Redskins teammates look past "distracting" Haynesworth situation

While Donovan McNabb says the Redskins can’t win without defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, two of their teammates just seem to wish they could stop talking about him at all.

It’s very distracting, but we try not to let it get to us,” linebacker Brian Orakpo told the Washington Post. “Because we’re tired of talking about it, Albert’s tired of talking about it, [Mike] Shanahan’s tired of talking about it. Everybody is. We want to move on.”

Redskins linebacker H.B. Blades thinks Haynesworth is “a great player,” but he stopped well short of calling Haynesworth as instrumental to the team as McNabb seems to think he is.

“I think he can still help us — that’s if he wants to,” Blades said. “That’s a decision that the organization has to make. Albert’s a great player. . . . At the same time, Coach Shanahan and [G.M. Bruce] Allen, they’re going to do what’s best for the organization. Whatever it is, we’re all for it.”

Mostly, Blades and Orakpo just seem to be all for an end to the Haynesworth drama.

13 responses to “Redskins teammates look past "distracting" Haynesworth situation

  1. Looks like the Blacks are circling the wagons once again..How could anyone regardless of color support this fat turd..No wonder Philly dumped your ass McTurd..

  2. How come no one is talking about money with this nonsense? He signed a 100 million dollar contract with 40 million guaranteed. I don’t know and don’t work for PFT so I won’t pretend to know but I’d bet this is tied to incentives. By playing NT he won’t reach certain incentives and all Fat Albert cares about is money. That’s not wrong and he’s not alone but this is what it’s all about. Rip up his contract and he’ll play NT naked to get a new one.

  3. You know, I actually feel bad for the other players on the Redskins that are trying their best. This is a circus, and it ain’t gonna be pretty for them this year.

  4. @SuitcaseHead Golic
    If the BLACKS are circling the wagon again then what are you PINKIES doing ? Cause your skin damn sure ain’t WHITE…racist dog ….

  5. If teammates are willing to look past Haynesworth, they better get used to looking past every McChoke pass that sails behind them, over their head, or skips past their feet at 400mph.

  6. Good point “WTF”…and yours isn’t black, it’s dark brown…so what? Great call, take the dolt’s bait and respond to racism with racism….it accomplishes so much!

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