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When we cobbled together the PFT Season Preview magazine back in May, each of the four main PFT writers made playoff and Super Bowl predictions.  It seemed like a good idea, in large part because it helped us fill up two more pages at a time when we were running low on ideas.

And since I’ve pointed out inconsistencies in the past when experts try to slip inconsistent picks through our collective five hole, we’re sticking with our picks from the PFT Season Preview magazine.  Each projection will appear from the four writers — Rosenthal, MDS, Silva, and yours truly — throughout the rest of the evening.

After years of trying unsuccessfully to supercharge their offense, the Baltimore Ravens finally have achieved their goal.  With a third-year quarterback who already has generated a 3-2 record in five road postseason games and a small army of high-end possession receivers and one of the best young tailbacks in the game, the Ravens could score far more points per week than any Ravens defense ever should need.

Things looked dicey during training camp, with cornerback Dominique Foxworth tearing an ACL and safety Ed Reed battling with a bum hip and Jared Gaither looking less like a right tackle and more like a tight end and receiver Donte’ Stallworth busting a foot.  But a strong showing in the preseason and a sense that the front seven on defense still has the punch to make up for a substandard secondary means that the two sides of the ball should come together to do great things.

In 2008 and 2009, the Ravens were swept by the eventual champions of the AFC North.  This year, if the Ravens can take care of business in their own backyard, the Ravens could end up earning a bye and forcing other playoff teams to come to Baltimore in January.  And that could result in a trip to Texas.

Why not square off once again against the Cowboys?  Two years ago, the Ravens were the hand-picked patsies to close out Texas Stadium, and the Ravens instead played the role of rude house guests.  The perfect bookend would come from a return to Dallas and a victory over the Cowboys in the first Super Bowl played in their new venue.

As the season approaches, I’m feeling less confident about the Cowboys making it to the Super Bowl and more inclined to tab the grossly overlooked defending Super Bowl champions from New Orleans.  But I picked the Cowboys in June, and I’m sticking with it.

After all, it can’t turn out any worse than picking the Redskins to advance to the Super Bowl, like some idiot who shall remain nameless did last year at this time.

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  1. Can’t wait for all the loser Jests fans to show up to rail against Florio. “Florio hates the Jests, waa waa waa!!!!” The Vikings are going to beat the colts in the game.

  2. A true loser is someone who bashes a fan base in an article comment hiding behind the internet. Just saying.
    And no Jets fan cares who Florio picks to get into the Super Bowl. Most of the media is picking other teams to reach the Super Bowl than the Jets.
    This pick has nothing to do with any level of bias. The bias is shown in other, very often subtle, ways.
    If you’re going to act like a message board troll, Mumakata, at least do it well.

  3. Florio is having some second thoughts about the Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl this year, but he picked them back in 1975 so he is sticking with it.

  4. Two words come to mind when I think about the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl:
    Tony Romo.
    Immediately my mind goes back to what I was originally thinking about – Justin Biebers dance moves.
    PFT Charter Member and Class of the 2010 Hall of Fame

  5. What about the best quarterback in the league…………………………….you know, Aaron Rodgers.

  6. “After all, it can’t turn out any worse than picking the Redskins to advance to the Super Bowl, like some idiot who shall remain nameless did last year at this time.” Were you referring to Theismann who chose them to win the superbowl and Jason Campbell to be an all-pro QB. Well at least he learned from his homer ways and chose the skins again to go to the superbowl. Theismann is Dan Snyder’s dream analyst.
    P.S. i realize you were referring to yourself Florio.

  7. Haha good job Florio with that last line. Based on the last year, I figured you would pick the Rams or something

  8. Any predictions for who gets to blow out the Cowboys in their last game of the season. Last year it was the Vikings, before that the Eagles.

  9. I almost picked the Ravens over the Cowboys on Rosenthal’s thread, but wound up going with the Saints in a squeaker over the Ravens. Just can’t see the Cowboys getting there. And if the Saints make it back, I think Brees will have the advantage over Flacco. Otherwise, I think the Ravens would take any other NFC team.

  10. You’re most likely going to be an idiot again, but if you live long enough you will eventually guess right, and your grandchildren will hear the story. Too bad for them.

  11. dallas wont even win their division. giants beat them twice even with sheridan running te defense they wont lose this year again to the cowboys.

  12. Well, there ya go, Florio’s pick. Take it to the bank.
    Then try to explain to the authorities that you just found it on the subway. Or that some guy you never saw before handed it to you and ran away. Or you’re just brought it there as a favor to your homeless cousin who left the city.

  13. Havent looked hard but still havent ran across your mag on Newstands, might have to run to the bookstore for a last ditch effort before I have to mail order it.

  14. Like Dallas has a chance with the turnstile of an Offensive Line.
    Orakpo, Tuck, Pierre Paul, Graham, Cole, Mario Williams, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, Kampman, Clay Matthews, Jared Allen/Williams Wall/Edwards, Suh/Vanden Bosch, Peppers…then throw in Tennessee’s opportunistic secondary and Greg Williams pressure schemes….
    You can have all the talent in the world at the skill positions, but if you can’t block, none of that matters (unless your Peyton Manning). And the Cowboys line is brutal. Honestly they are probably gonna start Alex Barron on Sunday – a guy so terrible he couldn’t start for the worst OL in the league.
    Romo will be lucky if he even makes it into December/January so he can really get into his choking groove

  15. 31 teams just rejoiced that you didn’t pick them. …and the Saints are all bemoaning the fact that you picked them, since that basically guarantees that they’ll somehow find a way to miss the postseason entirely.
    Florio hates the Saints! lol.

  16. It’ll be the Pack, the Vikings, the Saints, or a complete-surprise team. ***
    The Saints – if the defense comes out to play
    The Vikes – if Brett can plant, nurture and harvest all the receivers he needs, if his line protects him, & if BC doesn’t screw something up.
    The Pack – if the defense comes out to play, & if Finley & Burnett don’t cross the ego line.
    *** But if the play of any of these teams does not justify these predictions, why then I reserve the right to change my mind.

  17. The Rams have been to two Super Bowls and won one in the last 13 years. The ‘boys, on the other hand, have won one playoff game. Much like Jerry Jones, Florio believes that if the ‘boys keep repeating the same mistakes that the outcome will be different this year. Say, Mike, would you consider beginning the Cubs’ GM?

  18. Last yr you picked the redskins and steelers to play in the super bowl…neither even made the playoffs…so this yr you decided to pick the ravens and cowboys…you just made my day

  19. sdskelly says:
    September 9, 2010 12:00 PM
    Kamerion Wimbley will not have 18 sacks, my friend. The only reason he had so many in Cleveland is because no one else was there to get to the qb first. Also, as a Browns fan, I must say that our punter, Dave Zastudil, is the best punter in the league. Throw in Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs and you see why the Browns have the best special teams in the league.
    Now only if Delhomme can have a ’09 Farve-like season…
    he would if he played the bears twice this year. our o-line made wembly look like a star in the second preseason game.

  20. @ Mumakata, the Jets are my team and I am thrilled Florio didn’t pick them. Contrary to your dopey comment, I couldn’t care less who Florio “likes” or “hates.” It’s just his opinion and we all have one. I am excited about our chances but know there are 6 or 7 teams in the AFC with a good shot get to the SB. I can’t wait for all the talk (including the Jets) to stop and the games to start. Let’s play some damn football!
    Oh yeah………… it’s gonna be Packers – Jets. Who’d ya expect me to pick? 🙂

  21. Romo in the Super Bowl….
    I’m Laughing so hard I’m crying. Ain’t gonna happen with the 3 Stooges, Romo, Phillips & Jones…..

  22. Now we know who definitely WON’T be in the SB this year. Thanks Florio…
    Ratbirds & Cowgirls?

  23. The one thing you can be certain of. If Florio picked the Boys and the Ravens, it is certain it will be 2 of the other 30 teams that makes the SUper Bowl. Florio is the worst prognosticator in sports. Really. Look at his record from last year just in the playoffs. He was wrong about 7 of the 8 games he pickes. He was wrong in the Championship games. He was wrong in the Super Bowl.
    Sorry Ravens and Cowboy fans…you guys are doomed. The rest of you, hope Florio doesn’t pick your team when he re-picks after 8 games.

  24. “Kravon
    PFT Charter Member and Class of the 2010 Hall of Fame”
    Wow did he (it) just mention class, PFT, and Hall of Fame on one phrase?
    Don’t feed me straight lines, kid.

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