Ruling on Vincent Jackson could be coming within a week

The NFLPA has asked Special Master Stephen Burbank to resolve whether the Chargers’ placement of receiver Vincent Jackson on the roster exempt list transfers to his new team, if/when he’s trade, which would knock Jackson out for the first six weeks of the season.  Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that that matter could be resolved by Burbank within the next week.

The NFL believes that the three-week roster exemption attaches to the three-week substance-abuse suspension, since Jackson cannot “report” to the Chargers or any other team while serving his three-game suspension.  The union believes that the placement on the roster exempt list does not follow Jackson to his next team, if/when he’s traded.

Working in the player’s favor is the fact that Burbank and his boss, U.S. District Judge David Doty, have a history of siding with the union.  At one point, the situation became so bad that the NFL tried to have Doty disqualified as the judicial officer overseeing the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which in actuality is the settlement agreement reached in the class-action antitrust lawsuit filed against the league after the failed 1987 strike.

If Jackson and the union prevail, the Chargers could then continue to talk with the team that reportedly struck a one-year deal with Jackson on Saturday, but that was unable to work out terms of compensation with the Chargers.  Acee reports that neither the Rams nor the Seahawks were the unknown team that had a deal in place with Jackson’s agents, but Acee believes it was an NFC team.  (The Redskins and Vikings would be the prime candidates, in our view.)

So stay tuned.  Jackson could be playing for someone else as soon as Week Four, or possibly by Week Seven.  Either way, it’s looking more and more likely that he’ll never play for the Chargers again.

12 responses to “Ruling on Vincent Jackson could be coming within a week

  1. Would make my drafting of McNabb as my back-up QB look pretty damn good if he went to Washington. It’s about time they had a legit receiver over 5’9″ …

  2. @FinFan
    The “undisclosed” team and VJAX had agreed to a 1 year deal but AJ Smith and the “undisclosed” team could not agree on compensation.

  3. It would make zero sense to me if his roster exemption in San Diego actually transferred to another team if he’s traded. Of course the suspension should however.

  4. It was the Vikings, no one is saying it, but it’s the Vikings that tried to work out a 1 year deal with Jackson.
    They have one year left with Bret and want to give him the best weapon since Rice is out for half the season. Jackson is that guy. They are willing to pay Jackson 7 million for just one season. Vikings are trying to them a SB right now, so it’s no surprise to me.
    If it were Washington, trust me, it would be a long term deal for them. Jackson is in his prime right now.

  5. Jackson won’t go anywhere unless the team he goes to gives the Chargers what they want! PICKS!! So unless WASHINGTON or the RAIDERS the CASH and the PICKS…. IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!
    He should be suspended 6 games. 3 for the DUI’s and 3 for holding out. And this is coming from a Charger fan. He should be grateful to be on such a winning team. He just might as well be sitting himself out of the playoffs and possibly the Superbowl. Idiot. Agents don’t know everything.

  6. StevieMo says:
    September 8, 2010 5:16 PM
    Skins fan who can’t spell “Washington.” Man, that’s rich.
    Sorry, that’s the norm not the exception.

  7. I find it unlikely that Jackson is going to the Vikings. He is out until week 5 if the Vikes take him (Vikes have a week 4 bye). Rice is projected back around week 9 or 10, but I suppose he might not be in his groove until later than that. Hard to say for sure really. But it is only like half of the regular season at most where Jackson would be really super nice to have around.
    But with this being an uncapped year and Zygi pushing for a stadium, getting Jackson might be worth the 7 mil just dollar for dollar, not to mention the fact that obviously he makes the team better.
    Vincent Jackson is a very good player. Someone is going to get him. Just a matter of when.
    Not sure if this is related but the Vikes did trade Reynaud/Sage for some picks. Maybe they are anticipating having to use some?

  8. He needs to live in NYC where he wouldnt be obligated to drive anywhere. There are taxi’s left and right there. He seems to have some problems getting behind the wheel.

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