Antwan Odom facing a four-game suspension

Our new friends at the Cincinnati-centric blog known as Three-Way Chili report that Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom is facing a four-game suspension under the league’s steroids policy.

And we have confirmed that Odom is facing a four-game suspension.  We’re told that an appeal is pending, and that Odom believes he has strong arguments in favor of a reduction or a reversal of the appeal.

Then again, so did Brian Cushing.

Stay tuned.  We vaguely recall from the StarCaps saga that suspensions not imposed by Tuesday won’t be imposed at all for the week in question, so Odom most likely will be playing on Sunday in New England.

In 2009, Odom was on his way to having a monster season before tearing an Achilles’ tendon.

39 responses to “Antwan Odom facing a four-game suspension

  1. You going to go after Odom like you did Cushing? Doubtful… I expect at LEAST 1 dozed posts about this, full of sarcasam and seething hatred for a man you don’t know, like we got with Cushing. Or you will only prove me right, like you pretty much did already with Gerald McGrath.

  2. Yeah…out of the blue this guy turns into the second coming of Reggie White, sacking people left and right…
    …now it’s all starting to make sense…

  3. Goodell will let him play vs the pats and insure the appeal goes until he misses his beloved jets.

  4. This guy has had a huge contract and really only produced a couple of games for us.. This just further makes him a free agent bust in my mind.. Cut our losses and start Fanene..

  5. Has there EVER been a case in which a player has said “Damn, I got caught! Time to man up and just serve my suspension”????

  6. it wasn’t listed on the label has already been used!
    the league didn’t tell us about that one has also been used!

  7. Tearing an Achilles tendon. Hmm. I seem to recall some degree of correlation between that injury and steroid usage.

  8. There’s the Bengals we are accustomed to. I was starting to worry that maybe they had actually started to right the ship.

  9. This is bizarre. The guy came to camp 30 lbs. lighter than normal and gained almost none of it back. If his roids were supposed to make him bigger I’d say got hosed.

  10. He probably used good drugs for his rehab since he came back lighter and didn’t look more jacked at all.

  11. The roids probably just fell off of a shelf above him and accidentally stuck in his ass and then
    he overtrained without realizing it.

  12. @ Steelers Rule: “A Bungal doing roids? shocking…”
    Pot (Bengals) meet Kettle (Steelers)

  13. Wow! There seems to be a lot of players on or facing a potential suspension. Maybe there should be a place to list them all…call it, say, turd watch or something similar.

  14. Action Dan says:
    September 9, 2010 5:30 PM
    So that’s how he got all those sacks on Rodgers!
    no, the packers offensive line was HIDEOUS last year, esp. early in the season. that’s how he got those sacks. some rookie got taken to school.

  15. If a tree falls in a forest and no ones around to
    Hear it does it make a noise?
    If a suckass player takes steroids and still sucks does anyone care??

  16. @ steelers rule says: September 9, 2010 5:52 PM
    A Bungal doing roids? shocking…
    Who was the last Bengal to have tested positive for roids?

  17. I must have missed something somewhere?? This is the first I’ve heard of this. When did this happen??? Freakin sucks!

  18. It’s only a matter of time before Carson Palmer gets suspended for flashing his vagina at a bar. I knew girls that were in his sorority. They said he did this often.

  19. I’d rather have a cheater trying to win than a winner trying to cheat with an uncooperative young lady. Four game suspension for ‘roids, but ONLY a four game suspension for attempted RAPE? Yeah, you go Goddell. So do you Ben Rapesadaughter!

  20. When they leave the Titans, they are likely to go astray. Jim Washburn makes them millions, then they get lost.

  21. Great point Cushing. I gather you were at the bar in Georgia and you know this first hand?

  22. Got it, “performance enhancing drug” means steroids. Or maybe its just a better story than say amino acids or growth hormones, but sounds like the ignorant people have followed suit Florio, good job.

  23. Here is some more Banned substances that really just mean steroids when writing about them. It is no wonder players dont trust you or talk to you, they talk to others, then you report what they said.
    Beta Blockers
    Masking Agents

  24. I know Antwan personally, I went to Alma Bryant High School with him, I know how much he loves football and the passion he has for the game, I highly doubt he would ever use steroids, he has always been a big boy and now he is a man LOL! So I believe with everything inside me he DID NOT AND WOULD NEVER TAKE STEROIDS!

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