Dan Hampton to apologize, again

As it turns out, Hall of Fame defensive tackle Dan Hampton’s ill-advised Hurricane Katrina comment wasn’t the only remark that caused discomfort for the Pro Football Weekly television program.

In the same show, Hampton said that the Dallas Cowboys are “more of the ‘Brokeback’ variety if you know what I’m talking about.”

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has requested an apology, explaining that “Hampton telegraphed to his audience that gay men are not good enough,
just as he doesn’t believe the Dallas Cowboys are good enough.” 

PFW publisher Hub Arkush has told GLAAD that Hampton will lead the next installment of the show by apologizing for both statements.  Arkush also told AfterElton.com that “we deplore discrimination and bigotry aimed at any and all racial, ethnic and social groups and communities, and Dan’s comment about the Cowboys is totally unacceptable and will not be repeated or ignored.”  In the same e-mail to AfterElton.com, Arkush explained that PFW experience “horror” as a result of the “discomfort caused” by the Katrina remark.

So Hampton in one show said something that PFW finds “totally unacceptable” and something else that caused “horror” for the publication.  And Hampton will be on the air for the next edition of the show, delivering back-to-back apologies.  And the Pro Football Weekly television show will probably generate record ratings.  And Hampton will say “I’m sorry” and he’ll promise not to screw up again.  And, presumably, he’ll continue to appear on the show with no suspension.

Apparently, PFW is gleaning its P.R. advice from old Steve Martin routines.

38 responses to “Dan Hampton to apologize, again

  1. Dan’s sensitivity training will involve a series of visits to gay bars in N.O. red light district. He must shave his head and keep a moustache or goatee, while wearing a muscle shirt, low cut button up Levi’s, Daytons, and an earring. He must also advise anyone who asks that he is “an old Bear”.

  2. As an NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber, I make sure to watch PFW’s weekly pregame show.
    Hub, Tom, Dan, & that other guy are the best sources of ‘info-tainment’ on TV.
    Whether the Vikings should cover thousands with water, without power or escape…..or whether the Cowgirls’ players are “Gay as a football bat”…..
    I love me some PFW!!

  3. Maybe Dan H. should offer to crawl under a rock, never to be seen again…….& Hub should stop producing any PFW material.
    MAYBE that will make Florio happy??

  4. now the only suspense is whether he will name both Florio and Jesse Jackson in his apology.
    And I highly doubt anything you’re writing reminds anybody of Steve Martin.

  5. with an overboard emphasis on “political correctness” this society is turning into a brokeback kind of place…

  6. What an idiot. Does this guy even think before he speaks. If brains were bird droppings, this guy would have a clean cage.

  7. maybe now you know why Joe Theisman took the ‘joey sunshine’ route…wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.

  8. Apologize?
    I’m waiting for the day somebody has the guts to tell them to go to hell instead of apologizing.

  9. Listening to Dan Hampton call a game reminds me of being a little kid, listening to the local radio broadcast of American Legion baseball games.
    Think bush league.

  10. What he said wasn’t exactly right, either time. It goes to show you that he isn’t the smartest guy in the book, and I can tell you from listening to his old radio show on WSCR he isn’t. It’s unfortunate he doesn’t have a filter that the industry he works in requires, but come on. This guy has his job because he was a legendary football player. Should we expect any better? If he got fired, some other media outlet would hire him a year later when it all got blown over. The comments were horrible, but too often in our society we judge people for unfortunate mistakes and want to damn them for it. His comments were unfortunate, but it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person, just one with momentary questionable judgment.

  11. Hampton on that one program insulted/offended THREE groups including the Dallas Cowboys who he inferred were a bunch of f-gs.

  12. Maybe they’re not suspending him because they feel they shouldn’t have their lineup dictated by the PC police and are only making him apologise at all because people will cry for ever if he doesn’t.

  13. Whatever. I bet the gays and lesbians had no problem when that movie came out. They were all happy because their lifestyle made it onto the big screen. Now that it’s the butt of jokes again they are blaming the man with the sense of humor? Fk em.
    To be offended by such a tame comment is ridiculous. I’m so tired of every group getting “offended” every time someone opens their mouth. Get over it and learn to be an ADULT.

  14. It’s time we as a country grow up.
    Know what this reminds me of?
    A mommy getting offended when her little boy is insulted by another kid. The special interest groups like GLAAD play the “offended mommy” role and the network execs play the “we’re SO SORRY mommy” role.
    It’s childish and it does absolutely nothing good for the cause these special interest groups supposedly represent. But wait, if the problem went away so would mommy’s job, so the group has a vested interest in stirring up crap and isn’t about solving any problems at all.
    This goes for all of the groups that are functioning as crap-stirrers and offended mommies, not just GLAAD.

  15. Hampton is a walking malaprop. As a one-time co-host for an AM time-slot at The Score AM 670 in Chicago, Hampton frequently bungled analogies & struggled overall with his delivery; he was painful to listen to, making Emmitt Smith sound like Edmund Murrow. In fact, The Score frequently plays sound-bites of Hampton’s previous on-air gaffes.
    Where’s the editing accountability at PFW? This is a pre-taped show–why didn’t someone catch Hampton’s prepared statements & edit them out?
    Firing Hampton over his remarks cowers to the hypersensitive & opportunistically offended. If Hampton is let go, it should be simply because he is terrible behind any microphone.

  16. I live outside of Houston and on the Gulf Coast. We put up with more than a few of the “challenges” Katrina sent our way.
    Get over yourselves!
    The Broke back thing was funny!

  17. I’m with Krank, it was funny. Maybe Florio should cover figure skating instead of football. Everyone loves to be offended these days. Unbunch those panties boys.

  18. Richm2257, Mumakata and all the other kumbaya wimps need to toughen up and stop whining before the rest of us hit them like Katrina..

  19. Hampton is kinda goofy. But what’s wrong with telling the truth about the cowgirls. Everybody knows the cowgirls are overrated and soft. Romo ain’t never won or proved nothin. And never will. The cowgirls have gone to their last Super Bowl. Way to call it like it is Dan. I’m a fan of the World Champion New Orleans Saints and Hamptons comment about the Vikings blowing into new Orleans like Katrina didn’t bother me one bit. The Saints have already proved they can handle Katrina and the girly Vikes. The Saints are Champs. The Vikes ain’t. And never have been. And never will be. Ha Ha. It’s great to be a Saints fan!! I love it. Took me 43 years to get some braggin rights. So i’m braggin.

  20. You do have to laugh at the Brokeback Mountain remark just because no other movie with such a title has set itself up to be the pun of many jokes.
    At least he didn’t use that lame ass “Cowgirls” tag that everyone who uses thinks is original.
    As for Hampton, he is an idiot but that’s the media. All shapes and sizes…oops, did I offend anyone?

  21. It is every American’s right to be offended. Thank you to all those who have given us this freedom to have our beliefs challenged and feelings hurt. Without being offended we don’t know where we stand on issues or where our core values are.
    Good job Dan on having people realize that being offended is not only ok, but productive.

  22. Current controversy aside, Florio attacking Hub Arkush’s credibility sounds as silly as Trent Dilfer criticizing Peyton Manning.
    Hub’s a class act, and it would be an absolute shame if this is what he and PFW were remembered for.

  23. He still hasn’t apologized for rooting for the ViQueens. That seems to be the biggest blunder he made that day.

  24. NoKoolaidCowboy says:
    September 9, 2010 8:38 AM
    At least he didn’t use that lame ass “Cowgirls” tag that everyone who uses thinks is original.
    I don’t think everyone who uses it does so because they think they’re being original, I think they use it just because it’s become so universal – like “Viqueens” If you’re looking for originality, you’re in the wrong place.
    I’ve always been partial to “Cowpies” myself. It’s not as insulting to the ladies.

  25. # NoRingsForYou says: September 9, 2010 8:20 AM
    Richm2257, Mumakata and all the other kumbaya wimps need to toughen up and stop whining before the rest of us hit them like Katrina..
    You must be confused. I am not offended. I thought both comments are funny. They are just not things you can say as a (semi) public figure and not expect to receive blow back for having said them. And I think the patriots are way more faggy than the cowboys. Feel free to read more than one comment before labeling someone. Like , it would be dumb for me to label you a big bad internet tough guy, cuz I don’t really remember you saying anything memorable before now. I do, however, think you are an idiot based on this one idiotic post. But I would never call you an idiot, no matter how idiotic this one forgetful post was. I will just keep thinking you are an idiot, never call you one.

  26. You have to love it when someone out there says something so subtle, so dry and rather innocent and those with probably no friends [to speak of], no real life and too much time on their hands looks into it as offensive. What is the is world coming too …there are folks dying of cancer, West Nile, being blown up, stabbed, shot, and that of the sorts …. really, is there anybody left out there with a sense of humor that wont read sooooo far into things. I never once heard an “offensive” statement from this man about death, kill, die, shoot, hope they die, anything. REALLY? I wouldn’t have apologized, folks are too sensitive today. Guess everyone has an opinion and like …… well, you know, everyone has one.
    Take it from one who knows, this kind of stuff will eat you up, and that’s only because you’re allowing it. Tragic as ANYTHING can be …LET THIS ONE GOOOOO!

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