Colts wave goodbye to Tony Ugoh

Colts G.M. Bill Polian rarely swings and misses near the top of the draft.  Tackle Tony Ugoh is one reason we have to write “rarely” instead of “never.”

The Colts waived/injured Ugoh on Wednesday, according to ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky after three disappointing seasons with the club.  (And an extra disappointing offseason.)

Taken No. 42 overall in 2007, Ugoh was forced to replace Tarik Glenn at left tackle as a rookie after Glenn’s sudden retirement.  He never panned out there and was working as a guard this offseason until a recent injury.

We just wrapped up a post talking about the rough shape of the Colts offensive line heading into Week One.  Now they look even shakier.

UPDATE: The team claimed offensive lineman Joe Reitz off waivers from Miami to take Ugoh’s spot.

36 responses to “Colts wave goodbye to Tony Ugoh

  1. ” He never panned out there ”
    I thought he was regarded as having had a good rookie season, but then it went down hill after that?

  2. Wasn’t the media overreacting and gushing over this kid after like 3 games his rookie year? Oh yeah, the media loves to to do that.

  3. Why isn’t Florio posting crap about this like the gushers he spews over Marcus Mcneil? Hey, if the Colts are that shaky on the O line that’ s major news.

  4. “Wasn’t the media overreacting and gushing over this kid after like 3 games his rookie year? Oh yeah, the media loves to to do that.”
    ding ding ding! you got it. Football media goes ridiculously over the top praising every rookie or young player who gets at least one first down or a tackle. Listen to gruden on MNF for example, he makes all 22 players out on the field at a given time sound like future HOFers. Remember when the word “great” was reserved for for truly remarkable plays or remarkable players?

  5. Rosenthal please put a bug in somebodies ear to answer this about Polian: After the Super Bowl he identified the Colts offensive line as being a weakness. What has he done to improve it?
    I’ll tell you what he has NOT done.
    He has not signed a free agent that actually made the team.
    He did not draft an offensive lineman that is challenging for a starting spot. They did reach into their pockets and spent a 4th on an OG but he disappeared after the draft never to be heard from again.
    He did, however draft what looks to be a pretty good TE and MLB because those are positions of real need for the Colts (rolls eyes)

  6. Hey, packer fans still think Tony Mandarich should be in the NFL HOF, he’s already in the Packer HOF with Chester the Molester Chmura.

  7. Knowing how crappy their line is, I don’t feel near so bad about how bad the Eagles line is going to stink it up this season. Only difference is, our QB is NOT Peyton Manning.

  8. hint: when the girl is voluptuous, it isnt molestation per se. statutory rape is more like it.

  9. Cincinnasty says:
    September 8, 2010 6:43 PM
    A good pickup for depth somewhere.. Maybe Cincinnati..
    Yeah and he probably knows a lot of thier playbook!
    Go get em Mr. Brown!

  10. I wouldn’t mind if Dallas worked him out. They’re a little sparse on guys who have played games behind their starters.

  11. I hope Ugoh goes somewhere else and makes the Pro Bowl.
    I wonder who Peyton will throw under the bus this year when they don’t win it all. He’s used the OL and Reggie Wayne.

  12. “Goodbye, Ugoh, now! See my hand waving? Sayonara, toodloo, history, toast, not if I see you first, it’s so over between us, don’t call, we’ll call you, don’t let the door hit your ass, peace, out…”.

  13. Go get him Jerry. Maybe Hudson Hauck can do something with him. We need some bodies on that line. Leonard Davis was regarded as a bust in AZ then went to Dallas and became a probowler at guard….although he’s wearing down at this very moment. Hell, give him a shot, if it doesn’t work kick his ass to the curb……

  14. @ seahawkfan says:
    September 8, 2010 6:13 PM
    Maybe Peyton manning will finally get injured. The guy is a rock though.
    A rock? He has gotten hit like three times a season. Can’t win a game in bad weather to save his life (see: ANY game in Foxboro or anywhere else cold). I think it’s a little premature to be calling Manning “a rock”. Let’s see after he takes a few hits this year.

  15. Polian doesn’t miss very often…their drafts have catapulted them right past the Pats over the last several years. But for everyone single Colts day 1 bust, I could probably name you 12 for the Patriots.
    That said, Polian also doesn’t miss any chance to complain about something that doesn’t work in his favor.

  16. What hurt about this one was the team trading a first round pick for Ugoh, then not addressing LT in the draft; the appropriate move would be acquiring a top LT, then sliding Johnson into LG. Marcus McNeill, Oniel Cousins, heck, Flozell Adams would have been a nice stopgap. Polian, I get building through the draft but sometimes you have to patch your weaknesses.

  17. His rookie year he was pretty good but I believe he was playing at right takle but I can’t exactly remember… He would be a good pickup by most teams for depth or even starter on the right…

  18. Marlin Jackson, Anthony Gonzalez and Donald Brown……….all first round Polian picks in the last few years that suck ass.
    Stop drinking the Colts coolaid and do some critical analysis of their recent draft classes.

  19. Who’s the most overrated person in the NFL irregardless of position? Bill Polian. Hands down. If you took Peyton Manning of of this team, they’d be 4-12 every year with the other 52 guys on this roster. But since he’s the biggest behind the scene ass kissser in the league, the press acts like he some kind of genuis. He traded a future 1st round pick just to move up and take Ugoh, and 3 years later the guys gone. What an idiot.
    Josh Mcdaniels does the same thing in Denver with a CB, and it shows his incompetence. Polian does it, and somehow not one report mentions what he gave up for Ugoh. It pays to get your nose a little brown when dealing with the Peter Kings of the NFL press corps.

  20. Interesting…… 3 years ago is when Polian ‘downsized’ his scouts. Basically let go of two, forced another 2 out, another one left because he thought he should have been higher up in the food chain. However, that is the start year we are talking about., they started different scouts to evaluating college. Sorry Billy does not do it alone. Never has, never would, never should. But now his replacement scouts do not have the same dedication/skill for the colts as the previous guys that were forced out. Colts are missing :
    We miss you: Becker, Butler, Cavanaugh,Rowell,and Caldwell. The problem that i see you are good .

  21. Fogs88
    Ask Denver about that when Indy beat them in what was almost a blizzard.
    He won a superbowl in a downpour
    They won the last cold game they played in New England.
    And he gets hit plenty as gets right back up and runs the next play. He’s missed one snap due to injury.
    One and that was a broken jaw.
    You can hate all you want but #18 is durable.

  22. Settle down xebradick. Polian drafted Manning, Freeney, Wayne, Marshall Faulk, and Bob Sanders. Jeff Saturday and Gary Brackett were picked up as undrafted free agents. Ugoh is considered his biggest whiff in terms of drafting. But name a president/GM who hasn’t made mistakes? It’s impossible to be infallible, and it’s an absolute joke to say that Bill Polian is overrated.

  23. Reply to whoismikesimswalker
    Its not a “joke” to say Bill Polian has been overrated lately though and perhaps his best days on evaluating talent are over. All the players you suggested were pretty good picks but that was years ago. Bob Sanders is on the verge of being a bad re-sign until he can play atleast 14 games. Things happen when you get a little older maybe Bill is spending more time with his family, who knows but the talent in the last 5 years has dropped off, you can see it. When your getting destroyed in the preseason like their doing it shows you that without Manning there is little help elsewhere. Montana couldn’t save the Cheifs either but thier roles are kinda similiar looking back on the ’93’ Chiefs, a bad team without Montana and Allen. The Colts on the other hand are one injury away from being 0-16. I’ve never seen a GM ride such coattails to be honest with you. So while people credit Polian for his great drafts in previous years its now time for him to take critisizm for trading a pick for Ugoh, then the very next draft was horrible, then his alzheimers kicked in the first round again and drafted Gonzales, and really the Colts cut everyone else that he drafted those years, just horrible. He finally takes ALL the credit again for Garcon and Collie( and Manning can make Charles Rodgers look good by the way) Polian has really been a bad Gm in the last 5 years and would have been fired if Peyton Manning wasn’t on the team. A good Gm should be able to draft TWO players who fit the last 5 years shouldn’t they? Garcon and Collie thats it.

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