MDS's Super Bowl pick

The Indianapolis Colts will get their second Super Bowl title in five years in February, and they’ll do it by beating the first team ever to play a Super Bowl on its home field.

Peyton Manning will lead the Colts to the Super Bowl again this season, but instead of throwing a game-changing interception as he did in Super Bowl XLIV against the Saints, he’ll deliver a Super Bowl MVP-caliber performance against the Cowboys in Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium on February 6.

As long as Manning is healthy, the Colts are assured of being one of the best teams in the league. It’s almost absurd that in a league where fans head into every season thinking anything can happen, the Colts have won 12 or more games in seven straight seasons, with Manning being one of the best players in football every single year. But there’s no reason to doubt that the Colts will do it again this year.

There are more reasons to doubt the Cowboys, who feel like a risky pick while the Colts feel like a safe one. But I like the Cowboys’ offensive firepower so much that I’m picking them to earn home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, and I like the Cowboys’ defense just enough to see them not blowing the two NFC playoff games they’ll play in Dallas.

I don’t like their defense enough to beat the Colts, though. The Colts will have the NFL’s best offense, and they’ll leave the Cowboys in their dust in the Super Bowl. 

In the end, the story of the 2010 season and 2011 postseason will be Manning. He’ll continue to play at his consistently, almost boringly, great level during the regular season. And after two weeks of “Will he choke again?” questions in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, he’ll get his second ring.

Unless he throws the Super Bowl away in the fourth quarter once again. In which case he’ll be labeled a choker. And I’ll be the fool who confidently proclaimed in early September that Manning would play a great game on a grand stage at Super Bowl XLV.

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  1. Replace Manning’s name, and insert Brett Favre, and the everything else is correct-as he will get his 2nd SBOWL ring, and the Vikes the first Super Bowl title!!! Gret way for the classy Viking organization to celebrate 50 years!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You mean “Manning will once again play a great game on a grand stage in the Super Bowl”. Super Bowl 41 MVP, douchebag.

  3. “And I’ll be the fool who confidently proclaimed in early September that Manning would play a great game on a grand stage at Super Bowl XLV.”
    Please don’t take this personally, but regardless of the SB outcome, you’ll still be a fool.

  4. Dallas is not going period. I do not understand te media’s fascination with this team, especially this year. There line is down two starters and Romo is too streaky. They have no shot @ the NFC title

  5. I doubt the cowboys go to the superbowl with their o-line problems. They have not upgraded the line it has actually gotten worse. Tony Romo will probably get injured half way through the season.

  6. Sadly the Colts won’t be at the Big Game. In fact, the Colts, Jets, Vikes and champs will NOT make it back to the title game. Mark it down!

  7. What’s really sad is that without Manning the Colts are a below .500 team … hmmmm Greg Williams knows how to beat Manning maybe the rest of the AFC will finally figure it out.

  8. Well there sure are a lot of geniuses out there. So picking the Colts as SB winner makes Florio an idiot?
    OK geniuses….. who’s going to win?
    (I wonder if these “geniuses” grasp the concept of sarcasm.)

  9. The Colts will quit in week 1 against the Texans to end the horrible burden of being undefeated.
    Manning will gag in the playoffs, one and done for the 8th (?) time to drop to 9-10 for his career in the postseason.

  10. The Colts O-line sucks. The Colts defense sucks. They won’t be able to protect Manning this year. They can’t run the ball. They can’t stop the run.
    Is Manning good enough to overcome all of this? I don’t think so.

  11. Bet your house if you feel so strongly.
    Dallas, thats a hoot. They will be at the superbowl but in spectator seats only.

  12. Now i know why you try to stir up so much controversy in Washington. No way the cowboys make it to the superbowl. They will start another 13 year hiatus from winning a playoff game.

  13. Darn, MDS, wish I’d seen your prediction when you made it. I was shouting at the CBS pregame crew at noon that No Way was Indy going to the Super Bowl. No way. No how. Uh-uh. I don’t think the Cowboys will make it either, though of the two, they have a better chance than Indy.
    Now that they’ve both lost their opener, I don’t seem nearly as smart as I would have if I’d posted this earlier 😉

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