Ben Roethlisberger throwing at local high school

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is barred from the team’s practice facilities while he’s serving his four-game suspension for violating the NFL personal conduct policy. But he’s staying in town and working out.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette spotted Roethlisberber at Hampton High School in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, about 10 miles from Pittsburgh.

According to the paper, Roethlisberger was throwing passes and appeared to have a quarterbacks coach working with him. There’s no word on who his receivers were, but the paper says they did not look like NFL receivers.

Roethlisberger previously said he would remain in Pittsburgh during his suspension and work with quarterbacks coach George Whitfield Jr. It appears that he’s doing just that.

53 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger throwing at local high school

  1. Some lucky Hampton High girl is going to get emotionally scarred but financially wealthy within a month.

  2. I wish he’d go over to Pitt’s practices and help out Tino Sunseri who looked skitish against Utah.
    He’d also gain alot of positive press and get a chance to throw to soon really good pro prospects in Baldwin and Shanahan.

  3. In unrelated news, police have issued a warning to all young females in the vicinity of a local high school that they should be on the lookout for a known predator.

  4. Come on Florio this story is just asking for all the haters to bash Ben again.
    Insert sexual misconduct joke here.

  5. He’ll have to be careful not to throw little Ben around while there. Keep him out of the ladies HS bathroom… Don’t need another rape on his hands…

  6. This will be the first year I can remember where Ben will still be injury-free by the 5th game. Maybe since his rookie season. Should be an interesting season from that perspective.

  7. wow…I mean just wow…the day can’t be over until there’s a frigging Big Ben “story”!
    Please haters come up with some original smack talk before you post on a Steelers thread and Connie that especially means YOU!!!!
    Go Steelers!!!!!!

  8. The headline was just asking for some standard “statutory rape” HILARITY from the
    s-m-r-t posters on this site.. Way to go Florio, congrats on 100+ comments on this one!

  9. I just don’t see how this is a good idea… “Big Ben” was suspended because he didn’t know when to keep “little Ben” on the bench. Now he’s hanging out @ a high school? With minors? Um, this is a disaster waiting to happen! Even if he’s a “perfect” gentleman, all it takes is even a hint of impropriety- 1 allegation…and Big Ben will be in Big trouble! A NFL suspension will be the least of his worries….

  10. I’ve seen some of these highschool girls and god do I wish I was back in highschool. Go Ben!!!! Go Steelers!!!

  11. I thought Big (and little) Ben had to stay 100 yds away from anyone under the age of 24 as part of his probation.
    Judges ?
    And, “no”, Ben, there are no co-ed bathrooms at the high school …

  12. Don’t know who the receivers were, but if they were high school kids, they had to be more mature than the junior-high types who post here.

  13. 2ndary Insanity …
    Big Ben’s suspension didn’t mention Little Ben. He was suspended for drinking too much and buying too much liquor for a roomful of people who were already highly intoxicated. Guess you didn’t read the suspension letter. So as long as no one’s serving bourbon on that high school field, he’ll be okay.

  14. The terminator Keep you dirty mouth off me. You must be a big raper like your boyfriend
    For your information I live in Pgh I was always a Steeler fan until now I can’t cheer for a raper
    If you can go ahead. You have no class

  15. If he’s at a high school, watch out for all the young gals. Ben is known for bad behavior and no female can be 100% safe. His reputation speaks for itself.

  16. What is with you guys and the underage jokes?? Give it a rest already. The guy is suspended and hopefully has turned a maturity corner. The cracks are really old and by posting time and time again, you are showing your (collective) immaturity.

  17. This story will not go away.
    He’ll get another ring… and like Kobe Bryant.. it will all go away…
    it all goes away when you win.

  18. Paging Wooderson…”That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age. “

  19. Connie, Ben didn’t rape anyone. You’d know that if you were smart enough to read a court filing or a DNA report. My guess is that you’re one of those fair-weather Steelers fans who’s hated Roethlisberger since the day he arrived. Now you’re thrilled to have a reason to trash him. Since you’ve told everyone a nauseating number of times that you’re no longer a Steelers fan, why don’t you head over to the Browns threads. No one will miss you.
    Rednoseguy … You really get off on that, don’t you? LOL That’s pretty creepy.

  20. steelersmichele says:
    September 9, 2010 6:27 PM
    All I can say is that I searched the web and couldn’t find Ben’s mugshot…but I did find this:
    http://w /mugshots/celebrity/ sports/ray-lewis
    Great find! I especially like what’s under the picture:
    Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was photographed by Atlanta cops in February 2000 after being CHARGED with murder following the stabbing death of two men at a local nightclub. Lewis, who was in town attending Super Bowl XXXIV parties, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor obstruction of justice charge (and turned on his buddies to stay out of jail) and was sentenced to 12 months probation.
    @Nosredna: You almost got it right. Here let me help you:
    She said no I wasn’t raped…She said no I wasn’t raped.
    There, now it’s correct. Dumbass…

  21. connie says:
    September 9, 2010 6:18 PM
    The terminator Keep you dirty mouth off me. You must be a big raper like your boyfriend
    For your information I live in Pgh I was always a Steeler fan until now I can’t cheer for a raper
    If you can go ahead. You have no class
    Connie…there u are…good god woman is THAT all you got….LOL! We know you live in Pgh…u tell it on every post.
    I teach remedial english and I swear you must be one of my students……what’s a raper?
    So much for asking for original hate comments from you losers!
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!

  22. It’s the reality that Ben’s skills will take a hit during his suspension. How much he will need to practice will be known in October. I suspect that it will take more than 1 week.

  23. I heard he was going to be a chaperone at the homecoming dance during his suspension. Keep him away from the punchbowl.

  24. ]Art Van Delay’s brother says: September 9, 2010 ]4:33 PM
    ]I wish he’d go over to Pitt’s practices and help out ]Tino Sunseri who looked skitish against Utah.
    He can’t. Pitt shares practice facilities with the Steelers.

  25. In a related story, PFT poster “Deb” was spotted buying a high school cheerleader’s costume.
    He didn’t look too good in it, from all reports.

  26. look he is where hes at in his life because of what hes done or hasnt done.
    remember…let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    who are you people to criticize ben.
    are you all that good? none of you have ever done something wrong?
    your remarks just show how ignorant you are.
    live your own damn lives.

  27. @Richm2257 …
    Just have to keep up with the sexually degrading comments, huh? How ridiculous to think something as small as you could grow up and be a MAN. And you talk about Roethlisberger? There’s ZERO evidence Ben has EVER been abusive toward any woman. But you and some of these other sanctimonious hypocrites have posted pages of misogyny under your pseudonyms. My what Big Men you are.
    Yesterday, I made an innocent comment about Matt Hasselbeck being attractive, and some guy told me to stick to football. I told him that when I comment on Ben’s FOOTBALL talents or LEGAL issues, the junior high boys respond by insisting it’s a sexual thing for a guy I wouldn’t have if he were smothered in caramel.
    So, Rich, are you judging me by your standards???? Should I infer that YOUR endless obsession with Tom Brady is a SEXUAL thing? When you were almost in TEARS last year, was that because you have a … throbbing passion for the man? Or maybe your CONSTANT chasing after Ben stories is because you keep having Ben dreams and feel some sort of self-loathing about your latent homosexual tendencies. It’s 2010, Rich. You can come out now.

  28. I often wonder if Ben has changed and is the christian that he proclaims that he is. It’s sad if he is. I doubt he will ever live down those allegations whether he is innocent or guilty.
    Ben starts off on a clean slate with me but my philosophy is 3 Strikes is an OUT! There are 2 Allegations out there and while I’m not certain if I believe them or not, with a 3rd Allegation I’m done with Big Ben. I do wish him the best.
    Romans 3:23…For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God…(That Means Us To!)

  29. Whenever anyone uses his or her faith as an excuse or as the reason you should believe him or her beyond all evidence…
    They’re phucking liars.

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