Cowboys, Miles Austin finalizing long-term deal

This summer the Cowboys identified a long-term deal for wide receiver Miles Austin as the team’s top priority. Now that deal is getting done.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cowboys and Austin are finalizing a six-year deal worth more than $50 million, and that the contract should be signed before the regular-season opener on Sunday.

Although there’s no word on how the contract is structured and how much is guaranteed, Schefter reports that it will make Austin one of the league’s five highest-paid wide receivers.

Austin emerged as the Cowboys’ top receiver last season, catching 81 passes for 1,320 yards and 11 touchdowns, but he was woefully underpaid — especially compared to teammate Roy Williams. He won’t be underpaid much longer.

36 responses to “Cowboys, Miles Austin finalizing long-term deal

  1. Good to see a hard working, level headed receiver get paid.
    Not good to see: The inevitable slew of mindless comments that will follow this one about how Austin sucks, is a one hit wonder, and/or will suck in a year because Jerry paid him.

  2. Wow, 6 yrs., $54M for Miles Austin? That’s outrageous. Do it for another year, then maybe we’ll talk.

  3. This is good, because it’ll give them something to regret at the position even after they ditch Roy Williams. Always thinking ahead, that Jerry Jones is.

  4. The guy is an obvious talent and is responsible compared to most of the other divas out there (Michael Crabtree, Owens, Jackson, Housh, Old Randy Moss) but to be paid as a top five reciver in the NFL after one good year, that seems a bit crazy (not that he doesn’t deserve it) even for JJ.

  5. Truth is Austin is not a one year wonder.
    HE HAS BEEN GREAT IN EVERY GAME for 2-3 years that he has been given a chance in.
    This is a good deal for Dallas and for Austin.

  6. wonder if roy still “feels” he’s the #1 in dallas.
    @bob loblaw
    level headed people do not date kardashians.

  7. Excellent. @ BobLaw – pointless to rail against the inevitable. Who cares what these idiot posters think. There’s a reason they are doing whatever it is they do and aren’t GMs or NFL personnel men.

  8. BOBLOBLAW, I think Austin deserved his contract, but Desean has played well for 2 seasons and all of you cowboy haters say that he sucks and doesnt deserve a new contract. Sure, Desean might have not had big games vs Dal last season, but Austin didnt show up vs Min last season either. Good signing for Dal.

  9. 2007: 5 Receptions
    2008: 13 Receptions
    2009: 81 Receptions
    Does one good year merit a $54 Million deal? Love how Jerry Jones spends money….moron.

  10. I’m surprised this wasn’t turned into a “DeSean Jackson is a diva and will start complaining about his contract now” post
    @Bob Loblaw, I love arrested development, but Miles does have to repeat it to be successful.

  11. Nice to a see a small college player make it and not be a prima donna…
    I would like to see a no Kardashian clause…

  12. Whether you’re a fan of the ‘boys or not, this guy’s a class act. Good to see him get paid. He never talks trash, never complains, just produces.

  13. I think they overpaid him…or maybe just paid him too early. The one good thing is he never whined about being “underpaid” or “unwanted” or said anything about being paid more than any player at his position. The bad news…more players that have a decent season (Revis/Jackson/CJ, etc.) will try to extort money from their respective teams. People that scream “PAY DA MAN” always say players should hold-out for more money because the owners won’t pay them unless forced and they cut deserving players. This completely disproves that entire argument. He did not ask but got paid anyway.

  14. He is not a one hit wonder…previous years he wasnt a full time starter…he got a chance and ran all the way to the bank with it….congrats Miles.

  15. Will the money change his attitude if the Cowgirls still can’t make a deep playoff run? We all know if he keeps getting paid like he is currently, he could care less how good they are…
    It does seem a bit premature to hand out that much $ after 1 good year but it ain’t my money, so who am I to judge?

  16. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass Roy………..on second thought, do!!!!! Next year, Dez and Miles outside w/ Kevin Ogletree in the slot…..Barber will be gone also w/ FJones and TChoice splitting carries…….youth movement and everyone else is doing it. Jerry is not the only owner who overpays or pays too early…….maybe he has the inside scoop on the collective bargaining agreement……hmmmm.

  17. Gotta love Jerry-world Jones. He’s consistant to the end. A receiver has one pretty great season and he’s ready to hand him 50 mil. That outta
    but 10-12 large pizzas in Cowpie stadium.

  18. Is everyone drunk in Texas? At least Roy Williams produced more that one year in Detroit. These are the kind of dumb moves that guarantee the Cowboys don’t win the big one until Jerry hires a legitimate GM.

  19. Wow!!! I wonder what Desean Jackson is thinking right now… and I wonder if Joe Banner and/or Howie Roseman clean their own underwear or if mommy does it for them!!!

  20. Too much money for a guy with one good year. He’s clearly a talented wide-out, but I’d want to see him do it for one more year, at least.

  21. Let’s see…
    In June, this restricted free agent signs the max tender offer of 3+ million and shows up for camp. He later gets his payday.
    Are you two Chargers paying attention?

  22. sorry, I think Austin should be paid more than Roy E. Williams and teams are probably concerned about paying star players before the threat of an uncapped or locked out year.
    but…if I were Jones, who might be trying to cover up his mistake for trading for Williams, has signed Austin too soon. He had ONE good year. Wait till at LEAST mid-season. seriously.

  23. @King Buccaneer
    “We all know if he keeps getting paid like he is currently, he could care less how good they are…”
    That sounds like the comment of someone who has been mediocre at BEST all of his life and would rather take the money and run, than work hard out of self pride and a genuine desire to be the BEST!!! There ARE people out there who are competitors to the end.. and who have more pride than YOU apparently do.. try seeking some out and surrounding yourself with a few.. it might help you understand!

  24. And yet if he would have let him walk, all the haters would be saying how dumb Jerry is.
    How would you have handled his contract?

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