Randy Moss misses practice with "illness"

On Monday, Patriots receiver Randy Moss said he doesn’t feel wanted by the team.  On Wednesday, he didn’t practice due to an illness.

Conspiracy theorists (and they’re everywhere . . . everywhere, I tell ya) would wonder whether a connection exists.  For now, though, we’ll simply assume that he really is sick.

Also missing for the Pats were receiver Julian Edelman (foot), tackle Nick Kaczur (back), running back Laurence Maroney (thigh), and cornerback Terrence Wheatley (foot).

Fully participating in practice were quarterback Tom Brady and his congenitally-defective right shoulder, defensive tackle Ron Brace (ankle), cornerback Kyle Arrington (groin), linebacker Jermaine Cunningham (ankle), defensive end Brandon Deaderick (toe), tight end Aaron Hernandez (knee), defensive end Myron Pryor (knee), and receiver Matt Slater (hamstring).

For the Bengals, cornerback Brandon Ghee (head) and running back Brian Leonard (foot) did not practice.  Defensive tackle Geno Atkins (knee), receiver Andre Caldwell (groin), and defensive end Jonathan Fanene (hamstring) practiced on a limited basis.

58 responses to “Randy Moss misses practice with "illness"

  1. This contract situation will either fire Randy Moss up to work extra hard or piss him off enough where he plays half ass all season. Based on Moss’s history, when he’s unhappy he plays like shit, so I’m guessing the latter.

  2. Assume what you like, Mike – this behavior sounds awfully familiar. Moss has always acted like a spoiled brat when he doesn’t get his way or isn’t appreciated the way he thinks he should be.

  3. Another non-story “Fictional Storio.” He’s been at each practice and this is likely a BB ordered rest day. Keep trying to dig up what isn’t there. This is gonna be a shoot out at The OK Corral. Brady, Moss, Welker, Tate, Gronk!!!!! Bang Bang!!! I am concerned about the D, I can see Cincy puttin up 4 scores, but the Pats will beat ’em by a TD or better.

  4. A few of us Patriot fans think while Moss is very talented he has quite a bit of dog in him. All Randy is doing right now is acting his age, which is 5 in dog years.
    While he may have HOF stats, Randy Moss in a very insecure and immature person. Sad really.

  5. Like in the last three seasons 250 catches, 3,765 yards, and 47 touchdowns. But hey, if you believe that Moss’s “illness” is related to his unhappiness about his contract, I have a bridge to sell you.

  6. The thing with Brady’s shoulder has been explained by Belichick, but the media just doesn’t want to accept anything other than a conspiracy:
    When Brady rests his shoulder, he misses practice time. You need a reason for missing practice time, so the report says, “(shoulder)”.
    What is the big deal ?????

  7. In keeping with last year’s tradition of taking Wednesday’s off during the regular season, Randy Moss was not spotted during the open portion of Wednesday practice on the lower practice field at Gillette Stadium. So what is the big deal. When the game is on the line Randy Moss will be there.

  8. This is news? Why haven’t you listed the other 35, 50, 75 players that weren’t in practice in the league today?
    Trust me, Randy has been to voluntaries, mandatories, training camp, every practice, and he’ll be giving it his all on Sunday. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a fool.

  9. “Practice? We’re talking about practice?”
    I didn’t realize a wounded ego counts as an illness. I’m going to use that excuse next time my boss chews me out. “Sorry, can’t come in today. My ego is still bruised from yesterday. You really should do a better job at making me feel wanted.”

  10. So once again, the mighty CornFlorio ASSumes something is different than otherwise stated.
    Perez Hilton was recently offered 20mil for his site. Quit trying to emulate him! If NBC paid more than a buck fifty for this worthless rag they paid too much!

  11. Moss don’t do me like this playa u on my fantasy and it’s ur contract year so dammit put up some numbers

  12. Is this speculation anything like when you projected that Randy Moss was really trying to get back to playing with Brett Favre before the old man retired, back when Moss was “unhappy” a year or two ago? That was gold.

  13. # FloriosAssBuddy says: September 8, 2010 5:18 PM
    Mark My Words!!!
    Randee Moos: Supper Bowl MVP
    Moss is following Favre’s plan to get himself traded.
    He’ll be MVP but it will be with the Vikings.

  14. @60eagles, yea man I had a back to back pick ( the premiere RB’s were gone) and I took A. Johnson & R. Wayne. Moss is to erratic, he’s been good for a while and now with this contract stuff he’s liable to go off. OR he might have actually matured and said to himself ” Its a contract year, I’ll go all out and get paid another fat contract from the pats or another team”.

  15. The man is making 9M to play a game. 9M is enough for 97% of the people in this country to live quite comfortably for the rest of their lives and their childre’s lives..
    The Pats won 3 SB without you, but more profoundly, none with you. In fact, the one thing in common with all of the teams you have played for in your career is that none of them won a championship. Instead of sulking, go out to Revis Island in a couple of weeks and take your frustrations out on him. The Pats will be happy you did and maybe you will get a little love.
    Just a thought.

  16. # Patsfan87 says: September 8, 2010 5:46 PM
    “When the game is on the line Randy Moss will be there.”
    ..although he’s been known to *leave before it’s over.
    /*stomp off the field like a whiny little bitch

  17. JuanGoneFlorio says: September 8, 2010 6:09 PM
    Sounds like the lame ass NoseRedNow is jealous of Florio’s deal. Too bad McDonald’s won’t ever give you a better job than the janitor’s job that you will be stuck with for the rest of your miserable life.
    Truly sad is the fact you feel the need to defend CornFlorio. Hows his dick taste?

  18. Moss has the mentality of a 12 year old child. He may actually be sick, then again, he has a track record of less than stellar effort. He is in a contract year which would normally mean monster numbers for him. The problem is he knows he is getting older and his value is dropping. If the players actually believe there will be a lockout (and many do) then Moss’ motivation for having a monster contract year would be the ability to get a high dollar contract in 2012. Even Randy knows that is very unlikely…the results may be he realizes no sweet contract is in his future and he resorts tio playing whenever he feels like it. If the Pats lose a couple games and he does not feel involved, he will mail it in for the rest of the season.

  19. You all a making a deal out of this when Randy Moss has never practiced on a Wednesday over the last few yrs. This way his legs are fresh for Sunday when he is needed. Botton line. He is a WINNER. Yes he has taken a few plays off however when Randy is needed, he steps up.

  20. juan/yawn florio,
    how many screen names are you going to post your stupidity?
    Everyone get ready for his immature responses since we all know what a loser IT is

  21. Remember last year when he ‘wasn’t trying’, and was at least top 5 in the league with both yards (1250) and TDs (13) despite a lingering back injury, and a QB just coming back from major surgery?
    Or the year before when he ‘wasn’t trying’ because Tom Brady was hurt, and everyone said he would quit on the team that had no shot at a Championship, and yet he had to accept Matt Cassell tossing him a mere 1000 yards and 3rd best in the league 11 TDs (only 1 TD behind 1st) while leading the team to an 11-5 record?
    Or the year before when just like this year he was in the final year of his contract hoping to land a long term extention, and everyone said he was done, and he only put up 1500 yards and 23 TDs?
    Ya. As a Pats fan, I can’t wait to see what he does this year without trying or caring anymore. Every year the media comes up with a reason to doubt this guy, or try to make him seem like less than the freakish monster he is.

  22. grampats, you are hilarious
    to think a 75 year old guy would spend his retirement arguing with football fans on the internet…..priceless
    If that was how I spent my golden years, I would have Dr. Kevorkian’s number on speed dial.

  23. The Pats won 3 SB without you, but more profoundly, none with you. In fact, the one thing in common with all of the teams you have played for in your career is that none of them won a championship. Instead of sulking, go out to Revis Island in a couple of weeks and take your frustrations out on him. The Pats will be happy you did and maybe you will get a little love.
    Excellent rant.
    Will probably never occur to him.

  24. Randy Moss has an illness?! Yeah, he found out how much Tom Brady is going to get paid and it made him SICK!!!

  25. sorry to disapoint you all but randy moss last year missed practice on wednesday every week…not to sure how you can look it up but its a fact

  26. “Fully participating in practice were quarterback Tom Brady and his congenitally-defective right shoulder.”
    Florio…the word you were looking for was chronically, not congenitally. Perhaps you consult a dictionary next time you want to use a word but don’t know what it means.

  27. No BlueRush/juan/yawn/florio,
    No thats how you spend your time instead of being with the ladies? Posting your stupidity about Patriots fans and if you are so young and cool, WHY do you spend so much time on here?
    Are you just another 20something loser still living at home?
    I can say with confidence that the Patriots fans on this site agree and look forward to your next stupid response.

  28. When I was young and still idealistic, I thought that the players who pulled such stunts (presuming just for the moment that it IS a stunt) were idiots – because surely no team was going to hire a player who behaved that way, one so blatantly willing to hold his own organization hostage.
    Time went by, and I got a little more realistic. I noticed that such players ( i.e., bullies, spoiled brats, squeaky wheels, inordinately egocentric human beings), were nearly always hired, or extended, paid more, whatever, i.e., they got their way. So I thought, wow, was I wrong, it’s the teams that are the idiots.
    But now I’m old and tough and cynical (i.e., I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, and there are no obstacles in my way) – I’m the idiot for ever having assumed that just because someone has reached the age where it’s legal to vote, have a drink, or sign a contract, they are “mature”.
    There are players who are professionals in all aspects of their games, in every sport, but they are so, so rare. On the commodities market, precious. I hope they survive.

  29. # JuanGoneFlorio says: September 8, 2010 5:47 PM
    Fits right in with you lame Patsie fans…except for the athletic talent part, that is. The New England area is well known for its sheer lack of overall athletic talent, as witnessed by the tiny percentage of local athletes that actually make it to the professional ranks.
    They are all too busy punching each other in the face, staring at their sister boobs, and practicing their stupid accent to be athletes. If they made a reality show out the Boston youth, it would make Jersey Shore look high class.

  30. Florio meant to use congenitally there. It was a joke. I chuckled.
    Moss has been a great player and a good member of the Pat’s family. He’s sick, so, end of f’n story. That said, he deserves a new contract because he is wanted in NE. As Brady’s soon to be signed contract will show, reasonable men can make a deal that works for all involved. So Bob, get it done.

  31. Moss will not dog it this year. He is playing for his last contract. That’s not to say that he won’t take some playes off like he normally does, but he won’t dog it like when he’s been unhappy.
    He can’t be THAT stupid.

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