Brandon Graham tweets trash talk, Andy Reid doesn't like it

Eagles rookie defensive end Brandon Graham talked a little trash on Twitter about what he’s planning to do in his Week One game against the Packers, and his coach isn’t happy about it.

On Monday Graham tweeted, “Its time to get ready for them Green Boys this week! I cant wait to whisper something in Aaron Rodgers ear…..SACK!!!!!!”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Graham was called to Eagles coach Andy Reid’s office this morning about it.

“I was only trying to have some fun,” Graham said after talking to Reid. “But I learned my lesson.”

This isn’t the first time Reid has been upset with a young Eagle for trash talking in a tweet. After Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson tweeted before a loss to the Cowboys that the Eagles would “sting they ass,” Reid said, “I don’t know what a tweet is, but that was a bad tweet.”

29 responses to “Brandon Graham tweets trash talk, Andy Reid doesn't like it

  1. If Graham gets a sack- it will be on Flynn who comes in for some “mop up” action. No way Rodgers gets sacked by a Rookie.

  2. ” …. I cant wait to whisper something in Aaron Rodgers ear…..SACK!!!!!!”
    The reason Andy Reid got so mad was because in his original tweet Graham said he couldn’t wait to whisper something into Aaron Rodger’s sack.

  3. Whatever Andy. Worry about your two deadbeat sons and keep them out of jail and let Brandon go after Rodgers.

  4. I would love to see Brandon Graham live up to his boasts about all the sacks he’s going to get against the Packers….but somehow I think he’s going to end up very humbled.

  5. Rookie move, its obvious he is just excited about the season opener. Graham needs to make sure he isn’t a bust before he can start talking crap.

  6. I always love it when players spout off before a game and create lots of locker room bulletin board material for their opponents.
    If the Eagles get beat, Graham will end up looking like an idiot. Usually, those who do the most talking have the least to say.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Brandon Graham is too short and too fat to play in the NFL. Welcome to the big leagues, rookie.

  8. petro says:
    September 9, 2010 2:58 PM
    Whatever Andy. Worry about your two deadbeat sons and keep them out of jail and let Brandon go after Rodgers.
    Enough with the posts about Reid’s kids. They are adults and they are paying the price for what they have done. Nobody’s ragging on your parents for you growing up to be a douche, so cut him some slack.

  9. i was just talking earlier today about how andy reid is going to lose this young team. this is an example of why. andy reid seems overly concerned about what occurs off the field (twitter, fan wearing a redskins 5 jersey at training camp, etc.). coach the team andy and let the players, who are still kids, have some innocent fun!

    Good point…Reids kids have nothing to do with this idiot Graham.

  11. So what? What the hell is wrong with a little trash talk? I found his comment pretty amusing myself. I guess Andy Reid is worried about looking foolish or something. It’s all part of the game. Chill out people!

  12. Andy’s getting older and his players are getting younger. Drill it into their minds that this can’t happen BEFORE they do it or he’s going to be complaining about this kind of crap for a long time. Stewart Bradley, Brent Celek, and Trent Cole need to step up and keep the more brazen guys in line, too.

  13. Idiot rookie… Can’t wait to drag him to school and learn him.
    Those rookies, like Brandon (douche name) get that big money and they think they are somebody.
    Here’s what Brandon’s gonna find out.
    1. Vernon Gholston had more coming out of college than you do and he ain’t crap.
    2. No matter how smart you think you are, you’re just an idiot rookie.
    3. College football isn’t the same as the NFL. Whole different ball game.
    4. Elite teams like the Pack just love to beat the hell out of smart mouthed punks with too much money and too much free time that they have to be on their smart phones than watching film.
    See on Sunday rookie… Oh, and welcome to the NFL or in your case hell.

  14. @ Kergo1: nothing is what he’s supposed to have to say. The Kangaroo Kourt will take care of this, he’ll be carrying and buying something….fo’ sho’

  15. Kinda hard to take someone who considers themselves a “Living Legend” before he’s ever taken a snap seriously. Here’s looking forward to his ass getting owned this season.

  16. Solid move by Graham. We’ve seen how well predictions by players have gone so far this year…Calling himself a living legend without playing a down yet. Karma’s a bitch.
    Adrian Peterson…0 for 1 on his guarantee.
    Brandon Graham…(Who?)…soon to be 0 for 1.
    I’ll predict right now that he’s out of the league in 3 years. Gotta love these donkey rookies.

  17. Graham will show signs of greatness here and there during the early part of the season, and it is my personal guarantee that he will bring Rodgers down AT LEAST once this game…write that shit down son. Prepare to watch this future pro-bowler really get going later in the season after ample time to acclimate himself to NFL play.

  18. LOVEBOATSCANDAL, Im going to remember your name and constantly remind you all season that Brandon Graham isnt either “too short” or “too fat” to play in the NFL. Seriously??? Look at Trent Coles body and watch his performance and tell me he’s too short. Freeney has a little gut on him and he’s one of the fastest DE’s in the history of the NFL. Your predictions dont mean shit!! They just prove that you’re a hater and you want to criticize a player before he even gets a chance to prove himself. Nobody is talking about the weak secondary that G.B. is coming out with. It was weak to beging with, and now they have some backup rookies that are going to get a lot of playing time. Desean, Maclin, Celek and Riley Cooper are going to have some chances to make some BIG plays!!

  19. Let the kid talk if he wants to nothing bad was said
    He is gonna play a good game, and there is a good chance that he does get that sack
    All you people how are saying he’s gonna be out of the nfl in a few years and that he can’t play in the nfl and doing the same thing he is, talking before we have any idea how he is going to play
    Monday we can talk about his sack(s) and his future in the NFL

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