Fisher on Haynesworth: "We're in good shape" but "we'll listen"

Titans coach Jeff Fisher says he can’t talk about Albert Haynesworth as long as he’s under contract to the Redskins. And Fisher says he likes the Titans’ defensive line as it is.

But Fisher acknowledges he’ll listen to the Redskins if they offer a trade that would send Haynesworth back to Tennessee.

“We’ve got great numbers,” Fisher said of his defensive line. “We’re probably going to have to deactivate one or two for the game that could play so we’re in good shape.”

Fisher said that if the Redskins were to approach the Titans with a trade offer, the Titans would listen. But that’s about as far as he would go.

“If they’re willing to look into the possibility of dealing him, of course we’ll listen to them,” Fisher said. “We listen to those types of things almost every day.”

Fisher acknowledged following the Haynesworth situation well enough that he knows about “the offseason payment and then of course with all the drama associated with the offseason conditioning and the conditioning test and everything.” But he says that the Titans are just thinking about Week One.

“Our focus right now,” Fisher said, “is on the Raiders.”

13 responses to “Fisher on Haynesworth: "We're in good shape" but "we'll listen"

  1. Similar to what was said around the draft weekend, when there were a lot of rumours about a trade, which had no basis in reality.

  2. You better be focused on the Raiders Jeffrey, because they are focused on shutting down Chris Johnson. With the new Defense in Oakland, you better have a second option!

  3. Skins are gonna F this up, and make life easier for another team, just like they did w/ Jason Taylor: paid him a lot of money to play about half a season, the the Dolphins resigned him for next to nothing.
    Silly Skins…wins are for real teams.

  4. Screw Fischer. Basically, he’s positioning things so that they would offer something lame, like a 7th round pick, but nothing more. Basically, let me see if I can fleece Bruce Allen like everyone could fleece Cerrato.
    If I’m the Skins, I keep Haynesworth and play him. Personality aside, he commands double teams and frees up lanes for the LBs like Orakpo. You can crack on the Redskins all you want but it will be opposing QBs that will be affected the most, not the Redskins’ fan base.
    It’s not worth GIVING Haynesworth away.

  5. You have to keep him unless you can get a 1st rounder or a 2nd and 3rd or a decent WR. And no one is giving that much for him at this point. What a differance 51 Weeks makes.

  6. Titans are focused on the Raiders. Run CJ Run, all day long. Shut him down? Doubt it, but we’ve got plenty of weapons. 1-0 after week one in Titan Town!

  7. im amazed at people who think stacking the box is gonna stop CJ . Did you guys not pay attention last year when they were stacking the box ? There is no strategy for speed except a zone coverage, which in turn he would hit the split and be gone . . . Prayers are about the only thing the Raiders have …

  8. Oakland doesn’t have the bodies to shut Johnson down. Their best chance is to keep him from breaking any 90 yard runs and hope the offense steps up and chews some clock.

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