Jay Alford joins the Raiders

The post-September 4 roster churning continues.

A league source tells us that defensive tackle Jay Alford, a third-round pick of the Giants in 2007, has agreed to terms with the Raiders.

Alford missed all of 2009 with a knee injury suffered in the preseason.  He appeared in every game of his first two seasons, with three starts in 2008.

Alford played in each of the Giants’ four preseason games in 2010.

30 responses to “Jay Alford joins the Raiders

  1. He problet just wants to get another ring this year. Do you think the raiders will even lose a game this year with that defense?

  2. wtf……
    stupid releasing him…..
    Yeah game on the line and suddenly brady is going backwards 4 yards in the air via air Alford

  3. Don’t try to run on Oak, San Diego. You don’t have LT and we are bigger and badder!!! AFC West Title is coming home to the Raiders!

  4. lets see…..alford or haynesworth, oh for sure alford…….according to a guy on a radio staion in timbucktwo he said according to an ex ball boy that Waufle over ruled Al Davis on this pick Davis wanted haynesworth, but none of the coaches did.

  5. 1NationRaiderNation says:
    September 8, 2010 11:14 AM
    lets see…..alford or haynesworth, oh for sure alford…….accordi ng to a guy on a radio staion in timbucktwo he said according to an ex ball boy that Waufle over ruled Al Davis on this pick Davis wanted haynesworth, but none of the coaches did.
    That has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Heard from an “ex-ball boy”??? I’m having trouble picturing all of the coaches and Al Davis together discussing a player acquisition with the ballboy at the table.

  6. According to CBS Sports, the Raiders released Erik Pears to make room for Alford.
    “The Raiders waived backup OT Erik Pears to make room for former Giants DT Jay Alford on their 53-man roster. Pears started four games for the Raiders last season, two at left guard and two at right tackle.”

  7. Erik Pears was a bust. No problems seeing him go. Need to cehck the waiver wire for some decent o-line guys as our best are at best questionable

  8. I bet we release one of the RB’s when Bush is fully healthy & bring back OL Pears – he was basically the 3rd “TE” for blocking purposes.

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