wouldn’t be in a foul mood if they were just demoted?

  27. “You think I’m stupid” and “you think I’m stupid, don’t you?” are two very different quotes MDS. This is why you don’t get to be on PFTV with Joe. (If that was too subtle, I’m implying you are bad at your job.)

  28. Yall think Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart resent each other??
    Comin’ for ya New York.
    go panthers.

  29. i dread seeing jacobs run against the panthers on sunday. say what you want about the dude. he’s one of the only RBs in the league that can truck through a defensive line. guy is scary good

  30. Think that maybe the Giants want to get this guy pissed.He probably plays better that way.He does’nt run around anyone.

  31. Jocobs is a douche. All the reporter asked was about the dynamic of sharing a backfield with Derick Ward (NOT BRASHAW, by the way) two years ago.
    I would hardly call it lashing out, but he definitely stormed off like my 6 year old son. What a b****.

  32. Reporters are next to lawyers in the mean and vile categories. They behave like 12-yr-olds. Combine a reporter and a lawyer, and you get real trouble. Give these players normal human space, instead of always trying to force a story.

  33. You know, Jacobs has been complaining a lot recently. I think it’s his time of the month. Bradshaw is a much better all around back, and Jacobs is just a goal line back unless he shows some heart

  34. Lashing Out? I guess you got what you wanted which was views and clicks.
    If I had to sit there and answer dumb ass questions all day long I’d probably bug out once a week. They’re lucky he didn’t get angry and hulk out on the entire crowd.
    My dad always told me “Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.”

  35. I think these players should be able to deck any weasel reporter that goads them into ruining their career for the sale of stupid crappy papers and websites.
    Just one shot, in the face, hard.
    It would be justified.

  36. He should go all lagarret Blount his ass!!!! Be like that’s right biatch I put my ego upside yo face sucka! Ask me something else!! I can do this all day! Next question

  37. The problem with the question was if he answered the question He would have admitted that a) he has an ego or b) Ahmad Bradshaw has an ego or c) both have an ego.
    He probably did the best thing by walking away.

  38. There’s too many people with little understanding of how media works commenting on how media operates, and it’s really beginning to sound ignorant.
    On one hand, you bash the writers here for not being reporters, and then you bash reporters for trying to generate stories to feed the fascination and excitement everyone has around the NFL.
    The video shows one guy doing his job, and another guy, very understandably, upset over a demotion and not wanting to discuss it publicly. That’s it.

  39. It was a stupid loaded question – Why would Bradshaw need to put his ego aside? He is the starter. Good for Jacobs for not taking the bait.

  40. Two thoughts for Brandon Jacobs:
    1). You’re a complete and utter ASS CLOWN!
    2). ‘Roid rage is a bitch, ain’t it??!!

  41. Do you ever stop lying about the Then lashed out”, how the hell was that lashing out? He pushed past the guy just enough that Ralph didn’t even have to move his feet. Hell he didnt even yell even though it was basically the thrid time he’d been asked that question.

  42. i know ward did nothing with a poor tampa bay team who let him go this year but giants should have kept ward and let jacobs go.

  43. Terrell Blowens
    You know, Jacobs has been complaining a lot recently. I think it’s his time of the month.

    he once was penalized after scoring a td for putting the ball under his sweater as if he was pregnant(maybe he really was?)

  44. # Popeye says: September 8, 2010 8:18 PM
    can you say bi-polar?
    Sure you can. But there is no such word…..

  45. Where in BJ’s response did he “lash out”?
    I guess I missed it. The media is certainly the root of all evil. Funny how you clowns will stoop to any level possible for a story.

  46. My only reply is … you call that lashing out…go reference Brett Myers from that conflict with the reporter…now that was classic “Boom outta here”

  47. I think you probably are stupid. I think anyone who thinks this is a story is stupid. I feel stupid for commenting on it, but I want credible news on this site because there are no other options right now. When someone designs one, I am outta here.

  48. “NYMets says:
    September 8, 2010 8:21 PM
    Chicken ankles is out of his freakin mind. And he sucks.

    I guess you’d be an expert at assessing that since you’ve had a lot of time waching youe Mets and Jets suck it up year in and year out.

  49. It’s an ego thing!
    It aint a big deal!
    There’s a lack of comfort when someone just tells you straight up versus the time you are on the field. He must’ve said that he was happy after being on a place that makes him forget about his struggles.

  50. That’s the biggest gain I’ve seen him execute in two years and Laron Landry wasn’t even in the frame.

  51. LOL, MDS must moonlight for the National Enquirer with that headline! Lash out? He put his hand on the reporter’s shoulder as he walked past! It will be nice when there is actually some CONTENT for people to write about.

  52. He doesn’t think you’re stupid, he thinks you’re fat and slow and lack heart like the rest of the Gints.

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